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Original Announcement

We meet every Sunday at 7pm Eastern to advance our joint plot. Subplots and sideplots among the participants may continue on other days but should stick to the timeline that the group elects to follow. (E.g., if the group decides that the next week’s session will be the next evening in IC time, all in-between RPs should fall within the intervening time.)

Everyone is welcome. You can even drop in on us (in fact, please do). Dozens of characters have participated!

Current Location: Collinsel


Barflies and Brawlers

  • Location: Sagebrush Inn (Mossflower)
  • Participants: Riverdale, Stubb, Angus, Rentha, Ben, Jocosa, Hactor, Lier, Flicktail, Tux, Rus, Unspoken, Logan

Subplot Logs:

Parallel Interests

  • Location: Sagebrush Inn (Mossflower)
  • Participants: Angus, Stubb, Amos, Dangeon, Lier, Arevin, Aeysin, Hactor, McDuff

Subplot Logs:

Get Us to the Church on Time

  • Location: Mossflower Woods; Vermin Encampment at St. Ninian's
  • Participants: Stubb, Hactor, Rincair, Dessie, Parin, Amos, Dangeon, Darkmane, Angus

Subplot Logs:

  • Summary: Hactor’s inchoate army leaves Sagebrush for its new camp at St. Ninian’s.

A period of a couple months elapses. The group heads north through eastern Mossflower, stops at Ferravale and other towns, and winds up in the Northern lands. During this time, Hactor’s army is expelled from Redwall, and the old warlord escapes with his life.

By the Waters of Ruingate

  • Location: Near Ruingate
  • Participants: Stubb, Angus, Rentha, Amos, Hactor, Dangeon, Frigg, Darkmane

A Feisty, Fancy Find

  • Location: Ruingate: The Skull and Candle
  • Participants: Stubb, Angus, Amos, Darkmane, Dangeon, Frigg

In Which We Encounter a Drunk and a Beggar

  • Location: Ruingate: Via Caspius
  • Participants: Stubb, Angus, Slopnose, Amos, Hactor

Priory Prowling

  • Location: Ruingate Priory
  • Participants: Stubb, Frigg, Amos, Viddick, Hactor
  • Summary: Stubb knows his way around Ruingate better than he’s let on, and a horde rat threatens the group.

Subplot Logs:

A Private Conference

  • Location: Ruingate: The Skull and Candle
  • Participants: Dangeon, Darkmane, Viddick, Hactor, Frigg, Stubb, Adyna

Fireside Chat

  • Location: Ruingate: The Skull and Candle
  • Participants: Stubb, Adyna, Hactor


  • Location: Ruingate
  • Participants: Stubb, Viddick, Angus, Imoen, Amos, Adyna, Dangeon, Darkmane, Slopnose, Frigg

Oh, Rats!

  • Location: Ruingate
  • Participants: Stubb, Viddick, Darkmane, Dangeon, Adyna, Hactor
  • Summary: Viddick leads some of the group into a trap.

Subplot Logs:

    • Spy Games — Rayuwil, Zen, Riverdale, Poppy (Gwennythe)

    • Sidelines — Angus, Frigg, Stubb (spoofing), Hactor

Mad Pursuit

  • Locations: In and around Ruingate
  • Participants: Stubb, Hactor, Amos, Scaith, Darkmane, Rayuwil, Viddick, Tundutwaa, Zen, Poppy, Dangeon


  • Summary: Our heroes escape Ruingate, in hot pursuit of Dangeon’s kidnappers.

Unlikely Bedfellows

  • Location: Near Ruingate
  • Participants: Amos, Stubb, Rayuwil, Darkmane, Adyna

News on the Wing

  • Location: Near Ruingate
  • Participants: Stubb, Rayuwil, Amos, Darkmane, Adyna, Frigg

The Hunt Continues

  • Location: South of the Broadstream
  • Participants: Rayuwil, Hactor, Angus, Amos, Frigg, Stubb, Zen

Friendship’s Tests

  • Location: Northern Lands
  • Participants: Tundutwaa, Stubb, Angus, Amos

Not Licked Yet

  • Location: Foxglove Hollow: The Lost Archway (Northern Lands)
  • Participants: Stubb, Angus, Rayuwil, Amos, Hactor, Frigg

An Odd Couple

  • Location: Foxglove Hollow: (Northern Lands)
  • Participants: Angus, Stubb, Amos, Tundutwaa
  • Summary: A hedgehog couple assists the injured trio.

Muddy Puddle, Squirrel, Battle

  • Location: Sandstone Quarry
  • Participants: Moruwil, Malcolm, Ribbert (Stubb), Zane (Amos), Ziva (Dangeon)

Heap of Trouble

  • Location: Foxglove Hollow (Northern Lands)
  • Participants: Stubb, Angus, Amos, Tundutwaa, Darkmane, Scaith
  • Summary: They pursue Tundutwaa to his den.

Hare and Back Again

  • Location: Foxglove Hollow (Northern Lands)
  • Participants: Dangeon, Angus, Amos, Stubb, Scaith, Rayuwil, Rentha
  • Summary: They nurse Dangeon, newly rescued, back to health; tend to their wounds; and make an important discovery.

Cloud of Confusion

  • Location: North Path
  • Participants: Stubb, Rayuwil, Angus, Kennidy, Cerberus, Amos, Anba Hor, Hactor, Rinzo
  • Summary: The travelers, alerted to the probable location of Angus' lost daughter (son?), have set out for the quarry, moving southward with purpose. Unfortunately, troubles lurk above and before them.

From the Trees

  • Location: North Path, en route to the quarry
  • Participants: Stubb, Amos, Dangeon, Hookclaw, Trace, Scaith, Mayeul, Hactor, Darkmane
  • Summary: Angus goes ahead to the quarry while the others break camp.

Quarry Quarry

  • Location: Sandstone Quarry
  • Participants: Angus, Amos, Dangeon, Stubb, Garth, Quicklash, Kiara, Scaith, Moruwil, Trace, Hactor
  • Summary: A pleasant camp turns into another chase


  • Location: Sandstone Quarry
  • Participants: Stubb, Trace, Angus, Garth, Kiara, Moruwil, Malcolm, Amos, Hactor, Darkmane
  • Summary: They rescue Angus’ from the squirrel and his cohorts.

A Mama

  • Location: Collinsel
  • Participants: Amos, Trace, Angus, Dangeon, Frigg, Darkmane, Edith (Stubb spoof), Malcolm (Slopnose spoof), Hactor
  • Summary: After a fortnight of travel, the gang reaches the northern metropolis, Collinsel, and chances upon two familiar curmudgeons.

And A Papa

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow - Collinsel
  • Participants: Trace, Angus, Hactor, Jazmyne, cloaked figure (Stubb spoof), Bloodclaw, Darkmane, a young hamster (Stubb spoof)
  • Summary: Rooming at the Thorn and Shadow Inn, the group recuperates and awaits news from Stubb. Hactor is confronted by one of his misbegotten offspring.

Barflies and Bunnies

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow - Collinsel
  • Participants: Angus, Trace, Malcolm (Angus spoof), Amos, Hactor, Dangeon, Doutric, Stubb
  • Summary: Trace regulates when an intoxicated Angus riles the innkeeper, a bumpkin bunny demonstrates his rustic customs, and an incognito Stubb summons Hactor to a sub rosa conference.

The Drunken Dragon Debacle

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow - Collinsel
  • Participants: Trace, Amos, Dangeon, Scaith, Angus (Trace Spoof), All Collinsel Soldiers/Guards Mentioned (Trace Spoof), Darkmane, Hactor

Bad Hare Day

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow - Collinsel
  • Participants: Trace, Dangeon, Darkmane, Amos, Doutric, Frigg, Hactor, Rinzo

Angus Shrugged

  • Location: Collinsel
  • Participants: Hactor, Dangeon, Wizened Old Weasel (Stubb spoof), Trace, Amos, Angus

What They Left

  • Location: Ancient Temple: Collinsel
  • Participants: Stubb (spoofs), Trace, Amos, Dangeon, Darkmane
  • Summary: Trace leads a rescue mission into a strange, ruined temple in Collinsel.

A Mustelid Maiden

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow (Collinsel)
  • Participants: Amos, Trace, Scaith, Dangeon, Stubb, Angus, Delilah (Stubb spoof), dead-looking cat (Hactor spoof), Hactor

Subplot Logs:

  • Summary: A friend from his past attempts to hasten Stubb’s convalescence. Hactor, meanwhile, runs into trouble of his own.


  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow (Collinsel)
  • Participants: Amos, Dangeon

Return to the Temple

  • Location: Abandoned Temple and Sewers (Collinsel)
  • Participants: Delilah (Stubb spoof), Angus, Trace, Amos, Frigg, Malcolm (Cerberus spoof), Hactor, Sandy


  • Summary: The gang follows Stubb's mysterious lady friend back to the temple, where she leads them into a tunnel to the city sewers.

A Harsh Mistress

  • Location: Collinsel Tunnel and North Mossflower Woods
  • Participants: Delilah (Stubb spoof), Dangeon, Sandy, Amos, Angus, Malcolm, Hactor, Drystan, Scaith
  • Delilah’s nerves fray as the motley bunch proves to be more difficult to control than she had imagined.

A Horse of a Reunion

  • Location: North Mossflower Woods
  • Participants: Delilah (Stubb Spoof), Angus, Amos, Sandy, Dangeon, Malcolm, Darkmane, Frigg, Moruwil, Drystan

Betrayal at the Burning Chapel

  • Location: Woods near Collinsel
  • Participants: Amos, Frigg, Sandy, Malcolm, Delilah (Stubb Spoof), Darker Voice/Glabrous rat (Stubb Spoof), Drystan, Angus, Moruwil, Towering Badger (Stubb Spoof), Scaith

Getcher Bags

  • Location: The Thorn and Shadow
  • Participants: Angus, Malcolm, Sandy, Amos, Dangeon, Trace, Darkmane, Drystan, Frigg, Stubb, Tavernkeeper (Stubb spoof)

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

  • Location: Nel'Fene Seaport (Collinsel)
  • Participants: Amos, Malcolm, Dangeon, Frigg, Both Otters (Spoofed by Stubb), Moruwil & Shrews (Moruwil), Stubb, Hactor

Frigg 'n' Sandy on the Shore (and Malcolm)

  • Location: Eastern Shore (near Collinsel)
  • Participants: Amos, Malcolm, Sandy, Frigg

Conversations with a Feathered Dirtbag

  • Location: Eastern Shore (near Collinsel)
  • Participants: Amos, Dangeon, Elrod

Subplot Logs:

We’d Love to Have You for Dinner

  • Location: Eastern Shore
  • Participants: Soclose, Stubb, Amos, Sandy, Hactor, Trace, Frigg, Targa Wfol

Cooking with Sass

  • Location: Eastern Shore
  • Participants: Amos, Sandy, Frigg, Stubb, Malcolm
  • Summary: Sandy feeds the poor, hungry, tired castaways.

A Game Plan

  • Location: Eastern Shore
  • Participants: Targa Wfol, Malcolm, Stubb, Sandy, Soclose, Frigg, Hactor

Subplot Log:

Bargaining Chip

  • Location: Eastern Shore
  • Participants: Targa Wfol, Stubb, Malcolm, Amos, Sandy, Frigg, Soclose, Deathwatch
  • Summary: Soclose makes a deal with the fox army.

What These Hills Conceal

  • Location: Eastern Shore, near Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Amos, Sandy, Soclose, Frigg, Targa Wfol, Carn, Hactor, Deathwatch


  • Location: Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Frigg, Sandy, Carn, Amos, Dangeon, Angus, Hactor, Deatchwatch
  • Summary: The crew, free of the fox army, explores Marshank. Deathwatch, its self-proclaimed owner, makes a case for restoring it to its former glory.

A Haunted Homecoming

  • Location: Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Malcolm, Soclose, Frigg, Adyna (spoofs, figure in the marsh), Angus, Deathwatch
  • Summary: Deathwatch’s ancestral home is not as abandoned as it seemed.

Sketches from Marshank

  • Location: Marshank


  • Summary:

Missing log... stay tuned.

  • Location: Marshank

A Show of Potential

  • Location: Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Amos, Sandy, Sha Rikktor, Carn, Deathwatch, Soclose
  • Summary: Sandy shows her skill with a cutlass.

Sorry... I've fallen way behind on posting the logs.

An Ill Wind and a No-Good

  • Location: Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Erebos, Carn, Marandus, Sandy, Dangeon, Floten
  • Summary: Another week, another visitor.

Field Trip

  • Location: Marshank
  • Participants: Stubb, Carn, Soclose, Amos, Dangeon, Erebos, Marandus
  • Summary: Supplies are running low at the fortress, so a trip to Collinsel is planned

Return to Collinsel

  • Location: Collinsel
  • Participants: Dangeon, Moruwil, Stubb, Jazmyne, Amos, Sandy, Soclose, Carn, Hactor
  • Summary: After picking up supplies in town, the gang stops in at a familiar watering hole.