Quick Start Guide

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What's Redwall MUCK?

A MUCK is a multiplayer real-time virtual world, similar to an MMO, but text-based.

Players connect to the MUCK server, log in as a character, and participate in ongoing interactive fiction as they travel among linked rooms and roleplay with others.

Our MUCK is set in the universe of Redwall, a series of children's books by author Brian Jacques. Because we are based on a children's book series and welcome all ages, we require players' behavior to be consistent with juvenile literature. See Mission Statement.

How to Connect

Redwall MUCK can be reached at telnet host redwall.realm.limitless.org port 4203

Click here to connect to Redwall MUCK using the Mudslinger web client.

Alternatively, you can connect to Redwall MUCK by downloading a MU* client.

See Clients below for a list of recommended apps.

If you need additional help connecting, please post to our forum!


Below are free, recommended MUCK Clients. These apps have features that make it easy to use the MUCK and customize your experience. Each has its own setup but the general idea is to put redwall.realm.limitless.org in the host field and 4203 as the port.





Terminal / CLI


No download required for these web-based clients.

How to Make a Character

Creating a character on the MUCK takes only a few minutes of setup.

After connecting as a guest, you will need to set seven properties (props) on yourself before your character can be created.

Type +set #list to view these properties.

Character Props


Pick a unique name for your character. There aren't many restrictions on names, as long as it is consistent with the MUCK's theme, rating, and is not already in use.

To view a list of online characters as examples, type find.

If you want your character to be named Bill, type +set name=Bill.

Keep in mind that once your character is created, you cannot change its name without wizardly intervention.


A complete list of allowed species can be viewed with +list_species.

If you want your character to be a mouse, type +set species=mouse.

Like the name prop, species cannot be changed once the character is created.


Choose a password and set it with +set pword=YourPassword.

This field is case sensitive.


Your secret phrase will be requested by a wizard in the event that your password is lost.

Set it with +set secret=Your secret phrase.


Your email is not visible to other players on the MUCK. It will be used by admin only to send a retrieved password if requested. See Privacy policy.

Set your email with +set email=email@domain.com.


The age prop refers to the age of your character in the game world.

On Redwall MUCK, age is measured in seasons and a season is equivalent to two years. So if your character is 20 years old, you will set your age to 10 seasons.

+set age=10 Seasons

Age estimates like "Young Adult" are also fine, and the age property can be changed at any time.


What do you want your character to look like? That's what you'll set in the desc prop.

For now, come up with a few sentences. Your description can be updated at any time.

To set a description, use @desc me=Your description here.

Create Your Character

Once you have completed the seven fields above, enter +pcreate me to create your character.

You will be automatically switched from a guest user to a character with the name and props you set.

Next time you visit Redwall MUCK, connect as your character with connect bill YourPassword.

What's Next?

It's time to explore the world of Redwall MUCK!

Now that you have created a character, you will want to familiarize yourself with the commands used to interact with the MUCK and other players. See Basic Commands.

When you are comfortable with the basic commands, articles on intermediate MUCK use (such as building and character development) can be found in the Help section.