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Redwall MUCK is an interactive, multiplayer text game set in Brian Jacques' Redwall universe.


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About Us


Redwall MUCK has operated continuously since 1995. It is an online text game in which players can interact with each other, in real time, as if they were characters in the Redwall universe.

Our world is a huge and immersive one, built by hundreds of players over the span of decades. Many familiar places from the books can be visited on the MUCK, or players can expand the universe with projects and plots of their own.

We are a friendly community whose content is safe for players of all ages, and we welcome both veteran MUCK users and novices alike.

Redwall MUCK is graciously hosted by Brian Jones and Limitless Knowledge Association.

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New users can visit our Quick Start Guide to learn how to connect to Redwall MUCK!

Those already familiar with connecting to a MUCK can reach us at redwall.realm.limitless.org:4203.

We have a large Help section with in depth info about the game, or explore our Lore, Logs, and Radio to get a feel for the world.


Because our wiki holds over 20 years of Redwall MUCK content, info contained in articles may be outdated.

Both current and former players are welcome to contribute to this wiki. It is open to any content relevant to Redwall MUCK, now or in the past.

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