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#1 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-08-26 04:19:08 PM CDT

i am sure she will give like a final update of IC stuff

#2 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall Needs... » 2022-07-23 02:09:47 PM CDT

Yes I like the idea A hamster as Master Healer be neat.

As for Brother Rick as gate keeper......that be cool.(Long as Dorarose i cool iwth it as well.)

#3 Logs » It's Good to Be Home-Redwall Log/ LP Log » 2022-07-23 02:08:13 PM CDT

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Elbio-Lt and Fighter in the LP,Redwall Residential LP Hare

A Couple Privates- Two Hares of the Lp

Krisha-Badger Mother of Redwall

Elbio slowly made his way inside, telling the guards to not ruin the fact he was here, he wanted to surprise his friends, There was two Privates with him, who looked back and forth in aww.It was clearly the fist time the Privates have ever seen the abbey.Lt. Elbio took a deep breath and smiled, it was good to be bad.It had been too long.   

Krisha had yet to notice the hare.She was talking with Brother Rick who was helping with the gate keeping today giving the gatrkeeper and family a few days off since they seemed they clearly needed it.   

Elbio smiles as he glaces over at the badger and starts to head over to her.   

The two Privates grin and start to head to the kitchens but the LT. gets in front of them "No Kitchens that is an order and if you don't listen I will let you del with the Frair's wrath."
"Frairs...wrath good chap sur?"..."Yeh they can't be jolly well bad"   

Elbio smirks "Your worth nightmare if you head to those kitches and he sees you" The two privats gulp and nod as the sulate and head to the pond instead "Yes Sur!"   

Krisha blinks as the voices and one she thinks she knows.A glace and a double take" E..Elbio?" She gets closer and smiles as she goes to hug him"Elbio! It is you, but how and your..your walking"
Elbio shakes his head at the two privates,a chuckle and then the sudden hug from the badger almost makes him fall over.He smiles and returns the hug "A...a long story, butt yes I am back Mother Krisha and to stay this time."He nods"Also Me or the Captain with us needs to talk to Abbot Benar, no worries just a quick chat about some things.Just letting the abbot know first,then others"
Krisha nods,she is curious but lets it go for now.A smile again "Its ok, it's so good to have you back."
Elbio grins,he decides to sit on the grass by the wall. as his legs hurt slightly from a long walk ."I am glad to be back lass.I missed the abbey and friends here. is the abbey been since I been away?"   

Krisha speaks "Its been fairly good, not to much major things to report.We did have a small issue with a group of squirrels called the Gawtribe..but it was delt with.They some reason tried to take over the treehouse.They now have a small camp by a couple elms in the woods just acroiss from the River Moss."   

Elbio hmmms"Gwytribe? I read some about them,they are a group to keep an eye on.Nothing serious usually its more mischief that anything."He decides to make note of this for the 67th,just in case the crazy squirrel gang decides they are bored."I am glad the dibbuns still have de treehouse.Spaking of dibbuns,how is your son?"   

Krisha chuckles "He..isn't much a dibbun anymore.He is in that teenager stage and has gotten a lot taller since last you seen him. He is likeloy helping with chores somewhere or by the bee hives.He has an intrest in the bees lately.Also likes to sing too."   

Elbio listens "Well, I suppose I will speak to him later. And who knows maybe he could jolly well be abbey bee keeper.Last I checked the abbey didn't really have an ofial bee keeper. As for singing, thats nice too "   

Krisha says, "Me and Oz chated, he dorsn't want to be a warrior like his father was. But I do want him to learn some self defense so I know he is safe.As for his father's blade, it will stay in a chest somewhere safe amd maybe one day be passed on to like a son or daughter if he has one later in life, I don't yet"
Elbio nods, "Well I could help with self defense."He chuckles "It would be an honor in fact, and he could know he learned some fighting skills from a long Patrol hare. Which brings up..I do hope I am still able to be the RW Residential Hare..."   

Krisha smiles "Of course your the still the Rw Rsidential LP hare, that never changed Elbio.And everyone will be glad to know your back"
Elbio lets a smile form "I am glad."He sighs "I didn't mean to be away so long.I didnt expect to be able to even return,but "He looks at the badger "I got better.Iwas told I would nver walk again and...well I prooved them wrong and they were achally glad to be prooved wrong. I do have some issues if I bally well walk alot...which"A small chuckle "I sort of did, alot the past like couple weeks I think or maybe little less than couple weeks.But I do not plan any other major walks no time soon."He grins "I do have acess to a messenger, a runner if a message is needed somewhere"   

Krisha listens closely,"I am glad you got better Elbio and as I said, everyone will be glad to see you back, back home."   

At the word home the hare smiles and sighs, happy "Home sounds nice, real nice lass."He yawns as he is tired, though he still has the abbot to speak to before he can really nap.He slowly stands,though he may need a little help as sitting was likely a bad idea, least oin the grass anyways.   

Krisha goes to help him"Here let me help you . I can help you to the abbot's office if you like, Benar is likely there."   

Elbio nods "Yes,that be good lass thank ya."He will speak to the abbot some and then take a nap..a very long nap . Some of the report will be from the Captain and some from Elbio.. For now the Lt was glad to finally be back at the abbey.   

It's good to be


#4 Re: RP Chat » "Nearing an End of a Quest" Updates! » 2022-07-22 09:46:39 AM CDT

so there is like a group of about 25-30  hares for the 67th base. The 67th base is a little south of Redwall Abbey close to that old church.
Anyways the hares were in 2 groups and Elbio is in the 1st group to arrive, so counting him about 12-15 hares...hee hee Frair Lacota will likely scream  smile, but luckly Lt.Elbio will make most of them stay at the base to wait on Lossow and have like 2 go with him (cause there is the rule no hare travels alone so the smallest a group can be is two and since Elbio will stay at the abbey there has to be 3 in his group so that there is 2 hares to go back to base soon.

I plan to have the first group show up either today or tomorrow (Juky 22 or 23nd)..Lossow can decide when the 2nd group shows up.

Let's hope the whole group doesn't here about the Summer feast....Frair Lacota may have a major fit! smile

#5 Ferravale » Got to Thinking... » 2022-07-16 08:25:14 PM CDT

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We need to know what will become of Ferravale?

I know there has been  like no  role play there and Elbio was menching  the Mossflower Defender Base and hoiw its sad the group basiclyly splint up after the leader died.

Also what if some of the vermin left Ferravale for like..what ever reason? To live like on the sea coast or maybe one went north cause they are odd and like snow tongue

#6 Logs » Pain is a good sign-LP LOG » 2022-07-16 08:21:57 PM CDT

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Elbio-Lt,Fighter  hare in LP and Residentasl RW Hare

Sheen, Capt. Lucia and a couple other hares- Spoofed by Terrence


It was decided that a break would be good, and the group was making very good time. For this Elbio was glad of. He had been doing fine for most of the trip,then his legs decided to ache really bad and so he uses his walking staff for the last couple miles to the place they set up camp for the night. He sighs a little, but least his legs were starting to feel better nowand it was true, they had walked, like a LOT the past few days and he wasn't use to that just yet.   

Truth be told, Sheen had lost count of how many days past since they'd exited the marsh lands and hiked up the first foot hill. Days? Weeks? She didn't know. Not a month. Originally her plan had been to volunteer to go with the 67th in search of Konner with the Lt. & Sarge, but she was placed in the OTHER platoon. Just her luck.   

"If there's feeling that's a good sign," Sheen looks up from her brooding to watch as Cpt. Lucia Barca speaks, the officer walking up to stand by Elbio. "You'd be feeling less pain if there was a major issue."   

Elbio glaces up,a nod "That's true. I am lucky really.I thought I would forever be..."He shakes his head and smiles"Never thought I see pain as good. I should be fine in de morning and we are past the harder part of the trip now"   

Lucia nods looking up at the peaks around them. "Maybe, but it's been seasons since anyone's recorded the state of the mountain passes. We may yet find an obstacle or two..." In the east, towards Mossflower, the first stars are already beginning to show and in the dying light (partially cut short by the mountains) one can just barely make out a line of dark green; the forest. "I've only been this far east twice in my life. Once under old Colonel Zoe's command and once under Sebastian's; both times helping Redwall with a vermin problem, if I recall correctly."   

Elbio mmms"Well let's hope no villian issues come around with this trip. I think this may of been the path I took to get to the western shore when I was with Adrian and Monty, least..I think so anyways or least part of the mountain pass anyways.And we can always send a report about the path somehow if we are able."   

"Indeed?" Raising a brow, the captain turns back to the lieutenant. "Well, it's been some time from even that mission, hasn't it?" She muses. "But no matter," waving her paw she address Elbio again, "One of the goals of having a base in Mossflower with more than one hare is so messengers can be sent more reliably between the mountain and the woods, you know?"   

Elbio says, "Yes"He answers "I know and it will be very helpful. If trouble comes a runner can go to the mountain if needed, for any major events.Some minor ones we likely can handle on our own, but we will still sent a runner to give updates and such, letters and maybe some reports and they can keep us updated on things on the western shore as well."
"And for the time being a company of hares will be within a halfday's march to the abbey." Lucia answers with another nod. "Hopefully merely our presence will be able to deter any, well," she searches for the right word, "Complications, as it were, in Mossflower. And anything that requires the rest of the Patrol Salamandastron will be well informed of..."   

Elbio thinks a morment "There is the village, Ferravale...but they have a peace treaty with the abbey and have even helped the abbey before so they are not a threat, or least most of the beasts in that village. Its a heck of a lot better than Halyard ." A small smile "And some woodlanders live in the village too, hmmm may need to check up on de village when we get thar and see how things are"   

"Ferravale..." The captain has trouble keeping disdain from her voice. "That village is run by vermin, isn't it? New, too. Wasn't much of a presence back before Sebastian's time. Hmmm."   

Elbio nods "Yes it is a vermin village,thier chieftain is a cat named Blisa."   

Lucia grits her teeth. "Cats." As if not needing to say anything more, she shakes her head. "They're rarely friendly."   

Elbio shrugs "I was thar like..twice, use to be a base tahr..suppose it's still thar.Mossflower Defenders but sadly when the leader died the group seems to of...well...splint up , kind of sad really. Then suppose all de more reason to have LP thar as well."   

Lucia narrows her eyes, trying to place the name somewhere. "Mossflower Defenders. They're the group that was decimated in the last war there, yes? I can't imagine a woodland militia being much more than a title, frankly. Hares & badgers seem to be the only creatures save vermin with a stomach for war, after all."
Elbio again shrugs "I...think.Wait yeah they lost a lot of members and those remaining, like maybe 5...came to the mountain for help when some stoat was at the abbey and the patrol went to help"His ears drooop "And yes..good won but at a very high cost for de long patrol that day, I read the reports, talked to hares and beasts from de abbey about that day. I wasnt part of de patrol then."

Lucia side eyes the lieutenant. "Yes, well, I was." she grunts, with a huff. "I knew many, many of the hares who died there well. Wasn't there, of course - I was on duty back at the mountain. I avoid visitors when they come, usually, too. I'm not really one for non-patrol company, which I'm sure you've gathered."   

Elbio frowns "I'm sorry..."He decides to chnage the subject "Ya abbey is great and ya have to try the food, best in the land."A smile "Even if tis just a day at the abbey, sides my guess is your the one to speak to de abbot when we get thar"   

"I do intend to if I can, yes." The captain says, "Though if there's more pressing matters that preoccupy the company I'm certain you can handle the talk with the Redwall beasts, lieutenant."   

"Anyways, Reed," Lucia uses his last name, "I'll leave you to take your rest. We have yet another early morning tomorrow."   

Elbio watches her and nods "Of course"He knows the details so he can and likely will answer some questions, it will be good to be back at the abbey, he misses it.He nods and smiles "Of course Long Patrol is always up bright and early every day."   

The captain almost lets a small smile slip. Almost. She waves and says a good night as she turns to go.

#7 Logs » We Shall Help Fix The Roof!-Redwall Log » 2022-07-16 03:02:27 PM CDT

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Oz- teenage  Badger


Xavier has returned to the area and the ribe was at the abbey for a few days, most heading on back to the main camp and the Log-a-log staying at the abbey a couple more days to catch up with friends and on any news since he been away.   

Benar is standing by a table just-inside the great hall lookingf over some plans and maps spread out across the table. He is chatting quietly to a couple of members of the order, but he looks up and smiles at Xavier and waves, "Hello there"   

Xavier smiles "Hello Abbot Benar, how have ya been? The abbey looks good and still here."He walks closer "Me and my tribe been adventureing on de rivers and de streams, even visited the sea shore fer a short time."   

Benar says, "We have been well than you," the abbot esmiled, "I am glad to hear you and your tribe are well and have returned to us. I trust you had a good time up and down the rivers of Mossflower all spring and summer long?"
Xavier chuckles "We did, we was intresting. Got to see some places not seen before, even seen some sort of old temple of some sort."
Benar says, "Well that sounds lovely, I think I know those ruins you mean, I saw them once..." he looks over Xavier's head and smiles, "Very long ago with my mother."
Xavier nods"Sounds intresting,I do won der what they were once but who knows." He starts to sit down but seems curious as to what is maybe behind him.   

Benar says, "I am not sure I remember," he shakes his head and turns back to his plans, "Me we are reviewing the roof tiles, nothing exciting but some of them need replacing after that big storm we had."
Xavier nods "Sounds like a job for brave beasts since it will be very high up, sort of like when de weather vane was placed back onto the roof."   

Benar says, "It will be, I am just reviewing the plans to build a scffolding up the southern end of the building to make reachign the roof easier. I've also been talking to the Sparra Queen about us being on the roof"
Xavier says, "Yes I do remember Always wise to speak to the Sparra."He chuckles "I remember one that was learning to fly..Anal I believe was his name,they...least that I seen, didnt have many young sparra there, then they may have been elsewhere"

Benar asks, "Well Xavier are you and the GUOSIM staying at your camp near the river? or would you do me the honour of being our guests for a few weeks? I could do with your help building this scaffolding"
Xavier hmmms softly "I could speak to de group and let them know de abbey needs help. I am sure they will love ta help."   

Benar says, "Thank you Xavier," he smiles, "I have a few squirrels staying here besides me, but not many, the moles are not very good at heights"

Xavier nods "Some beasts, they not like high places."He smiles at a memory "Me father use to climb this really, really tall tree near de camp.He feared no high placs..."He frowns slightly, but it's still nice to remember good times.   

Benar says, "Thank you Xavier, that would ve very helpful, and you would all be most welcome here," he smiled at the shrew, "It would be a good way to spend some time together"
Xavier nods "True, very true and the tribe do like the abbey. And there is one young one in de tribe..Oswald and Leigh's son, Mother Krisha could help watch him so he stays outta trouble while the GUOSIM are here"   

Benar says, "Well I am sure Oswald and Leigh's little one will be welcomed by Krisha and the DAB as soon as they arrive."
Xavier nods"I will need to sent a message to the camp, or just head back and tell de news in person"   

Benar asks, "No rush," Benar smiled, "Would you like a drink or something whilst you are here?"

Xavier starts to leave, but stops and sits down "Well, thar any of the October Ale? That is always good to drink, anyime of the year."   

Benar says, "Of course we have October Ale, it is a favourite, and ona hot day like to day a cool ale before you go back out into the sun is worth it"

Xavier grins "Of course it be good..."Least he believes so, he seems unsure though"I mean...course...right?" Ok so he never got a chance to try it, and he was away a couple seasons.   

Benar says, "Well come with me," Benar started toward the stairs, "On a day like today we want a cool drink out if sight where we will not be disturbed."   

Xavier just nods and follows.

Benar leads the way down into the cellars, through the busy kitchens and down quickly. He pauses to light a lantern and then starts along between the barrels and firkin, "So October ale, lets see..." he draws some out of one of the barrels and hands a tankard over to Xavier.
Xavier gets the drink and nods his thanks as he shirls it around a little and gives it a small taste.A smile forms on his lips " IS good stuff, many beasts are right.Whom ever made tis batch is de best at ale making"
Benar settles down on an old chair and smiles, "It is nice down here and cool and a good place to spend a quiet afternoon with some Ale," he holds up his tankard, "Welcome back to Redwall Xavier my friend."   

Xavier sits down as well "It is good ta be back.I did miss the abbey, but while I was away I did learn a lot on what it is like to be a leader of a group. It's not as easy as my father made it seem."He chuckles"He also got a little taller than he was a couple seasons ago as well.
Benar asks, "Well Xavier," he smiled, "Should I stop calling you Xavier and call you Log-a-Log? I thought it was tradition that your old name was forgotten when you became Chief?"

Xavier tilts his head, a smile "Suppose tis best to say Log-alog now then, but some do not know and it is ok."He takles a sip of his ale "Some do know I am leader now of the GUOSIM."
Benar says, "Well Log-a-Log," he smiled, "I will happily call you by your true name my dear friend," he raises his tankard, "To the Log-a-Log"
Xavier smiles as he raises his mug and nods"Thank you my friend" He takes another sip "We could prehaps have the feast after de roof is fixed, de summer one. I heard was still trying to plan out a good date fer that"   

Benar says, "It would be nice to have the feast, we are still hangling over the date, things have been... hectic and we have all been busy"
Xavier nods"Well fixing de roof be imporant and what ever other duties de abbot has"   

Benar says, "Everything seems to take up more of my time these days, keeping the abbey running along, but new tiles on the roof so it doens't leak this winter are a priority"
Xavier says, "Yes and de GUOSIM will help you so it can be done in a good amont of time. Then we can have a Summer Feast.And then maybe help tend to the harvest prehaps"
Benar says, "Well only if youa re going to be around that long," Benar says, "DO not stay away from your river wandering just to help us"   

Xavier gives a nod "Well we will help with de roof issues, noit to worry. I shall head back...well guess in de morning and we can get started helping after the tribe arrives. A couple shrews will likely stay at the camp, to make sure all is well thar, likely take turns on who be at camp"   

The Abbot excuses himself to go check on some things,expecting the Log-a-log to not stay too long in the  wine cellar.

Some time later:

Xavier has been, well he was in the cellar and likely stayed a little too long saying how he be fine. He tasted Octoaler Ale for the first time and whoa, that stuff is good! Maybe a little too good as he drank too much and is in a bit of a laughing fit now, why its also likely a good thing he is staying the night, though the morning he may have the worse headache ever.   

Oz has been helping with chores, still trying to decide if he wants to be a novice or maybe help ring the bell, maybe tend to the bees and then he sees Xavier and raises an eyebrow.Unsure what to do he carefully walks closer "You...ok?"   

Xavier blinks and steps back as the badger comes into focus and grins "tis...ummm, oh yeah Ozzy...Oz, yeah."He seems to think on the question, "I be fineeeeeeeeeeeeee" A small giggle."Tis a good day." He decides to sit down,but in the large badger chair.   

Oz frowns"You don't look fine." He looks around as if for, well anyone and back to the shrew"Your in my mother's chair....."He staes quietly.   

Xavier sighs, he pouts a little "Tis soft...cozy..."He looks ready to fall asleep"You should try Ocotber ale, tis good good stuff....I'm sleeping now"Yeah a long nap,wake in the morning and totally regret likeing Ocotber ale so much.. Next time he will know to not drink so much of it, even if it is good.
Oz is finishing some sweeping and ever so often looks at a sleeping shrew in the Badger Mother's chair, he forwns and debates still if he should of just gotten someone or maybe it's best to let the shrew sleep.He finishes up sweeping the floor as he helps with chores now.
Benar returns from downstairs, the squirrel stops when he spots Xavier sleeping and gives orders to a couple of novices to move him out of Krisha's chair and put him to bed. He then moves toward Oz, "Hello young one, how are you?"   

Oz almost drops the broom and then sets the broom agaist the wall "I am fine sir, just finishing chores. I still don't know if I wanna be a novice or not and kind of a little too old for some of dibbun classes so I been helping out more"   

Benar says, "well it is always good to help out Oz, everyone here in Redwall helps each other and that is how the abbey works, without each other the abbey would fail. So thank you for your hard work"
Oz nods slowly, then asks "So is it...ok if I don't know what I wanna I know what I..don't want to do just not...I wanna do"   
Benar moves to look at his planning table and then settles down in a chair, "There is no rush, you do not have to decide what you want to do right now Oz, you can live and enjoy life for a bit then decide. That is what I did"   

Oz sits down after a few morments "But must of taken a while to become Abbot and thats likely a really hard job, or is it easy?" He shakes his head "And no..I would not wanna be abbot...maybe help ring the bells one day or help watch over the bess"He smiles "The bees like my singing, I been praciceing singing by the pond and on thw walltops"   

Benar says, "Well then Oz, if you want to get to know the bees better I can make arrangements for that so you can spend time with them. As for Abbot it took a long time yes and it is a hard job, like right now I am looking into how to fix the roof."
Oz eys widen at this "The roof?...buts thats like really high up, what if someone fell off?" He has that concern."Who is gonna help fix the roof?"
Benar says, "Well that is why I am making plans, we are going to build a scaffolding up the southern side of the building so we can reach the roof safely. Then we can replace the broken tiles"

Oz listens closely" said that the sparrows don't like anyone up thet high"Not that anyone really goes that high, it's rare. "Won't they get like real real mad at whoever?"   

Benar says, "I have already spoken to them, they want the holes in their nest-home fixed as much as we do not want winter weather leaking water into the house."
Oz says, "Oh yeah, that would make things wet and cold inside the abbey"

Benar nods "Yes, it would."

The next morning Log-alog indeed  does  have THE WORSE HEADACHE EVER!....So he waits till lunchtime to head back to the GUOSIM camp, the GUOSIM arrive at the  abbey the next day just in time for afternoon tea and scones....and no ale.

#8 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-07-09 07:04:38 PM CDT

so Summer feast like Auguest 13th or 20th then smile

You should make a small log 0f your Redwall characters  and one of your characters  on the shores disccussing going to where ever.

Please keep us up to date

#9 Logs » Talks Help-Redwall Log(Also some of Dora's TP Log) » 2022-07-09 07:01:38 PM CDT

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Oz-Teen Badger

Krisha-Badger Mother


Xavier has been back at the abbey the past week, one he enjoys the food and also he has been catching up on past events he missed and just visiting friends.But he does plan to go back to the camp soon.Some of the shrews left for camp and a couple are staying at the abbey with thier Log-a-log.   

Krisha has been busy helping with varies chores in the orchards and tending to the dibbuns.Finally getting a break she has a cup of tea and heads to a chair to sit down a while while the dibbuns are with Sister Anna and Brother Rick.She notices Xavier and nods "Hello Xavier, enjoying your time back?"   

Xavier smiles "Mother Krisha...and ya I be fine, good in fact and I missed de abbey.Though I will be heading back to me camp soon,likely tomorrow. But I will still visit of course"

Krisha nods, a smile "It is good to see you, your taller now."She chuckles a little "Your have to viisit with Oz before you go, I remember you guys were freinds when younger"   

LilyMoore has been helping as usual the past week, but she has been very withdrawn, quiet, and troubled. Since she's usually happy and talkative with all, any quietness from her is immediately noticeable. She's been secluding herself as much as possible, and not answering anyone's inquiries of if she's alright. She now is walking from the kitchen with a basket, looking almost as if she's about to cry.   

Xavier nods,he spies Lilymoore and walks closer to her "Lass? Hello....why are ya on de verge of tears?"He looks at Krisha "Has something happen I missed?" He sounds concerned.   

Krisha frowns , she has noticed how the mouse maid been a lone a lot"I don't know, I have been unable to ask.I have been busy. I would think if it was too major she would say something"   

LilyMoore glances over, then shakes her head. " one was mean..." Butterclaw the sparrow hops out of the kitchen now, carrying his own basket. Coming over to his friend's side, he gives her a hug with 1 wing.   

Xavier nods, he then speaks "Maybe talk of this, talking helps sometimes and yes sometimes it does not help."   

Krisha tilts her head "You sure your ok Lilymoore? Are you worried about your mother, I know she has avoided most beasts the past couple weeks and I am unsure why.I am curious has she spoken to you of anything thats of concern?"   

LilyMoore hesitates, but after a little chirp from the sparrow, they walk over to the others. "It's just...Momma has been having dreams, and she's decided to go visit Tuscani, her homeland, and the rest of my family is going with her, Nana and Uncle Emyuil, and they told me I can choose what I do, and I want to go, but I also don't want to leave my friends....and...." Tears start rolling down her cheeks. Butterclaw thinks for a moment, then chirps, "Butterclaw SparraWarrior gowith Lilyfriend whereever shego. Make bigswear, big promise."   

Xavier nods "Oh..where is this village at? I would just say be carefull in travels my friend and when you can, come back to the Abby. It seems important.."And he sees tears and frowns again"Oh please do not cry..."   

Krisha listens carefully and hmms"Has she spoken to Benar yet? This is something he would need to know."She then ads "As for the gastehouse, it would still be here for you as a home, that will not change.We may need to find a gate keeper or a Bell Ringer but we can worry on that later."   

Oz slips inside as it starts to rain a little,not too hard just a passing shower.He glaces around the room before coming the rest of the way inside.   

LilyMoore wipes away her tears. "I don't know if she's spoken to the Abbot about it. I just know I've been given a choice, and I don't like it."   

Xavier doesn't notice Oz just yet as he is focused on trying to help Lilymoore, if he casn.Also if he can he will offer a hug to help her feel better.   

Krisha sighs"Well, you and your family will be missed."Will offer a hug as well, letting the mouse maid decide if she wants one or not."But your always welcome at Redwall, please do remember that dear"   

Oz hears some of this and frowns,he stays by the fireplace as he speaks "Why would you leave the abbey?" He asks sounding confushed now."The abbey is nice, is..."A small bit of a whimper "Something bad happen?"   

LilyMoore allows the hugs (although she has to try really hard to keep from crying again). She glances at Oz. "No, nothing bad family is just going on a trip, is all." And her heart is suddenly at peace. Yes, she'll go with her family. Why would she choose anything else?   

Krisha blinks and then sees Oz and back to Lilymoore as she listens.
Oz frowns "But...where?" He starts to cross his arms and then uncrosses them and just seems unsure how to really react to this, like at all.So he just sits down in a chair and stays quiet.
LilyMoore frowns. She isn't fully sure how to react to this, either. "To the east, to Tuscani. It's where my Mom and her family are from. They want to visit." She decides to not mention the dreams DoraRose has been having about war there. No use scaring everyone.   

Krisha speaks "Visting one's homeland is always nice. And I am sure they will not be gone forever." Least she hopes not anyways as a lot could happen on the trip or in the homeland.A smile "We will ahve to plan the Summer feast for before you and your family head off Lilymoore"   

Oz looks hopeful "So they would, be back?" A small smile "Yeah you can't miss the Summer Feast, no one is allowed to miss that" He thinks as a thought comes to him"I could even ring the bells while she is away"   

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll be back." LilyMoore does hope so, anyway. "It'd be like a 'going away, see you soon' feast. And you'd be great at ringing the bells, Oz. I feel better knowing my job is in such good paws." She means it, too. He'd be a great Bellringer, in her opinion.
Krisha hmmms softly"We can speak to Benar on it soon. But lets not worry too much on it right now" She smiles "Yes a big feast"And she may bring up a good name for the feast to Benar later as well.   

Oz smiles "And i would be carefull.I am thinking of maybe being a novice but I am still learing self defense also."   

LilyMoore sits down. Butterclaw, who's been silent for a bit, pipes up. "Ozfriend can be like Lilyfriend. NotNovice, but good Redwaller. Then can fightstill, but begood." Lily smiles. "But if you want to be a Novice, you should be, Oz. That's a wonderful thing. And I'll try my hardest to be careful, don't worry."   

Krisha nods"What someone wants to be is up to them"   

Oz listens " unsure. I will help with Bellringer stuff though still. But also I may..."He shrugs "Maybe...take up father's..."He frowns "Blade...."He is so unsure, be a warrior or not be one, part time maybe? He sighs as he thinks,he has a lot to think on.   

LilyMoore thinks for a moment. "Being a Warrior isn't for everyone," she says slowly. "It takes a certain kind of strong, angry heart to kill another beast. My momma is a good, kind creature, but she has the anger in her heart that lets her kill others. I don't think I have that. I've fought in battle before, and I am still horrified that I killed somebeast, even though I know if I hadn't, they would've killed me and helped conquer Redwall. I don't have the anger in my heart, and I'm not sure you do, either, Oz."   

Krisha is quiet,she then speaks "You don't have to take up his blade if you don't want to. It's not a requirement. You could pass it on to a furture son or daughter maybe.It can stay in a chest for safe keeping. Learning self defense is always good, to be safe.. " She is quiet and contuines"You just be, well you and ask what you want to do. You are novice age now, well a little past it but at the same time you dont have to be a novice either"   

Oz looks up slowly as his mother speaks and he is listening "I..I don't?" He looks at Lilymooore and a weak smile, at the idea of a furture kid he kind of makes a face some..him marry one day..for now thats a horrible thought. He listens still and then stands to go hug his mother,a long quiet before he speaks "I..I don't think warior is for I..I like to..."He smiles "Make songs and like music and yeah self defense is good so you dont worry if I am outside the abbey...but only outside if your ok with that and I would let you know where I was."He smiles "Maybe Dochas could even help with Bell Ringer stuff or...or something, I can even help with dibbunss some..maybe."He isnt really a dibbun anymore but also he isnt an adult just yet either.   

LilyMoore smiles and nods. "Yeah, you don't have to be a Novice if you don't want to. I'm not. My dad and my twin Caleb were the only members of my family who joined the Order. It's not a requirement." She listens to the rest of what he says and nods. "You have a wonderful voice, Oz. That's true."   

Krisha smiles,she kind of remembers the former Master healer as they did meet, well briefly."I know...Xander was a novice a short while but I am not sure he truely wanted to be one either."She looks at Oz "I have yet to heear you sing,maybe later on?"   

Oz shrugs, he has yet to truely sing in front of anyone.He has been on the walltops a couple times and by the pond too singing and playing a lyre he found in the attic.His voice is finally past that annoying cracking,so its deeper now than it was when he was younger.   

LilyMoore blinks. "You haven't sung for your mom yet, Oz? I'm sure she'd love to hear you."   

Krisha just smiles "Oz can sing when he is ready, hmmm maybe at the Summer Feast even, its not anytime too soon is my guess"   

Oz shurgs "Maybe..I can think on it."He wonders if Lilymoore or Dorarose maybe heard him least once, if so he was fine with it as maybe it even cheered them a little.   

LilyMoore has definitely heard him, but she decides to not say anything more about it. Instead, she stands. "I promised I'd get some herbs for the kitchen. They're probably worried where Butterclaw and I are."   

Krisha nods"Yes and I should go check on how Sister Anna and Brother Rick are doing with the dibbuns...see you two later then,at dinner" And she heads off.   

Oz watches her head off and looks at Lilymoore as he does remember she helped him a little with singing, he smiles at an idea "Maybe I can practice some tonight and cheer up Dorarose...or would that be a bad idea? She seems like she always wants to be alone on the walltops."   

LilyMoore smiles. "I think that's a lovely idea. How about you come help me and Butterclaw pick herbs, and then we can find Mom together and you can sing for her? I'm sure she'd love to hear you." The Bellringer heads outside with the sparrow and, if he wants to, the badger. And later, whenever DoraRose does hear him, she is delighted.   

Oz smiles and goes to help out and yes he does sing for Dorarose and Lilymoore both later that night before heading off to bed for the night.

#10 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-07-09 03:00:07 PM CDT

If the feast at the abbey is a saturday
Maybe2nd or 3nd saturday in August? I know on another post you said your offline the next like 4 satuerdays.

#11 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-07-09 02:34:35 PM CDT

Welll Rinko and Felcity traveling togather will be good. Always use the buddy system they say  at Salamandstron...also  my guess a lot of hares will be like Ya the vixen is gone! Get out some Cake! But also will be sad to see Felicty and Julia go:(

#12 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall RP Discussion & Planning » 2022-07-09 02:01:18 PM CDT

Have the Sunner Feast on a day Dorarose can be on...even if not a saturday

#13 Re: RP Chat » "Nearing an End of a Quest" Updates! » 2022-07-05 01:04:48 PM CDT

so my computer hates me......I lost a log I saved and where me and Cole was, did not go on radio(Will have to just get radio on me  guess).

Long story short:

Elbio,Cole and who ever else was with his group made it safely out of the marshes.There was a bit of trouble once when a Private,Ping, got stuck in some quicksand when he missteped but he got out safely(Though he did loss some food he had in his pack but luckly his water canteen was very  tightly closed.Also lost a hat he had. No toads saw and they are now out of the marshes and onwards to Mossflower.

Also, hee hee...Elbio told them how there is other food, like when he traveled thew mountain....mushrooms,wild onions, crickets and grasshoppers(yes he ate those before much to the horror of others in the group but hey the tenderfoot group had he same issue a few short days once.

So all is well, they are makingf very good time and covered a lot of ground.

OOC NOTE: I should be back from my 4th july family trip late on 6th so back on 7th for roleplay)

#14 Re: MUCK Help » Keeping Chars From Purging » 2022-07-02 08:42:01 PM CDT

Yeah Otter be best to email on that
Let us know what he says!

#15 Re: The Long Patrol » LP DAB Shenanigans! » 2022-07-02 08:37:31 PM CDT

cool and yeah a named NPC sounds good and could be placed on the LP forum list

#16 Logs » A Couple New Privates-LP LOG » 2022-06-25 08:44:07 PM CDT

Replies: 0


Elbio-Lt,Fighter in the LP and Redwall Residenal Hare

Ciocan-Badger Lord

Ciana-Private and Fighter in the LP


Ciana was just getting done with her test and bowed,then gave a salute to the hare she was fencing with. The other hare nodded and spoke a few words to her and pointed to a chair for her to sit in.

Elbio stayed by the entry to the room watching Ciana and two others that were here as well, all three taking their final tests to see what they have learned and if they had what it took to be a private.

Ciocan came in,at his side was Major Koda of the Home Guard.The badger read over the reports on the three privates and then finally cleared his throat.”Step forward please.”

Ciana did as she was told and saluted the badger, she was a little nervous but managed to not show it. The 2nd hare was a lot nervous and the 3nd just seemed ready to do whatever was needed.

Elibo watched and smiled a little.He remembered his training, though it was a bit different but he still had to have a test once he was at the mountain.A test to prove he was indeed a good fit for a recruit and little did he know but a good fit to be an Ensign and have  training to be a Lt.

Ciocan looked over the three recruits.”I have read the reports and you all have done your best. Two of you have passed and one of you need some more training before you can be a Private in the Patrol”

Elbio watched silently and listened as the Badger Lord spoke,he watched his daughter and the other two recruits' reactions.

Ciana frowned and looked worried but took a deep breath and calmed herself. The other two were also worried,one looking near ready to faint.

Ciocan spoke  as he walked forward and handed a hare a pin that showed the rank of a Private “Congrats Private Peak and welcome to the Patrol rank of Runner.” He went to shake the new Privates Paw. He then walked to the next '' I am sorry, Recruit Broogo…you need more training, but I have faith in you and hope to see you for the autumn. “ And then he stopped in front of Ciana,a paw shake and a Private pin”Congrats Private Ciana, a fighter..those are always  needed.”

Elbio smiled but stayed by the doorway for now.

Peak grins  and saluted Ciocan and shaked his paw, “T..Thank you..s..s..sur” Broogo sighed but nodded,a salute “Yes sur..I won’t let ya down”

Ciana gasped and then went to hug Ciocan,she quickly backed up a little,a smile and a salute “Thank you..sur!”

Ciocan chuckled and returned the hug,he looked up to see Elbio and smiled , a nod to the other two hares “Dismissed….Hello Elbio. Your daughter is now a Private.”

Elbio watched the other two hares head out as he walked over to Ciocan “I saw sur and I am proud of her.I am glad I got to watch this before I headed off with Lossow and the others”

Ciana frowned and then hugged Elbio”Promise me your be careful dad, please.I..I can’t lose you like I did my birth parents.”

Ciocan lets them talk as he heads off with Koda to let Terrence and Varus know they have a couple new Privates in the patrol unit.

Elbio hugs his daughter, a sigh “I will do me best to be careful honey, I can't promise I will always be ok. One thing about life in de  Long Patrol is, ya never know when you may be in a life or death situation..I may end up needing to fight one day , you never know. I trust you will be careful as well and will do your best as a Private, and listen to your commanding officers, as well as his Lordship.I will miss you and I know you will miss me but thar is always letters back and forth and if you have any letters for your friends at the abbey I can take them there for you. But I am unsure when I will be heading off so write the letters tonight and give them to me at lunch tomorrow.I do know it won’t be before that.”

Ciana nods “Alright dad”She smiles “I will be the best Private ever, your see. Maybe I will get a rank above Private some day, but not any time too soon”She looks back and forth and whispers “It would mean more paperwork”

Elbio chuckles at this and smiles,”Come on, let’s get a snack from the kitchens.I think they still have some cherry scones and some nice herbal tea” He leads his daughter off for a snack and the two talk a while till it's time to go to bed.

#17 Re: RP Chat » When are we RPing? » 2022-06-25 01:47:11 PM CDT

I should be on today ! Likely round 4est

#18 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall RP Discussion & Planning » 2022-06-24 05:05:06 PM CDT

Ya Summer Feast t should be soon! And as said in Dorarose post...the season named after her somehow smile. I know names ideas was posted in her post in rwchat.

Also the GUOSIM may be at the feast....if invited smile

#19 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-06-15 03:13:33 PM CDT

When does your planed role plays start? My guess is soon.
As for  Honable Discharge guessing that be  ICLY Quenten and Ciocan department.
I am glad no one is dying off abnd I hope top do some role play with your characters before they head off to where ever

#21 Re: RP Chat » "Nearing an End of a Quest" Updates! » 2022-05-24 07:06:58 PM CDT

Sounds good
also yes I plan to have Elbio head to Mossflower with whoever is headed there. Elbio is recovering very well and walking a lot better now.

now ooc news: I am offline till June 25th

ICLY: Elbio WILL be with the group if they leave the mt. before then

#22 Re: RP Chat » "Nearing an End of a Quest" Updates! » 2022-05-14 02:19:07 PM CDT


The GUOSIM would for sure  see some things as they WOULD travel upriver to get back to the GUOSIM base thats by the river near Ferravale(Now the base is hidden and not right up by the river, its more like 1/2 inland and they hide the log boats they have very well)

Not sure what Log-a-log's actions would be for sure...likely just try and figure out what is going on. The shrews do have a peace treaty with Ferravale so....they are not  gonna be all VERMIN!..They would first  see if these new beatss are a threat or not.

#23 Re: RP Chat » When are we RPing? » 2022-05-12 06:21:02 PM CDT

Its ok Elmef.
People can always send you important updates on what is going on role play wise for you smile

#24 Re: RP Chat » Little Update for Sinway » 2022-05-12 06:20:00 PM CDT

Sounds like a good ending for Sinway.

And if you make another otter maybe they can  hang around the  western shore . As for Crevan, maybe Crevan can meet the GUOSIM one day.I play the Log-a-log of the group. hmmm maybe make a shrew?

#25 Re: RP Chat » "Nearing an End of a Quest" Updates! » 2022-05-10 03:05:15 PM CDT

Yeah Lt,. Elbio is back and heading back to Redwall soon, probally like  beginning of summer.Maybe with a couple hares and maybe not with a couple hares.

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