Dawn Forest Clan

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Welcome to the homepage of the Dawn Forest Clan, a family-oriented clan of squirrels living in Mossflower.

Started by Treesong, her mother Aurora, and her niece 'Nita, the Dawn Forest Clan is a group of squirrels living in Mossflower, looking out for one another. Over the seasons, squirrels have joined the clan, forming a loose-knit gigantic family. All are goodbeasts, and on the occasion a leader is needed, Treesong is looked to for answers. The fighting-age beasts of the camp are also trained by Treesong in archery, tracking, survival skills, and fletching. As more beasts come and go at the camps, other skills are added, including cooking, healing, and others. All of the Dawn Forest Clan pull their own weight in day to day affairs, each doing what he or she is best at to provide for all. There is a communal sense to much that goes on in the clan, with much of the food and clothing accepted as for everyone. No clan member is ever hungry, or left wanting for something that another could give.

For those interested in the Clan, page Treesong, or another of my alts. You can +skills apply dfclan, but you won't be accepted until you've talked with me and RPed with us.

At the moment, our only clan location is an Outpost east of Redwall, which can be reached by: portal, pem, w, n, tsc, or from the Abbey's East Wall, the forest path (fp?), e, and tsc. There is ICly another location, the clan's home area further south, usually referred to as Home or Headquarters. Clan members can choose to live at either location, they will have a place to stay at both as members of the clan.

Check out the pages I've got so far, linked below, and I'll put more content up once I've gotten it organized. If there's something you'd like to see added to the pages, let me know.

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