Dawn Forest Clan Rules

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What good are group pages if the rules are not explained? The IC rules are worded as they would be taught, by rote, to all new members and dibbuns, though often the rules are shortened to the key ideas for younguns.


  • Respect your fellow clan members. Any disrespectful behavior can be punished.
  • All clan members participate in daily clan life. Specialization is encouraged (good cooks should cook, not try and do many things), so the camp grows as a close-knit community. Dibbuns are not exempt, but are given tasks befitting them.
  • All clan members receive their share of public goods. Food, clothing, healing care, and shelter are not denied any clan member, from any campsite. In a shortage, preference is given first to dibbuns, then sick and elders, and then the healthy.
  • Those members who do not participate fairly renounce their right to their share in clan goods.
  • Within a family unit, most family business is exactly that - family business. If business involves other clan members or brings visitors into the camp, it is no longer private business.
  • Public business, when in need of a facilitator or decision-maker, is to be brought before Treesong. Family business can be brought to 'Song as well. When decided upon, Treesong's decision is final, and all members must follow it.
  • Treesong is in charge of the camp and its safety; if she does give an order, her orders are to be followed, even when they conflict with wants, preferences, or another beast's orders.
  • Treesong reserves the right to change the rules, though she cannot do it without informing the clan of her considerations, and listening to the clan's advice. The decision remains hers, however.


  • Treesong's player is running the group at the moment. Others may follow, but for OOC matters, Marie has the final word. Please don't make me play the bad guy, I hate doing it.
  • Respect is the first rule here, too. All players are welcome in the group, and all players are definitely welcome to RP with us. Play nice with everyone, and they'll play nice with you.
  • No profanity or themes that wouldn't be found in a Redwall book. There is some violence in the books, so some is okay here.
  • All MUCK rules still apply. These you can find if you type 'news index' and read through the options.
  • These rules may change, but not without due consideration.

Website Guidelines

  • If you want to change the group pages, you may do so. However, please make sure you don't make any major changes to the information posted. All large changes will be made by Marie.
  • More pages are always welcome. Information about your character can be linked to from the Members page, where your name is listed. If you have logs, please just add the link to the logs page, rather than adding every log to the book grouping. (We'd overflow in no time.)