Dawn Forest Clan Logs and Stories

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Click to the next page (Logs!) to post a comment if you've got 'em! I'll try and incorporate as many as I can into the page periodically. I'm not just looking for logs here, though that's the main purpose of this page. Any stories you want to tell about your character (those that don't require other players' input) you are welcome to post here, as part of the overall history of our clan as a people. They can resemble logs written solely by you, they can not. If you take the time to flesh out your character in writing, we'd love to see it.


History / Past Interactions

Member Introductions


Nov 29 - Madison Found by Lark

Nov 30 - Treesong Questions Madison


Dec 5 - Ruadhan Finds the Clan Confusing

Clan Logs!

Nov 26 - Lark Calls for Squirrel Assistance in an Owl Hunt

Keep them coming!