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#1 Logs » The view here is awesome!-redwall log » 2022-09-23 08:20:13 PM CDT

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Jaison-Master Healer of Redwall

Benar-Abbot of Redwall


Jaison is sitting at one of the benaches looking threw an herb book,a quiet hmmm as he studies one of the herbs in the book and writes something down on a paper he has.

Oz walks in and suts down.He looks tired and his tunic is still wet some from washing dishes.A frown forms as he just sort of sits there.
Jaison blinks and looks over,"Ya ok?" He asks "Ya look like a nap be best, naps are always good to have at times."   

Oz glaces over at the healer,"I have to wash dishes, like a lot and for a week and I just done 6 out of 7 and so have the rest of today and tomorrow, and other normal chores on top of that"   

Jaison closes the book ,but first saves his place in it."What ever did ya do to get that sort of chore? I am assumeing some punishment unless I am wrong and its a faveoite past time but it didnt sound like such.And there is good news,yes? One more day and your I right?"   

Oz shrugs but after a while he nods"Yeah, I guess."He frowns again"Mother got upset cause I sliped outside, and then got more mad when she found out this wildcat had to help me with something and I had tried to avoid trouble cause I had like fathe'rs sword on my back...though I dont know how to use it but maybe anyone on the road woudnt know that."He sighs"So helping with dishes for a week."
Jaison nods"Oh....well one shouldn't go out, for sure alone.Could be dangerous,one never knows."   

Oz sighs"I know...but someone said the defender's base was like...damaged and I wanted to check on it."   

Jaison hmms"Well, I have heard of some of the...well troubles in Ferravale"   

Oz shurgs, "I don't know..."He frowns at his paws"Washing dishes makes my paws all...wrikle like or ...something"   

Benar walks down the stairs from his office reading a sheaf of papers and humming quietly to himself as he goes, he folds papers behind each other as he finishes each one and turns toward the library.
Jaison chuckles slightly"Well, you only have one more day to face dish washing so much. Could of gotten a worse punishment"   

Oz frowns at that,"What could be worse than washing piles of dishes and pans for a week?"   

Benar lifts his head and looks at Oz, "I can name several things that are worse Oz," he said softly stopping next to Jaison, "I could send you to shovel coal at the forge, or clean weeds out of the pond or have to work as Friar Lacota's assistant."
Jaison nods"Hello Abbot Benar, how are you doing today? Hope not too much since things have be rather busy lately"
Oz sighs" I suppose...weeds by the pond likely hard."A small smile though"I been by the pond a lot Brother Sinwy has been teaching me how to swim"
Jaison says, "Swiming is a good skill to know. But its starting to slowly get colder now,well in the late afternoon and morning anyways."
Benar says, "Swimming is useful, I am not very good at it, this," he swishes his tail, "Bogs me down all the time and it is hard to keep going."
Oz listens and replies "My dad couldn't swim I know." He looks at Jaison "Autumn is nice though the leaves turn nice colors and there ia always a lot going on in the orchards."He smiles"Did you know the bees even get ready to sleep a lot like in the winter.Bees are sort of neat"   

Jaison shakes his head"Nope...I stay away from bees,they sting. I know they make honey and those brave enough to fetch it are indeed very brave."
Benar says, "The bees have always been friendly to me, you just need to take the time to say hello and be polite to them," he smiled, "But my main concern right now is getting the roof looked at and to start the repairs. The scaffolding is complete"

Oz smiles"I could help with the bees, if allowed...they like my singing and I could help get the honey too." He shakes his head at the roof though.   

Jaison hmmmms"Well you likely have help for that, the roof that is.I can be around if needed, in case any beast is hurt but I would hope it wouldnt be needed in the first place."   

Benar says, "Well if people listen to Tabitha's instructions when going up there it should be fine," he looks down and pets Oz between the ears, "You are welcome to talk to the bees, just do not get in Elder Elmef's way unless he asks. But if you want to learn more I can arrange lessons with him to teach you about the bees."
Oz smiles at the abbot"Really?" He likes the idea" Cause they don't sting me, and I like singing to them and...well..."He likely has been heard singing some in the abbey" I am still..figureing out what a wanna do I just know I don't want to be anything like a fighter or warrior but I can learn self defense still if I need to."
Jaison speaks" Warrior is not the best job, tends to be very dangeous. And we do have the champion, oh and the hares that are nearby we have them now as well.And Camp willow...if ever needed."
Benar says, "Indeed and you do not need to learn self-defence either," the abbot smiles at the small badger, "I was a soldier but I was a quarter-master, in charge of supplies and logistics I never did much fighting if any. But I can speak to Elder Elmef to start teaching you about the bees"
Oz smiles, he nods "Yeah....I don't even know how to use a blade. I can hold father's blade but when I tried to swing it.."He frowns "I fell backwards and the blade can of slide a few feet away."   

Jaison says, "Fighting is.... last resort. I can use a sling but I never want to be in some rouble and end up needing it"
Benar says, "Well Oz you should not be playing around with that thing," he frowns, "It should be locked away in Matilda's cottage, so please do not mess with it again dear." he claps his hands, "Now enough of such talk, who wants to go up on the roof and see Mossflower from the top?"

Jaison frowns that is....very high up though and how safe is that to go on the roof?"   

Oz nods"Yes sir...the roof?" He shrugs,"A badger would like break it more , wouldnt they?"   

Benar says, "It is perfectly safe," he said, "We will be going up the scaffolding and we won't be going onto the roof itself, just the scaffolding platform at the top."

Jaison says, "I...don't know.I am sure it was checked and recheked for safety issues though.I do hope it doesnt take too long to fix the roof once its started""

Oz listens and"It could be neat to see, is it higher than the bell tower?" He seems to not be worried about hieghts.   

Benar says, "It is very high, a little bit higher then the bell-tower, They built it so high before the bell-tower existed as a way to show Martin and his friends the way home, long long ago"
Jaison frowns, and it seems to get worse for him as he gets the scrolls and his book off the table"Well I....should tend to the infirm, lots and lots ta fo...ya know"He hurries off, no way he is getting on anything thats super high up.   

Oz watches the hamster head off,he looks at Benar now"I could still go with you.It be neat..what all can you see up high?"   

Benar holds out a hand to the younger badger, "Well come with me and I will show you what you can see," he smiled softly, "It is quite something to be up top and see the world from above. But you are to do as I say"   

Roof of Redwall:

Oz goes ahead and follows the abbot as they head to the roof to check on things and see the view from up there.   

It is a long, long way up, the scaffolding is high but well made and BEnar is very strict and Oz is tied to a metal pole so if he slips he will be attached to the scaffolding. At the very top however the wind is blowing through thier fur, the whole of Mossflower and the western plains spreads out below them and there is a rather large hole in the roof.   

Oz blinks back a little at the wind"The wind is...strong up here" He looks towards the woods and the plains " could see a LOT up here and even have like a guard uo here if ever needed."He does see the hole ashe wonders how it got there.He stays carefull so he doesn't fall."Others like very rarely ever come up here,do they?"
Benar says, "Other than the sparrows and the odd squirrel not really no," he looks at the hole in the roof, "But we need to repair the hole, one of the joists gave out so we need to clear the debrisand get it fixed and put in place before Autumn turns into winter"
Oz nods,"I meet a sparrow...Anil,he is younger than most of the sparrows"   

Benar says, "Sparrows are lovely creatures and make fast and wondrous friends," he smiled down at Oz, "You would do well to continue to befriend him""   

Oz nods "I...guess or any of the sparrows."A frown though "Supposely the Sparra hated...hated my father,like a lot. But the couple I meet seem to like me."   

Benar says, "Well your father was not easy to get along with," the squirrel says as he leans on the railing, looking out over the westenr plains, "But if the Sparra like you then you have done a good job"
Oz smiles" A bird as a friend is nice."He looks out at the view"This is niice up here, you can see alot and if like needed to look to see if like a guest was could have someone e up here to look"   

Benar asks, "No Oz," he said, "Why would I put someone up here on lookout? The way up here when there is no scaffolding is dangerous beyond belief. We have watch towers on the walls that are much better suited for that."

Oz frowns,a shrug"I don't know...I'm sorry"He still seems content up here"Its still a very nice view..kind of peaceful but windy. will the ones working be ok in the wind?"
Benar says, "As long as we get the work done soon they should be fine," he smiled, "The wind is not too strong at this time of year,m Autumn is yet to truly take hold with the promise of winter to come."
Oz says, "I don't like winter time very much"   

Benar says, "WInter is... as winter does, it holds memories for me, the nicest ones here in Redwall," he moves, "Come along oz we should head down""   

Oz nods"Yeah down is good.It is close to dinner time right?" But then again after dinner he has to help wash dishes...again, oh well he only has one more day to deal with it.

Back to Great Hall:

Benar leads the way backdown the scaffolding, "Now don't tell Krisha I took you up there," he said with a smile, "She will murder me"
Oz nods quickly,"I..I won't she would make me tell lacocota i was helping with dishes for a month and proudly make you do dishes too...for a month, or two even"   

Benar says, "I'd like to see her make me do dishes," he smiled, "But we shall keep it between us and I will ask Elder Elmef to teach you about the bees"

Oz nods"Well....she can be scary when mad at someone...."He smiles" one was on the roof,nope and thanks, maybe I can even be a beekeeper one day"   

Benar says, "Maybe one day, if you take to it, but there is a lot more to learn about bees then juust how to sing to them"

Oz nods"Ok, but I can still learn and see if its something I would like to do"   

Benar says, "Right well run along, I believe you have chores and I have work to do, speak to you soon little one"
Oz nods,a frown at the little one words ,a small pout but he does have a couple normal chores to do and walks  off to do that.

#2 Logs » News and Leaveings » 2022-09-22 05:21:07 PM CDT

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==QUICK note. Elivo won't be back on muck. So for a reply on well what to say for IC reason....and so this roleplay answers that. It also gives me a reason to not have my alts Cole and Ciana around anymore . I now just have 3 alts-Oz; Gorvenalus and Chestnut. Ok on to the log=

Cole-Former LP hare

Ciana - Healer

Govervenalus-Redwall Recorder

Jaison- Master Healer Redwall


Cole frowned as he sat in the gatehouse,his drooped a little.His uniform was off though and folded neatly on a chair beside him as he seemed to be thinking.

Ciana had gotten premission to come down to the abbey.She wore normal clothing and with her was a couple sea otters who prmoised to get her to the abbey safely.It seemed that the patrol life was not for her.So she let the Badger Lord know she was not staying in the patrol, she never really got to the rank of Private anyways. She had decided to come back to the abbey and maybe help out her father,but sad news greeted her instead.

Gorvenalus came in quietly, a soft sigh"Well,the past couple days been a bit of a mess."He looked to Cole and titled his head"What's with the uniform on the chair?Day off?"

Jaison poked his head inside,"Am I interupting anything?"

Cole clears his throat and speaks"I..I don't bally well know sur, well  yeah I do know.I am droping out of de Patrol."He lays down a letter"Thats my letter to his Lordship.That and I ..well I can't bally well let young Ciana go off on her own, buddy system and all that.She needs someone now that..that Elbio is gone"

Ciana sniffs "I'm...not a dibbun."

Jaison decides to speak"Well not wise to travel alone...for sure if danger is out there. I mean...The ferravale,Blisa missing and hopefully she is found. And the recent death of Elbio...found in the woods of all places, no one knows what happen...seems not an attack but I don't really know."He then adds"So the reason for the buddy sytem,never go out alone I always say."

Cole looks at Ciana "Elbio would of bally well wanted something to travel with you to..well somewhere I suppose, no clue where."

Ciana speaks"Someone said he was gonna take a short walk in the woods and be back by lunch ad when he wasn't they looked for him..."A frown and she speaks to Cole" I was gonna go to a village thats  not too far south of here, my birth parents use to live there and I found out I have an uncle that is still alive and thought that my birth parents just never wanted ta speak to him again, so I am gonn go there.Its like in southern Mossflower." She looks at the beaver and hamster"Cole can go with me if he wants. And maybe even live there too"

Gorvenalus hmmms and writes down some things in his jornal"That sounds wise.I will make sure your letter gets delivered to who ever needs it ,as well as the uniform."

Jaison studies the outside"Maybe wait till...tomorrow,after breakfast.I can help make sure you two have supplies for the trip"

Cole nods "Thank ya Brother Jaison that is thoughtful and a rest before hand be good."

Ciana smiles fainly and hugs Jaison and the n Gorvenalus "I will miss you all, I will write letters I promise."An idea as she speaks "Cole could maybe be a guard or something at the village."

Cole hmms"I will think on it."

The two hares do wait till after brekfast the next day and then head to the village.

Ciana is greeted by her Uncle and ebcomes a healer at the village and Cole does indeed become a guard and he does surpriseingly well as a guard,he grows up one could say and becomes a worthy Defender of the village and one day a few seasons later Head Guard . Ciana becomes Main Healer of the village.

===so there you go, happy ending for Ciana and Cole. ===

#4 Re: Redwall Abbey » Brother Gorvenalus Recorder Logs » 2022-09-18 04:27:31 PM CDT


I shall be updating Brother Gorvenalus writings and logs on here.
ICLY he has updated stuff he has written . I just been OOCLY busy lately lately.

#5 Re: The Long Patrol » Some LP Updates & Suggestions- 2022 » 2022-09-18 04:25:01 PM CDT


I did some updating of the Long Patrol wiki page.

I also decided since Elibo isn't around anymore..Ciana isn't either.( she was his adoptive daughter that I spoofed at times.)

I also have Decided Cole has decided the Patrol life isn't for him and so left. He is alive still just headed off....well guess to explore the world? IDK..

#6 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall RP Discussion & Planning » 2022-09-17 03:46:00 PM CDT


Didn't get any roof related role play in
There was a nice trip to the market that's off the road north of the abbey and even got some river clay.

Log up in next couple days.

#7 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall RP Discussion & Planning » 2022-09-10 09:46:08 PM CDT



Autumn feast maybe like  October? Idk

Course the roof fixing role play

Also I am thinking of Oz maybe try out for abbey Beekeeper?

There is also always finishing harvest role plays too

Maybe a trip to market  up the road

#8 Ferravale » IC Updates For Ferravale » 2022-09-09 12:37:10 PM CDT

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On 8-20-22:

In the very early morning, a couple hours before sunrise  a unknown group of beasts set fire to the Town Hall as well as Chief Blida home. The Town Hall was a total loss. The Chieftain home is a little over half gone and destroyed. Also a couple beasts looted some things not messed up in the fire.

Most of the beasts who attacked Ferravale were caught and slain and some got ate by Basil. Sadly 3 beasts,likely including thier leader, got away with Blisa as thier captive. Also 2 Town guards and 1 of her personal bodyguards were killed. The rat Patch was killed as well.

The Chieftain Blisa is missing and a large number of beasts went to find her. There is some beasts that decided to leave Ferravale after this disaster and head elsewhere and just leave the area, they won't be back.

Others of course went to find Blisa. ( Also none of them will be back either)


A couple passing beasts set fire to the Mossflower Defender Base. 2  Defenders were there only and both did die. The base is mostly destroyed and unusable.

Other info:

I know the abbey saw smoke and so did GUOSIM  on

As of 9-3-22 the abbey knows of the Defenders Base being gone now as well.

Maybe Blisa can add anything else that's important to know also if she is able to soon.

#9 Re: The Long Patrol » Current LP Members Thread » 2022-08-30 06:10:06 PM CDT


Was not sure where to post so doing so here

I updates lists on the Long Patrol wiki page

Felicity is in retired hares now

Also took off the lists Rhowen ,Felicity,Julia

I also got a request to take Elbio off lists

I mot sure how to update the  current and former hares lists so guest Terrence can tens to that. I will leave names of who on put on former list now:

Felicity-icly retired oocly left myck
Julia-icly went with sister oocly left muck
Rowen-went idle? Isk ;(
Zywie-left icly and oocly

#10 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall Needs... » 2022-08-27 09:16:16 PM CDT


Could be cool for spuce to be gatekeeper one day..your need to recreate him if he becomes the Gatekeeper.

#11 Re: Redwall Abbey » Redwall Needs... » 2022-08-27 12:58:03 PM CDT


Anyone interested in one of these jobs:

Abbey Gatekeeper

Abbey Bell ringer

We have a Master Healer now= Jaison smile

#12 Re: RP Chat » When are we RPing? » 2022-08-20 02:26:07 PM CDT


Role play in ferravale happening now!

#13 Logs » Summer of Fond Faarewells-Redwall Log » 2022-08-13 06:28:16 PM CDT

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The orchard has been over-taken by the Abbot, the Order and the kitchens and been transformed. The trees are laden with fruit, but they are also festooned with streamers, bunting, lanterns and paper chains created by the Abbey School.   

The big trestle tables from the Great Hall have been set up on the grass between the trees in long rows all the way down to the shores of the pond. The high table is set with its back to the pond itself with the Abbot and Mother Krisha's chairs in the centre with the other elders set up alongside them.
Each table is groaning under the weight of food that has been laid out and off to one side huge kegs of october ale, strawberry fizz and summer wine have been set up under the care and direction of Matilda as she works away in her secondary job as Cellarhog. It is going to be an epic Feast, Benar has pulled out every stop for some reason and it is a larger, grander feast then the abbey has seen in several seasons. The grey squirrel himself is not in his chair yet he is standing near the path greeting people as they arrive, shaking hands, smiling, giving a few words for everyone as they turn up to this feast of feasts ready for an evening of good food, wonderful drink and fine company.       

Jaison has been helping out in the infirmary the past couple weeks.Not due to any major thret no, it was to give the healer mouse Angela some time off with her family. Jaison now cmes along the path with a couple novices he has been teaching healer skills to and they soon go to find a place to sit.   

Gorvenalus relaxes in his chair writting down some things in the abbey log book, as well as his own jornal.He has been doing some updateing since he had been busy cleaning the libraray and better organizing it so past logs can be found more easyly. He also managed to find some old maps and repair a couple older books that are now in the library.He looks up every so often as he writes quietly.   

Nearby is also Oz,but he isn't sitting with the dibbuns as he has before but he is helping to make sure the dibbuns behave.He also helped make sure no one brothered the bees that are in the nearby skeps. He helped make sure the skeps are a safe distance from the feast.
Elbio smiles as he watches beasts arrive.He had been up greeting some beasts , but is now sitting down for the morment.   

Behind the hamster a young mouse follows, smiling broadly. It's that visitor Urtas who in the past season has become a very common sight in the Abbey. He waves to friends in passing, pausing before the abbot to give a deep bow at the wait in his fashion. "The food smells wonderful!" He says straightening, though the mouse's ears perk and his eyes dart back towards the main gate area where there's a commotion as the Mossflower locals - some who think they are late and some who think they're early - are suddenly joined by at least a pawful of hares all dressed rather smartly in a green uniform. The hare at the head of the group, an older doe, marches straight up to the abbot and for a moment looks as if she were in an internal battle between bowing or saluting the aged squirrel. In the end she settles on a smile and offering her paw to shake.
"Captain Lucia Barca of the 67th Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol in Mossflower, at your service - I presume you're the father abbot? I do hope the Lieutenant there," She nods towards Elbio, "Mentioned us being in the area, yes?"   

Krisha keeps an eye on the dibbuns with the help of Sister Anna, one of the dibbuns gets excited at seeing the hares and points to them.The badger mother blinks and mutters how she hopes the Frair was warned of the hares.
Elbio gets up and gives a sulate to the Captain when she arrives.   

Lacota was not warned, it turns out. And he tries not to look TOO perturbed. Where did he even come from? It's like appeared out of thin air. But there he is, all of a sudden, and eyeing their gusts with much suspicion.   
Benar smiles and takes the Captain's paws, "Welcome Captain, Elbio did indeed tell me you where here, I told him to issue you all an invitation to our feast. He tells me you were all going to politely not assume you were invited but I told him pish-posh to that, everyone in Mossflower and beyond is welcome at our feasts."
The abbot released her hands and gestured, "Please find a seat at one of the tables but no touching the food yet. No one can eat until after my speech but the bar is open, see Champion Matilda and her team if you would like a drink."   

He points, "Friar Lacota will be able to tell you what all the dishes are if you see something you like the look of but don't know what it is. But I advise you avoid the Hot Root soup if you are not used to spice. I've seen at least eight otters so far walk past the cauldron it is in and add hot-root all sneaky like so it is going to blow peoples ears off."
He glances around at everyone, "But it is looking like we have a very good turn out which is great, it is going to be an excellent evening and Oswald from the GUOSIM has promised to perform too he is a master bard so it will be a great evening."   
Gorvenalus glaces up when he sees hares, and a good deal of hares also He writes something in his jornal and then closes it as the feast will be starting soon.   

Jaison is curious "Whoa hares, thats we have enough? Oh I am sure we do have enough as it's a feast after all." He soon finds a place to sit.   

Xavier soon enters with a group of about 10 GUOSIM at his side.He grins as he looks around and the shrews soon find a good place to sit down.
"I shall take your word and avoid the soup, then," The captain smiles again. "And for the sake of your larder I only brought with me a portion of my hares, the ones with some connection to this place, while the rest are still fixing up our home base in the woods. Or still making their way here..." The last part is said with the briefest of edge to it, though it's clear any frustration or annoyance is not directed at anyone at the feast. But then the smile returns. "We'll find our seats, if there's a set place for everyone - or is it a free for all?"   

Urtas has been quietly standing to the side during all this, having been all but ignored by the captain. However one of the hares with her - incidentally the youngest of the group named one Esther Sheen- raises a brow at the small pin the mouse wears on his breast.   

The mouse for his part coughs politely, uncomfortable, and excuses himself - he's looking for a seat away from the hares now.   

Lacota harrumps, and slaps the paw of a hare trying to steal a raspberry tart before the feast has officially started. "Not yet, you young whelp. Not until Benar has given us leave."   

Benar says, "Every table except the elder's table," he points ot his table, "Is free for all to enjoy, please split up, mingle, enjoy yourselves and have a good drink." He looks around and smiles, "Now excuse me Log-a-Log is here," the squirrel raises a hand, "Log-a-Log, my dear friend and your GUOSIM goiod welcome I am glad you all made it."
The Log-a-log nods "Course we made it, we been here a few days and still gonna stick around and help with de roof as well me friend"
Krisha smiles, a lot are here in deed and some visators as well are here today and she is happy to see so many beasts here to enjoy the feast.   

As the hare captain nods and goes to find a seat, most of the hares follow her. Sheen though keeps an eye on Urtas, noting that he moved to one of the far tables to sit by a novice and a young squirrel.   

"Urtas! Glad you found us!" Spruce says rising, wiping crumbs from his whiskers from a stolen biscuit, "I just need to go say hi to the friar, then I'll be right back! Hey, friar Lacota, sir!" The younger squirrel skids to a halt in front of the elder. "Don't suppose you have any favourite dishes here, eh? I'd like to get some before the hares scoff it all."   

And then yet another squirrel appears, this one a rare sight for many - John waves lazily to Benar and Log-a-log in passing, having come in with some of the stragglers from out side.   

Jaison waits for the feast to start as any last mintue guests and others arrive to find a seat.   

Krisha waves to John when she sees him but her main focus is making sure the dibbuns stay behaved today.   

DoraRose and her family have known they are leaving Redwall for quite a number of weeks. They have secretly packed all of their belongings, planning to leave a week or 2 after the feast. Zarok and Terfil were given the choice, and they have decided to stay in Redwall. But so far, only Benar knows. Hopefully he'll announce it today, or give the Warrior space to do so. Angela has welcomed the help in the Infirmary, enjoying teaching some secret formulas to Jaison. They help make the various tonics taste better. The mouse family enters the Orchard, Butterclaw flitting through the air above them. The goose family that had arrived a month or 2 ago waddles in from the pond, Gracie chatting with their daughter who's just her age. Zarok and Terfil are helping as servers.
Elbio sits down near the main table, unless of course Benar had invited him to set at the main table..otherwise he just sits close by.   

Lacota actually smiles for once when he's addressed by Spruce. "Well, honestly, that's like asking a parent who their favorite child is, but this season I think the Deeper'n'Ever Turnip'n'Tater'n'Beetroot Pie may be my very best. It comes highly recommended, my boy. And might I say, it's a pleasure to see you here, Lad."   
"Well," Benar says softly as he looks around the crowd out in the orchard, everyone take a seat it looks like most of us are here."   
He moves down to the shore of the pond and moves to take his seat in the centre of the table and settles down. He will wait for now for everyone else to settle in and get ready to eat. It won't be long before he officially opens the feast now he has taken his chair.

Novices and order beasts are moving through the crowd, encouraging people to take their seats and that the Abbot is waiting on them.   
Gorvenalus makes last minte checks in his log book and jornal.He sometimes tends to write a lot and later add it to the abbey logs.He sits the book aside now,he will write the season mame down when it's mentioned.

Jaison smiles as he looks around.He has enjoyed lessons from Angela and has learned a lot in the last few weeks of even how to run the infirm, though a couple things did surprise him but he decided it was just important for the chief healer to have that time off and for him to know things he needed to know.
Elbio watches as the GUOSIM are jioned by thier Log-a-log . The shrews are all in a good mood today.   

"That's a... mole dish, right?" Spruce murmurs, not expecting the smile. He rubs the back of his neck. "Well, I'll keep an eye out for it, for sure! But I'm scared my friends will eat my portion if I don't get back to them - or maybe that Dochas'll find a way to stick a thistle on my seat, heh, so, see you, Lacota!" He waves and hurries back to his friends.
Some of the hares, namely Sheen, seem to stick around Elbio while the rest go with Captain Lucia. "Figure a semi-local would know their way around a feast here better, sah," Sheen whispers. She still kept an eye on Urtas' and Spruce's table though....   

John waves back and looks around the yard. Find the table closest to the main one, he picks a seat nearby.   

Leigh quitly slips in and jions the other shrews at the table they have choosen. Her son is either with the dibbuns or maybe with Oswald.   

Lacota nods. "And the foremole says not even his own mother made it better," he replies. "That's high praise indeed." He goes over to take his seat at the Elder's table.
Dochas actually has not put a thistle in Spruce's seat, although if she had heard him, she would wish she had. She instead put the thistle in the seat of one of the newcomer hares and quickly joined the Dibbuns before anyone noticed. The family of DoraRose sit at John's table, laughing with each other about something. Butterclaw waves at the squirrel in a friendly way as he sits beside his best friend, LilyMoore.
John narrows his eyes at Butterclaw, trying desperately to recall the face and/or name, but he can't place it. He waves back after a moment anyhow before turning away to glance at the gatekeeper.   

Now, the seat Dochas happened to choose for the thistle also happened to be Lucia's seat. The captain hasn't sat down yet, as she was waiting for the abbot's signal, and non of the hares had noticed the young squirrel slip by them to boobytrap the chair.   

"I'm Esther Sheen by the by," the hare maid says to her table at large. "Came in about a month ago with the captain there from the Sala."   
Oswald has his son, holding him in his arms as he joins Leigh at her table and leans in to kiss her gently on the cheek, "You made it, I was hoping you would the abbot has asked me to sing later." the shrew bard seems in a jovial and cotent mood with his wife and son as they wait for things to start.
Benar taps the bell on his desk and then slowly stands up, he smiles around at all thet ables and raises a hand, "Welcome everyone, to this years Summer feast, my thanks to you Friar Lacota and your staff for this wondrous feast of food laying before us," he smiles happily, "And to our Champion Matilda for all the wonderful drinks."   

He looks around at everyone, "We gather, every season to celebrate the bounty of the Abbey, the gifts of our hard work and the care of Mossflower and to welcome our friends and our residence to all come together to celebrate," he pauses and looks around at everyone, "But sometimes we also have to say a farewell, today however we need to say a Fond Farewell, the strands of destiny are calling some dear friends of ours back to their home-land and with a heavy but hopeful mind I name this the Summer of Fond Farewells and before we open the feast invite DoraRose and her family to say something to our gathered friends."   
John raises a brow. He'd guessed there was something like this coming, but he did not know any of the details, not since that chat on the walltops. Likewise, the hares and Spruce and his friends all turn to look at the gatekeeper's family wondering what this was about.
Gorvenalus is indeed durprised at this news "Leaving?" He had noticed Dora seeming sad at times and had been worried,He looks towards where the mousemaid is curious as to a reason the family is leaveing.   

Krisha calms a couple dibbuns down and sighs as one manages to slip off and go try and hug Dorarose, likely one of the dibbuns who like the mousemaid a lot. She pays close attention to what is to be said.   

Elbio listens quietly, he had noticed meetings with the abbot and Dora's family, in fact he even made sure a couple times no one was distrubved when the meetings was going on in the abbot's office. He keep watch by the door and made sure no one tried to barge into the room.   

The Guosim also look curious but remain quiet so they can also listen   

Jaison frowns,"Why..."He starts to ask aloud but he waits for the abbey to be told,it would seem the orchards got fairly quiet now.   

Leigh smiles at Oswald as he sits by her,"Hello dear"She says quietly and then looks up as the abbot starts to speak.   

DoraRose had been anticipating this, although LilyMoore is obviously surprised. As the Warrior stands, so does her family, Butterclaw putting a wing around his friend's shoulders. "My dearest friends," Dora begins, "For most of my life I have lived among you here in Redwall. This beautiful Abbey has become my home, and you all my family. To say we have not shed tears over our leaving would be a lie.   
"But I have long wished to show LilyMoore the land of her ancestors, far to the East of here. After much thought, discussion, and, yes, even dreams, we have decided to go to Tuscani and visit. It hurts to leave my closest friends and the grave of my husband. But hopefully Emyuil, Lily, Angela, Butterclaw, and myself shall return soon." She hugs the Dibbun who has slipped away, smiling. "But even if we don't return soon, know that you all will remain in my heart. Redwall shall forever be the home of my heart--"   

"And mine!!" Lily interrupts. The Warrior smiles. "Of all of us. Thank you for being you. Your loyalty, kindness, and hospitality are worth far more than gold or jewels. Thank you." The mice sit back down.   

Dochas has been shocked beyond words or movement -- she doesn't even look like she's breathing. But when the mice sit, a tear trickles down her cheek, and she wipes it away gruffly.   
Lacota had his suspicions, but of course, the squirrel is not the type to pry into other beast's business. He nods once, and turns his attention their way.   

Benar smiles at Dora and her family and bows to them all then turns back to the crowd and lifts his tankard of October Ale, "My friends, I open the Feast of Fond Farewells."   

Elbio makes a mental note to have a quick few words with Dora later,he rasies his mug and nods"Yes and to safe travels for Dorarose and her family,you shall all be missed"   

Xavier wipes away a tear of his own.He will miss the family as they have been very helpful in helping him and others in the past through hard times.   

Krisha calls the dibbun back over and frowns a little,she gives a nod to Dorarose"She and her family will indeed be missed by a lot, but when you do return one day weather thats soon or many seasons from will always be welcome at Redwall Abbey"   

Gorvenalus writes down in his jornal the name of the season and a couple other quick bits of info he can add to the abbey logs later.A soft sigh but he understands.
Jaison frowns as he starts to ask who would be the main healer...or the gate keeper but he decides the abbot likely has all that planed out already so he will not worry. He frowns still but tries to not worry about his friends,he knows Martin will guild them and keep them safe on thier travels
Leigh is surprised,even f she is not at the abbey very much she sees the mousemaid and her famuily as friends still, friends that will be missed when they head off to thier homelands.   

Lacota mmms. "The abbey won't be the same, I wager. I must say, I never imagined this might happen."   
"Now with all such partings," Benar says, "We will feel a bunch of emotions, but I ask you all tonight to toast Dora and her family so we can remember tonight when we are missing them whilst they head for Tuscani."   

The squirrel tips his ale toward Dora, "And if you have any suggestions or wish to put yourself forward to take over her job as gate-keeper. I will be listening to applications over the coming weeks as well as recommendations Dora makes. Now my friends... sit and eat and drink and tonight let us be merry and together."   

John nodded slowly through the speech, staying quiet even now. He dips his head when Dora is finished speaking and sits contemplating the words.   

The hare new comers are polite enough to stay quiet as well, none of them really having any idea who exactly the mice leaving are beyond that they are important to the abbey. When all are told to sit, the hares do - and Lucia startles from her seat with a yelp and a clatter.   

The thistle is held up by the hare to her left and she snatches it, narrowing her eyes to slits as she studies it. "I didn't realise thistles were so common here I this season," she says after a moment, tossing it away, "Or I'd else I would been more cautious to sit down."
Elbio decides to get some food before the other hares do.Unlike other harwes though the Lt. only gets a little salad,some tea and some scones...oh and October ale of course and some sort of pudding before he sits back down.   

After that incident, Lucia doesn't speak much - nor does John, the squirrel lost in thought until eventually he rises and disappears.   
Lacota startles when the hare suddenly yelps, and he looks her way as she holds up a thistle. That's *highly* suspicious. But, no matter. He has food to eat and friends to chat with.   

Benar turns and looks at that thistle and then runs his eyes across the feast, if he finds out who did that he will feed them to Lacota to wash dishes all night rather then aprtying. "Now we will also need someone to replace our Chief Healer Angela, someone who can bully me into resting when needed," he glances at Angela, "I believe you had someone in mind?"   

Gorvenalus quietly getas himself some food and drink before sitting back down at the main table. Oz frowns at the mentioning that dora and family is leaveing but for now he will just try to enjoy the feast
The Dibbuns giggle en masse when Lucia sits on the thistle. They know it was probably Dochas' fault, but they aren't going to sell her out. The young squirrel laughs, too, but she quickly grows quiet and contemplative. Dora nods in acknowledgement, looking embarrassed as everyone starts toasting her family. As Redwallers come up to say good-bye, Lily starts to cry. She will miss them the worst out of all of them. Angela nods. "Aye, Jaison has shown much promise. I suggest givin' 'im a chance an', should 'e prove 'imself as I think 'e shall, give 'im the job." Emyuil slips off to get his family and Butterclaw some food.
Krisha gives the dibbuns a look, it's the look to behave and never ever to put anything on anyone's chair again sort of look.Hey she learned that behave now look from the best!   

Leigh quietly eats some food with the rest of the GUOSIM after the feast starts,she will likely say any goodbys to the mouse family when the GUOSIM go up to talk with the family.She may do so sooner as she will head back to camp likely before the other shrews do.   

Jaison can be very serious when it comes to doing what a healer tells you to do and can well get upset if someone doesn't listen to him or another healer, he takes one's health seriously.   

Lacota raises a glass to the family, and he makes his way toward Lily. "I daresay the abbey will be quieter. Send your brother my regards. You all will be sorely missed."   

Oswald stands up and holds up a tankard, "To Gatekeeper DoraRose and 'er family!" he cheers out a toast and Benar responds, "To DoraRose!"   

Looking up at the Friar, LilyMoore nods. "Aye, I'll tell Caleb hello from you in my next letter. I'm really going to miss all my friends." Her family eats while chatting to the various Redwallers who come to say farewell and share memories. Butterclaw is enjoying a seed cake and some fruit cordial.
Krisha decdes to get up, the dibbuns are being fairly good at the feast and she is happy about that.She goes over to Dorarose and them "Just be careful on your travels Dorarose and when your able you can return to the abbey. I will miss you, you..well helped me alot, well you helped a lot here agood deal.Your a great friend to all and a very careing friend also"   

A middle-aged otter has kept quiet till now, but he makes his way over to DoraRose. "Oy, 'm glad I came up from Camp Willow, then. I'm gonna miss ye all. Ye better stay safe on that journey o' yers, right?" Lacota goes over to stand beside the otter. "I'm sure they'll be safe, Lee. Don't worry. Dora's got a good head on her shoulders..."
DoraRose stands up and goes to shake Lee's paw. "Aye, glad to see you. We're not leaving until next week sometime. But I don't know if I would've been able to say good-bye before then had you not been here, friend." She just accepts Lacota's comment without a reaction. She releases the otter's paw and goes to hug Krisha. "Aye, and you helped me, too, friend. You all have. I am who I am today because of my friends here at Redwall and in Mossflower." The Gate had opened a little while ago, and now Felicity and her sister, Julia, both in civilian clothes, walk into the orchard. "I say, Julia, pehfect time t'get 'ere, wot! 'Tis a feast!" Julia bounces up and down and rushes to join the Dibbuns. "REDWAAALLLLL FEEEAAASSSTTTT!!" Felicity slips in beside Dora and says, "I retired from th' Patrol. I explain bettah latah." And the hares dig in to the food as only hares can. (Poor Lacota.)   

Jaison hmms quietly and decides he may talk to the abbot on the position of main healer , well maybe tomorrow he will as now he is still eatting and drinking and chatting with various beasts.   

Krisha is curious when she sees a couple more hares and not just any hares "Felcity..Julia, nice to see you here....retired?"Ok so now she is curious as well, a lot of things to talk about with friends it would seem.   

DoraRose is equally surprised. Felicity smiles and pauses in chowing down. "I'll explain latah, when there are fewah beasts 'round." She spies Lucia and ducks down a bit. The mice stay and visit with friends until night falls, then they help clean up and go to bed. Dochas and Julia stay with the Dibbuns until tomorrow dawns. Even though it is a day of farewells, they choose to make the most out of the time they have left.   

Lee nods. "Call it... Intuition," he replies. "Ye be safe out there. An' send us letters when ye can, alright?" He gives her paw a squeeze, before she goes to hug Krisha.

The Feast lasts most of the night but everyone has a good time and takes time to talk with Dorarose and her family.

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Summer feast to start soon!!

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I know dora should be on Saturday...hoping a lot are on

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Well there is a planed roleplay at the abbey tomorrow July 31st and the redwall feast Aug 13th

Poor Lacota.  HARES!!!!!

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I am unsure BUT

The tavern...
It has like blow up icly twice and even if business goes down ( Patch can get ways to make beasts come cause z
Simple, he loved gold )

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Well Saturdays after August 6th are

August 13th
August 20th
And course
August 27th

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Just send Otter a list of the characters you have.

As for Ciocan (Badger Lord)and Maltila(Abbey Champ) me and Elmef will still connect them.

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I will be on like around 4est.

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Sounds awesome for Summer Feast

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