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A quest!

Oz  stood in the entryway of Redwall Abbey,a small knapsack on his back with about 3 days worth of food and drink. He had a warm hooded cloak on and looked ready to head off somewhere.

Coming from the Great Hall Mother Krisha wasted no time and went straight to Oz.Arms folded over her chest as she asked”And where do you think you are going?”

Oz frowned but replied” I’m not sure,but I am 7 seasons old and didn't he,like ,wander when he was my age or maybe even a little  younger. I will be fine mom,I promise I will try to be fine.I just..just want to..sort of…”He sighs.

Cole wanders over about now.He is wearing normal clothing and not his  Long Patrol uniform.He gives a nod to both”Hallo, is thar something wrong.You seem to be arguing.”

Oz looks over at the hare”I was gonna leave the abbey,not forever probably I just. I..”He sighs again”I need to figure out what I want to do in life. And I don’t know right now and maybe wandering will help me figure it out and it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I was novice age a couple season ago,yeah not quit an adult yet but by the end of summer I will be”

Krisha shakes her head,”But you  could run into trouble or..worse and I can’t..I don’t want to lose you like I lost your father.When he died it hurt and it hurt a lot and I barely got over my pain and sorrow.Also your older brother Caleb,I have no clue where he is or if he is even ok” Worry fills her voice.She does glance over at the hare briefly”Hi..Cole, shouldn't you be in uniform”

Cole replies”No lass.I decided to leave the LP.I told an officer and sent a letter to his Lordship. I got the letter back today,he is sad to see me go but has given me an honorable discharge and I can keep my rank of Private”He smiles”I could maybe  go with young Oz, keep an eye on him.One thing Lord Ciocan always said, use the buddy system.Never jolly well travel alone”

Oz blinks and looks to his mother”Can Private Cole go with me? Please…..he has long patrol skills. That way I am safer and not alone.”

Krisha frowns and nods”Wait here I will be right back” She heads inside and returns with something wrapped in cloth and hands it to Oz”Here, your..father had hoped to give it to you one day.It is rightfully yours after all.”

Cole tilts his head as he watches quietly.

Oz takes the object and unwraps it slowly and gasps..”F..F..Father’s blade! The Blade of the Northwind Storms!”He backs up and test swings it a little.He carefully buckles the holder onto his back and places the sword inside.He then hugs Krisha”Thank you mother.”

Krisha returns the hug and nods”Your…welcome Oz. “She looks at Cole” You better keep a good eye on my son Private or I will hunt you down and your have a very bad day.”She is serious it appears.

Cole gulps”Of course”He salutes the Badger Mother”He will be safe with me.I can even teach him a little bit of how to use de sword.”

Oz smiles as he is glad he can go on his quest,a quest to find himself.A quest he is unsure of but is eager to start.

Krisha looks between them”Oz does know some..of sword use,I did teach him a little for self defense.Also Kage taught him a little.”She doesn’t sound pleased that Kage taught some sword stuff to Oz but figured it could help if he ever needed it. “Both of you stay safe.It has been peaceful the last 3 or so seasons. Peace doesn’t always last though.I do hope it lasts a long while though.”

Cole nods”Me as well Mother Krisha.”He nods to Oz “Alright let’s do this. Just need a few supplies”

The hare’s idea of supplies are a very large bag of food and some drink.He also has his Long Patrol blade he was allowed to keep.The food would last a normal beast a couple weeks…a hare though, likely 5-6 days but he does know to rasison it of course and of course share with Oz.

Oz has his blade now, he has his own knapsack of a little food and drink and some personal items. He stands by Cole”So….we head off?”

Cole nods”Yes chap”

The two beasts head off and make it a fair distance before sundown.They set up camp and rest. They travel during the day,stopping for breaks and sleeping at night.Lucky travel isn’t too bad as it’s near the end of winter,spring comes in about 2-3 weeks.Water is found and some wild greens.The young badger even learns some survival skills from the hare.

The quest has begun and the two beasts travel along!

I play:
Brother Gorvenalus-Redwall Abbey Recorder,  Private Cole,a runner, of the Long Patrol
Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz) young adult and Novice in Redwall.


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