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#1 2023-02-20 02:43:38 PM

Registered: 2016-11-20
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Fanfiction idea have

I got to thinking and am am gonna write a fanfic thats like like a good ways into the future, like 50 or more seasons.
I will post a link when get first chapter

I play:
Brother Gorvenalus-Redwall Abbey Recorder,  Private Cole,a runner, of the Long Patrol
Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz) young adult and Novice in Redwall.


#2 2023-02-20 07:37:53 PM

Proud LP
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Re: Fanfiction idea have

Could do prehaps 25 seasons
You could still have Velm as Chief Healer....though a higher rank by then smile

I am :
Velm-Captain and Chief Healer at Salamandstron
Jaison-Soon to be Master Healer at Redwall
Kage-Healer,Posion,Asssassin, Evil


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