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#1 Re: MUCK Help » Keeping Chars From Purging » 2022-07-02 04:32:47 PM CDT

Yup, exactly what Wallace said.

Otter will protect your characters from purge if you ask him, especially if you explain that you’re taking a break from the MUCK to focus on school. He understands that the real world takes priority.

#2 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-06-16 10:46:26 AM CDT

Mother Krisha wrote:

We NEED to have the  Summer Feast before you leave!!! And name it something to do with your characters I think smile

This is a really wonderful idea! Summer of the Rose, Summer of a Strongheart?

Thank you for your many years of RP and friendship, Blisa!

#3 News » Server Problem » 2022-05-04 09:50:43 PM CDT

Replies: 0

It appears the wiki and forum were unreachable for most of the day.

I am still tracking down what caused the mysql installation to go kaput out of nowhere.

Hoping it was just a configuration problem when I set up the new server that took a couple months to manifest.

Sorry if anybody tried to browse the sites and got an error.

#4 Re: Open Chat » How do you connect? » 2022-03-31 11:32:51 AM CDT

Elmef wrote:

I use Simple MU still, I have to launch it as an administrator to make Windows 10 load it
But it's the programme I have used since the start

Simple MU! I used Simple MU for much of the early 2000s--only left it because I switched to Mac for a while and had to find something compatible.

Now you got me curious if I can still get it to install on a Windows machine... for science. The woman who wrote the program even released the registration key a couple years ago. I only had the unpaid version as a teen tongue It's wild to think about sending a check to a developer as a means to unlock shareware. Not that developers shouldn't get paid, but that online payment was not even an option at the time!


If a future Windows update does finally cause Simple MU to stop working for you, I second Wallace's rec for MUSHclient as a good Windows client. Or Mudlet, as Sassafrass mentioned--I have only tried this one as a GUI option for linux so far, but it's a nice app! Always good to have options.

#5 Re: Wiki Help » The wiki is down! Halp! » 2022-03-16 06:18:20 PM CDT

Aaaah. I have not worked with lighttpd… now you got me interested, but will save that for the next major overhaul in five years hahah. Stuck with ol’ trusty this go-around to avoid time sunk constantly fixing / fighting with things.

Farm life is good! Had a brief winter break but headed back out shortly. You get used to the weather. Running water hasn’t been a problem so far but potable water can get tricky.

#6 Re: News » More maintenance! » 2022-03-10 06:05:54 PM CDT

Cool! Glad to hear things are a bit faster big_smile

As another update... old links to in posts and stuff should now redirect to the new URL. So nobody needs to do any manual updating. Took me way too long to figure that one out, but I thiiiink it's working tongue

#7 Re: Open Chat » How do you connect? » 2022-03-08 02:43:13 PM CDT

BlisaMarshmellow wrote:

Apps would be really helpful; I would actually consider downloading one onto my Motorola if I knew which ones were any good.

BlowTorch is an Android app I have used, but it's been a few years. It should work on your Motorola, though I can't say for sure. Like I said above using the MUCK on a phone was kind of frustrating for me--it might just be the small screen size.

#8 Re: Wiki Help » The wiki is down! Halp! » 2022-03-08 02:05:04 PM CDT

wallace wrote:

I'd offer to help but I don't know if I'd be much more effective, I'm still spending a day every 3 months trying to remember how I got my Let's Encrypt certs working last time lmao

Got a couple weeks off in MO and stealing wifi from the business next door (don't tell!)
Hoping to fix everything before I am "off grid" again.
Beefed up the server. Wrote new backup scripts to delete old files after they've been moved to object storage. Maybe we won't run out of local storage 3 times a year now tongue

certbot is a lifesaver for Let's Encrypt. I run it as a cronjob every day so I don't have to panic and furiously google things every 90.

00 4    * * *   root    certbot renew --post-hook "systemctl reload apache2"

#9 Re: Open Chat » How do you connect? » 2022-03-07 08:29:26 PM CDT

I've added Mudlet, Potato MU, and the MudPortal link to the clients list. Thanks for the recommendations!

Debating whether to create sections for iOS and Android apps. I've used MUDRammer and BlowTorch respectively, but using the MUCK on a phone always feels awkward to me.

Ol'Random: Atlantis on a 2011 MBP was my go-to for many years!

My primary machine runs linux now, so TinyFugue is what I usually use... though I just installed TinTin++ and am gonna give that a whirl.

#10 Re: News » More maintenance! » 2022-03-07 06:17:32 PM CDT

Sweet, had hoped the size limitation wouldn’t pose a problem. The server software handling uploads will block anything super huge for resource and security reasons. As long as it’s below that limit the forum software will attempt to resize images to fit. Its ability to resize is very basic so some may still fail…. a good practice would be to resize them before uploading to like 300kb (or less!) if you’re able without sacrificing too much image quality.

BlisaMarshmellow wrote:

Next question: Do we still have our account creation security questions?

Sure do! If the newest forum user that looks like a spam account has you worried… that was me. I was doing some testing tongue

#11 Re: News » More maintenance! » 2022-03-07 02:19:07 PM CDT

BlisaMarshmellow wrote:

Ah, yes, there it is! 

...I tried to test it, and it said that the image is larger than uploading allows.  How big are the pics allowed to be?

2 megabytes, which is quite large for most images being shared to the web. There are many free phone apps and web sites that will resize images for you.

Do you usually upload pictures you've taken with your phone? Those sometimes get saved as huge files not optimized for the web. One easy way to reduce the file size is to pull up the photo in your phone's photo library, and take a screenshot of it. The screenshot gets saved at a much lower resolution (size).

#12 Re: News » More maintenance! » 2022-03-06 11:02:01 PM CDT

BlisaMarshmellow wrote:

I can't find the image button anywhere

Oh, um… right! It would have been helpful for me to take it out of test mode tongue Check again!

#13 News » More maintenance! » 2022-03-06 07:12:18 PM CDT

Replies: 11

If you are seeing this, DNS has updated and you have arrived at the "new" forum.

Like the wiki, it has been upgraded and moved to a new server.

Few things to be aware of...

The forum now lives at
Going to should redirect you to its new location.
I plan to run a script to update references to the old URL in the db, but you can manually update URLs in your posts / signatures if you'd like.

Image uploads are now hosted locally, instead of at postimg. I scraped the old images, and have them stored locally as well. They still link to postimg if you click them--I will clean that up if I get a chance. The files are "safer" now, in case postimg goes kaput.
The button to upload an image is below the post text box, to the right. It says "Uploads". It'll still insert the correct code in your post for you.
I gave everybody a decent amount of storage for image files, but if we end up needing more, I can adjust that.

The forum now has a valid SSL certificate. Hooray!


As always, if you encounter any bugs please let me know. Post here or in Forum Help.

#14 Open Chat » How do you connect? » 2022-03-06 03:53:10 PM CDT

Replies: 9

Curious what apps / clients / sites everybody uses to connect to the MUCK.

I have a hunch that the Quick Start Guide on the wiki is very outdated, and useless if visitors can't figure out how to get to the game. Don't think many people are using command line telnet anymore. I deleted that whole chunk of the guide today and added a link to Mudslinger, a web based MU client.

If you have a recommendation, drop it here and I'll add it to the guide.

#15 Re: News » Maintenance » 2022-03-03 02:10:41 PM CDT

Don't want to count my chickens just yet, but so far the update seems to have gone smoothly.

So our wiki has been migrated to the newest version of Mediawiki (wiki software we use). It was several years overdue for an update. Ideally it'll be quicker and more secure.

The most obvious change is the skin. It LOOKS different, but I promise it is the same site with the same content. Your logins should be the same, etc. The markup for editing articles is the same.

Unlike the old skin this one is mobile friendly, for those who like to browse the wiki from their phones.

If anybody has trouble locating something or working with the new format, post here or in the Wiki Help forum and I will help figure it out.

Apart from the software upgrade and skin change, the wiki moved to a new server.

DNS (service that tells computers where to look for things on the web) can take time to update and is not the same for everybody, so if you're still seeing the "original" wiki in read only format, hold tight and it will update soon. Using the refresh button on your web browser may help by clearing your local cache.

Please post any problems or errors you encounter!

#16 News » Maintenance » 2022-03-03 01:01:20 PM CDT

Replies: 1

Yo! I am doing maintenance on the wiki today. It's "read only" right now, so no updating pages. I'll update this thread when finished.

#17 Re: Wiki Help » The wiki is down! Halp! » 2022-02-02 07:11:48 PM CDT

wallace wrote:

What's it filling up with?

Not working with much storage to begin with and there’s a lot of old junk on there. It fills up every so often with mysql dumps and other backup and log files that eventually get sent elsewhere. Some day I will write a more efficient script to handle it in a way that won’t crash the server when it fills up, but I’ve been living on a mountain with only 3G phone data and a 500mb/month hotspot limit since last April. I fix what I can by tunneling from my phone, but I’m wary of doing any major overhauls without access to a computer with a reliable internet connection tongue

#18 Re: Wiki Help » The wiki is down! Halp! » 2022-01-26 12:13:24 PM CDT

Fixed. Server ran out of space. I’ve been on a fishing trip in the Gulf and didn’t have phone or laptop. Should be all good until it runs out of space again in a few months ;P

#19 Re: RP Chat » Need Help With an Accidentally Deleted Character » 2022-01-17 02:47:56 PM CDT

wallace wrote:

I have a script on my server that runs on the 1st and the 15th and logs each of my characters in. Never again.

Yup, ditto. I keep a phone reminder too.. just in case something breaks while my internet access is spotty XP
I lost a lot of stuff years ago when the purge was shortened from 90 days to 42 (or whatever it is now) and am super paranoid.

#20 Re: RP Chat » Need Help With an Accidentally Deleted Character » 2022-01-12 06:52:45 PM CDT

I’m not aware of a way to resurrect zombies but you can always grab the descriptions from the “dead” ones and remake them.

Oof! I had the commands backward. It is indeed “@take here” to take ownership of a room (or just @take) and use @chown to grab the exits. I’m going to edit my post above so there’s no future confusion if somebody looks here for help.

#21 Re: RP Chat » Need Help With an Accidentally Deleted Character » 2022-01-12 12:47:08 PM CDT

Also… sorry about your character. It’s always a bummer to lose them. I’ve known several people who get frustrated by it and leave the MUCK entirely so glad you’ve come back.
Setting a reminder to connect as a phone or Google calendar event can help. Once every 30 days or so should do the trick.

#22 Re: RP Chat » Need Help With an Accidentally Deleted Character » 2022-01-12 12:30:35 PM CDT

Willow is correct. As long as it was connected to the MUCK grid in some way via an exit, it was transferred to chown_char when yours got wiped. Reclaim the rooms with “@take here” and exits with “@chown exitname”.
Floating rooms that are not connected to the grid get wiped with characters, if I remember right.
These commands are useful to know because you can take ownership of any room or area that belonged to a purged character. Typing “ex here” gives you the name of a room’s owner, and if it’s chown_char the room is up for grabs smile

Edit: Had the commands reversed. Changed to fix that tongue

#23 Re: Forum Help » Concerning the Search Function » 2021-12-22 03:44:00 PM CDT

So looks like the min character limit for search queries on the forum is set for good reason.

Reducing the limit from 3 to 2 puts a lot of extra stress on the database. I know we're a small community, but tinkering with the minimum could open the server up to an unintentional ddos tongue

I dumped the DB into text to run some examples. You can see the huge results change from "lp" to "lon". 


"LP" isn't a very common letter combo, but still hits ~11.5k times, because it includes things like "scalp", "help", "malpractice".

The wiki, however, does allow for shorter search terms. You may want to search there for info on old TPs. It's a lot more powerful than the software running the forum, and its DB is structured to handle things that the forum cannot. I know you've been active in updating and adding to the wiki, and that rules! I'd hoped more folks would be comfortable with using it. It's way superior to the forum for cataloging and organizing content.

#24 Re: Forum Help » Concerning the Search Function » 2021-12-22 12:33:26 PM CDT

Whoops, not sure how I didn’t see this request yikes

I will look into it and see if it’s changeable. There may be a security or resource reason why it’s set to 3+ characters.

#25 Re: Open Chat » Howdy! » 2021-06-28 11:36:07 AM CDT

Hello, Eilrach… Welcome!

There are smartphone apps made for connecting to text games (MUCKs, MUDs, etc). I have used MUDRammer on iPhone and BlowTorch on Android. But I imagine most folks do connect using computers—larger screen size makes it easier to deal with lots of text.

You can connect from a web browser (on phone or computer) using this link: MudPortal - Redwall MUCK

There are also computer apps that can be downloaded and used to connect. I recommend MUSHClient for Windows and Atlantis for MacOS.

Whatever you use to connect, the basic idea will be to put “” in the address (host) space and “4203” as the port.

If you have questions or need other help, feel free to post to the forums and we’ll do our best to help out! smile

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