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This is a copy of the output from in-MUCK news rules. That's the authoritative source.

Wizard Policy: Guiding rules for Wizards and Staffers

Wizards and staffers are granted the authority and responsibility on the

MUCK for carrying out the mission statement. Below are listed the concrete

rules that Wizards and staffers are required to work within.

1) The decisions of the Chief Wizard are final and binding.

2) All punitive actions (suspension or termination) must be reported via

   email to [[Mailto%3ABrianj%40Otterspace.Com|]] immediately.

3) Players are to be held with high esteem, and treated with respect and

   courtesy at all times. A player acting without respect or courtesy to a

   wizard is to be temporarily removed (@boot).

4) Staffers are required to act with their best judgement on the spot; if no

   other staffer is available for consultation, then they must act alone

   within what they see as the best interest of the muck.

5) Wiz-abuse is intolerable. Wiz-abuse is defined as utilizing ANY facility

   granted by having wizard authorization to effect ANY player or object not

   belonging to the wizard without the player's approval for any other reason

   than to enforce compliance with the mission of the muck.

   The penalty for wiz-abuse will be termination of the wizard or staffer

   from this system in any capacity, as player or staffer.

In a nutshell, staffers are to act as though they are serving paying customers

known as players in a standard business environment. Courtesy is demanded of

staffers, and courtesy is expected from players--upset players will be and

are expected to be discourteous, placing an even heavier burden upon the

staff. In all ways, the staff is expected to utilize their best judgment,

and act accordingly.

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