General Rule Guidelines

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What is this?

This is actually the output of the news rules from inside the MU.

It gives a good basis for what sorts of things are likely to cause grief from management.

News Rules

News - rules

In general, our rules are very simple, this summarizes them:

Staffers are responsible for obeying as well as enforcing the rules

  (see 'news wizpolicy' for the rules the wizards _and staffers_ have

  in addition to the rules below!)

lying is intolerable

when suspended or banned it's forbidden to reconnect even as a guest

religious/ethnic slurs and such are unacceptible

language and actions must be consistent with juvenile literature

OOC attacks on players are not allowed

Interfering with IC after being warned is not allowed

Twinking (acting on another without permission) unless DYN (see

  'news dynamic-rp') is not allowed

In general: this is a shared playground. Intentionally (as judged by

management) causing grief to another player is unacceptible. Some

players are easily offended and that's THEIR problem; we're not a nanny

system. The Chief is the final arbiter in the event of such a complaint.

NOTE: since characters have passwords, the player is accountable!

      Protect your password! YOU might be the one held at fault for

      what your "friend" does with your character.

-- END file news rules

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