Mission Statement

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Welcome to Redwall MUCK! This is a genre-based MUCK using for its source material the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques Copyright (c) 1987 through 2008, The Redwall Abbey Co., Ltd. This is a sanctioned MUCK, and we will expect proper courtesy and respect within for the works.

Nothing not referenced to one of the books is legal unless its a fact of England that was accessible to a peasent farmer as a result of social interaction in the medieval period. We are hesitant to change the genre without some serious benefit to be gained.

The mission of the muck is this: To support and encourage the enjoyment of the players.

First and foremost, this muck is for enjoyment, for having fun with, but not at the expense of, other players on the muck. Characters are welcome to attack characters, but players are not welcome to attack players. Players that cause intentional grief for other players are subject to immediate suspension and possible termination.

This MUCK is G rated. Everywhere. That means both private areas and public areas. The books are juvenile literature and so are we. The books have violence, battle, etc., but aren't explicit or titilating. Assume that your transcripts will be published by accident and shown to parents of 11 year old players. Play accordingly.

Players are welcomed and encouraged to expand this muck by building rooms and items. All possible assistance will be given to those doing so, and money is NO object...if you run short, ask a wizard for more. Everyone enjoys having more places to go and things to see.

Inspections by management are not required for any rooms, objects, etc. A player complaint about anything built will be evaluated by management. The idea is to have fun, so build things that are in the spirit of the genre.

Remember that some players are offended by profanity or other innuendos, and be reasonable to our genre and age group. Remember, ANYTHING in writing comes out harsh! Some players are offended by everything, though. For them, since nothing works, we're not worried. Be courteous to players and save the cruelty for characters.

Any complaints can be directed to any wizard at any time. Wizards are part of the management of this system, and will be responsive to your needs. Wizards are also the final say on this system. Wizards have the authority to suspend players or terminate them.

Any suspended or terminated character has the right to make a statement via email to brianj@otterspace.com. All such statements will be read and responded to. The decision of the Chief Wizard is final.

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