Basic Commands

From Redwall MUCK Wiki

Players interact with the MUCK using text commands.

The Basics

Below are a few commands to get you started on the MUCK.

Command Syntax Alias What does it do?
Look look l View details about your current location, such as its description, exits, objects, and other players there.
Say say Hello. "Hello. Speak to players in the immediate room.
page PlayerName=Hello.
p Aeysin=Hello.
Speak to players from afar.
Pose pose waves. :waves. Perform an action for players in the immediate room.
Status status ic N/A Switch from IC to OOC. status list for a full list.
Find find f View a list of other online characters. See Find.
Portal portal N/A Jump to the navigation hub of the MUCK. See Portal.

For a full list of commands, type help or globals.