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Just for the record, here's the privacy policy of Redwall MUCK:
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    1. There is no secrecy or anonymity
      • Everything done is logged and has IP addresses attached.
    2. The logs are used for resolving problems and statistical analysis
      • We don't go "reading the logs" to spy or for kicks. We use the log to determine the truth or falsity of claims made, to determine causes of server crashes, to track missing or destroyed objetcts, and other such uses.
    3. We store logs forever
    4. Our staff, wizards, etc. don't divulge personal information
      • If you ask for a player's email address, alts, etc., we'll not tell you. If the player posts their address (in pinfo for instance) that's up to them. We don't expose anything that you can't tell on your own.
    5. As a courtesy, we expect players to abide by these goals as well
      • Just as staff attempts not to release private data, so players should try not to release private data of others. Be sure to cut pages and other private information from your transcripts when you post for instance.
    6. Our records are available to court order
      • If something attracts law enforcement we will HELP them use our records to deal with criminal actions.

Remember: no secrets are possible, respect your neighbor, and we'll do the same.

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