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#1 RP Chat » Lost Intrest... » 2024-05-13 10:44:40 AM

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I have lost intrest in Redwall. Sorry All.
I tried to get back into it but was unable to. I maight check in every so often to see how the muck is doing,but roleplay

So where does it leave Velm and Jaison?

Velm will ICLY still be around Salamadastron as he is Master Healer. People can spoof him if they want I am ok with that.. Maybe he brought some hares back from post 67(Terrence did mention the idea to Velm of maybe having some hares tag along back with him to the western shores. I will leave that idea up to Terrence,either way Velm is still the chief healer of the LP.

Jaison I think can of maybe retired from Redwall abbey as its Master Healer. I didnt really play him much when I did have him,he was a hamster.

I do hope some roleplay does come back to the Muck though.

#2 Logs » An Unexpected Trip-LP LOG » 2024-03-30 12:37:37 PM

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* It seems the Badger Lord room doesn't radio...its ok still got the short log abd posted smile*

Velm- Chief Healer
Ciocan-Badger Lord
Terrence-Master Sargent

Salamandastron: Badger Lord's Room
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Salamandastron *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
The chamber you step into looks as if it was clawed into the very rock of the mountain. A high, craggy celing and bare walls give the room a decidely spartan look, fitting of a warrior. The bed is actually a large stone slab, heavily strew with large pillows, big enough to accommodate the Badger Lord Ciocan. A table sits on one side of the room, a circular oak affair surrounded by four large chairs. On the same side is a large fireplace, over which are two sets of wall hanging hooks, most likely for the rulers weapontry. On the remaing side is a large window hacked from the stone, facing out over the endless expanses of sand and sea, a portal for the Lord to watch over his domain.
                  Visible Exits:

Velm makes his way to the doorway and sighs as he tries to think what the Badger Lord could want from him. The hare has spent a lot of time in the infirmary, he is the Chief Healer after all and he has his office right by the infirm as well, where he slso spends time, a lot of time. He moves a paw to the door and knocks

Ciocan looks up "Do please enter Velm,I need to ask a favor of you." Also in the office is Oz, taller now and,well..he has grown up clearly.He sits off to the side and waves when the hare enters the room.

Velm blinks"Oz?" He chuckles some and smiles faintly"Been a while much taller now but wot are ya doin' here?" He then salutes to Ciocan"Your Lordship, what did ya need sur. If its the updated supply list for the infirm I can have a chat with the Private that was supposed to  deliver that,but all is well in the infirm and well stocked. All hares have completed thier recent check ups,even got yours sur, and all hares are in good  health,and yes you too sur."

Ciocan  nods,he smiles as he folds his paws onto his desk"Yes, I got that. No thats not it. I need you to escort Oz to Redwall,and when you get to the abbey there is a Privarte Alice jo anna Milsap,a fighter, who needs escorted back to here, She completed her training at the 67 but will meet you at the abbey." He then waits on a reply.

Velm listens as the Badger Lord speaks and replys "Me sur/ I am sure you could have someone else do it. I..I rather not go on a long trip,besides I am needed here."

Ciocan shakes his head as he speaks "Velm, I have healers still that can help while your away, and I think you need to get out of the mountain for a few weeks. Be honest with me, when was the last time you been away,even to Halyard, or even outside the mountain at all?And the crater doesn't count."

Velm ears droop "I..I mean..sur..please"He  is silent and finally speaks,knowing its best to reply rather than try to argue with the Badger Lord "Tis been a while..ever since.."He frowns" Ever since my wife left,she took our son with her.I did try to follow but when I found her she didn't want me in her life anymore,she said she didnt want the patrol life and that our son didnt need it either. I choose the Long Patrol and,,and maybe that was wrong,I don't know. She loved the patrol,I don't know why she decided to just leave."He holds back a tear "I miss her,I miss my son..a son I barely even got to know."He shrugs"I suppose I just had no reason to leave the mountain aftter that,and rather still not leave."

Ciocan stands and goes over to Velm" Velm, it wiould do you some good. I want all my hares at the best they can be, mentally as well. Staying inside all the time,isnt good. You rarely leave your office .And yes hares have mentioned it yo me,how you take meals toyour office and sleep there."He pauses before he goes on" I would like you to get Oz to the abbey safly and stay a little while, and then escort Private Millsap back here."

Velm nods"Fine sur, I will do as you say"He stands up better " Maybe some travel and fresh air would do me some good, and I suppose time away.I do have a hare that can be left in cgharge of the infirm if anything is needed before I go."He then asks"When do I head out?"

Ciocan smiles and gets a folder off his desk and hands it to the Chief Healer"Tomorrow morning, you and Oz can head off then.I will make sure you both have supplies for the trip."

Velm salutes "Yes sur"He then heads out of the office and decides, today he will have lunch in the dinning hall, its been a while after all since he has stayed in the dinning hall for a meal.

==Dinning Hall====(Couple Hours Later)

Velm sits at one of the smaller round tables of the infirm with his lunch. A couple hares watch him and mutter to theselfs, another hare seems surprised to see him and salutes,the Chief Healer raises a paw "At ease Private.."The Private hurries to a table across the room. Velm slowly chews and swallows a bite of food and glaces around.He is out of his office and acahally sitting down in the dinning Hall in stead of rushing off as he usally does. He sits quietly at his table,for now just him.

"I see you escaped the infirm, captain," Terrence says with a friendly salute, though he doesn't sit. "Is it a special occasion, sir?"
Velm glaces up and sips his tea before speak" Hallo Terrence, and prehaps. I am not sure, I would be in my office but it seems I been asked to venture out and that I spend too much time thar."A soft sigh escapes"I also will be away a few weeks,need to escort someone to de abbey and escort someone from the abbey back to here"   

Terrence blinks, the pleasantries forgotten. "The abbey? Who?" He wipes the initial surprise form his face. "Sir. Don't tell me another hare went rogue."
Velm shakes his head "No, thank goodness."He clears his throat'A ew Private from the 67th is being sent here. A private Milsap"He points to the folder beside him."His Lordship wants me to escort her here, and also use the trip as..time away"He sounds a little annoyed but one doesn't disagree with the Badger Lord." I guess fresh air,sunshine..wot ever may do me some good."   

Nodding, Terrence relaxes somewhat. He doesn't recognise the name. "I see, captain. Very good." He adds, almost too casually, "I suppose a squad ought to go with you, then? I'm not too sure how safe the passage from here to Mossflower is."   

Velm shrugs "I am not sure either. I know tis been mostly peacefull, which is good but peace doesn't last forever."He finsihs his drink " Maybe a couple hares could tag along with me and Oz, just in case. How many hares are active now on the western shore?"
"Around two companies worth," Terrence replies, "About sixty fit for fighting duty if you include the Homeguard. Thirty-eight if you don't. But I have some hares I'd like transferred to the 67th, and vice-versa."   

Velm nods" Maybe you could see if his Lordship will help you with that, or if you already know whom..maybe I can see on waiting a few days and they go along with me, and then jion me on the way back to the Mountain. I haven't really kept up with whos here and who is not, I mean I did have a list since everyone had thier checkups for the season." He the ads "Sorry o of..keep ta meself for so long, losing Donica I gues was harder fer me than I thought"   

Terrence nods, slowly. "Thankfully no issues beyond a stray toad here and there have been pressing as of late." He offers a kind, if awkward smile. "Hardly the thing you're needed for, so don't trouble yourself overly. Now, er, As for who to go with you, I can put that together in a few hours even. A day would be more pleasant though, just to give some warning of course."   

Velm nods"Of course, I will let his Lordship know I can head off in a couple days instead, it was to be in the morning,but I do also need a bit of time to get ready myself for a trip like that. I am glad tis peaceful. as for travel it will likely be the trail that follows the river moss, I think anyways.Any news on how things are at the abbey? Or Mossflower even"   

Terrence finally sits down, leaning back with a shrug. "Not much. The 67th reports things are stable, and no vermin horde has appeared for seasons. Which is good. But rumours say smaller bands are roaming, going about their wicked business. Rumours, mind. Not scout report has found anything," he adds, with a second thought, "Though they are delayed somewhat."   

Velm nods"I see, well hopefully all stays well. It is spring now as well, winter could of slowed news, one never knows. It will be good to visit the abbey."He grins slightly"Maybe stay for a feast, Redwall feasts are always the best."
"So I've heard." Terrence says, "It'll be good for you I bet. If you wish to linger out there too with spring time, I'm sure the lord Ciocan would understand, and the brass."   

Velm replys"Right, I may I dont know yet.As I said tis been a while since really been outside. I kept up with training some when needed in the training room." He likely shouldf of done more but he has kept in shape with situps and pushups in his office.   

"Ha, well, sir," Terrence says with a grin, "Perhaps you can tag along for one of the dreadful outings to the marshlands one of these days, after you get back of course."   

Velm frowns"Maybe, I will have to see I suppose"   

"Anyway, captain," Terrence rises. It's unclear if he ever ate. "I suppose I ought to go figure out who you'll bring out to Mossflower. Shouldn't be too long a delay, sir, so don't you worry."   

Velm nods"We can talk later on details Sargent."
With a salute, Terrence says, "Aye, sir." With that the master sergeant departs.

#3 MUCK Help » Help I forgot how to use Lsedit » 2024-03-14 01:01:34 PM

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How do you use lsedit
Like how use each line and make paragraphs ect..ect...

I forgot it all sad

#4 The Long Patrol » Should I bring Velm back? » 2024-03-08 09:05:05 PM

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He got did the my master healer at Redwall

Both  ICLY alive in case needed to know.

Likely he just spends a lot of time in his office  or in infirm cause...well he is chief healer of LP.

#5 Redwall Abbey » Hey All! » 2023-07-18 08:09:28 AM

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Jaison is back!
the master healer of redwall abbey
Icly he never stoped being Master Healer I just oocly let him get pwiped but as said remade him!

#6 Re: The Long Patrol » Remade skills group » 2023-07-09 10:18:45 AM

As said before Velm been around...just spends time inside the mountain and hasnt been outside for a long while tongue

#7 Re: Ferravale » The Path to Ferravale is gone? » 2023-07-06 07:31:44 PM

i know the guosim was off the ferravale path at one time. But that was deleted out of a request but it's not something that needs back since the  guosim have a camp near camp willow.
Bell tower was in same room as tavern and it wasnt damaged so that needs rebuilt and the bell was called the scioto bell
Lets see...think thats all as i walked around as a guest to look around

#8 Re: Wiki Help » Question about the Wiki Archive » 2023-07-04 08:18:04 PM

Be neat to see stuff from a LONG LONG LONG way back

#10 Re: RP Chat » We need a regular time to RP as a community again! » 2023-07-04 08:15:30 PM

I need to remake Velm
Velm is still very much ICLY around! He just stays in the infirmary alot.

#11 RP Chat » It's been SUPER quiet » 2023-05-05 08:26:20 AM

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Like no one around anymore.

#13 Re: RP Chat » We need a regular time to RP as a community again! » 2023-03-08 10:11:22 AM

I am unsure sorry
Been SERIOUSLY busy with life.
But I will try and be on when can.
maybe like a friday,saturday or sunday?

#14 Redwall Abbey » Season Idea!!!!! » 2023-03-02 01:55:21 PM

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We should totally still name the seasons

How about winter of the mismatched socks!!

Hee cause the DAB hide them unknowly in the pond, so a lot of mismatched socks threw winter!

Seasons can have fun names...right?

#15 Re: RP Chat » Been on this Muck a LONG while... » 2023-02-26 03:29:28 PM

Very True,
Real Life needs attention first.

#16 Re: Art and Fiction » Fanfiction idea have » 2023-02-20 07:37:53 PM

Could do prehaps 25 seasons
You could still have Velm as Chief Healer....though a higher rank by then smile

#17 Re: RP Chat » Roleplay times? » 2023-02-10 11:22:36 AM

I'm sorry
I may or may not be around hardly at all now.
I have gotten busy with real life as well.

#18 Re: RP Chat » Roleplay times? » 2023-01-21 02:06:20 PM

Well I am on a lot on saturdays and off/on during the day other days.
I also kind of pop on and  see whio is on or look at radio and see if anything happening


I don't know. Its still winter time so maybe winter realted stuff....spring wont be till march.

#20 Logs » A Meeting is called after Dinner-LP LOG » 2022-12-31 07:17:27 PM

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Velm -Chief Healer of LP/Captain

Ciocan-Badger Lord


Velm was outside, taking deep breaths and trying his best to regain focus on what just happen but a few morments ago.He looked downshore as if trying to catch sight of something,or someone.A frown on his face but also confusion and a slight bit o anger,though the anger was worse ealier.So bad in fact a couple Privates who started to go out decided it was best to just stay inside for now.

Ciocan liked to go outside and be near the sea shore.He had briefly spoke to the two Privates and nodded as he dismissed them and went on outside to where his chief healer stood.

Velm starts muttering and rubs his temples"Wot to do...go after her, no can't..should tell...someone.I..I don't know..."He shakes his head and looks ready to try and bolt after her,maybe he could get her back weather she wanted back or not.

Ciocan wentto lay a gentle paw on the hare's shoulder"Velm..." He had  heard most of what happen thanks to a Private Milo,who seemed to of spied on the two hares Velm and Donica.After hearing the report he told Private Milo to next time just get an officer if he was concern,  not just stay and watch a argument.

Velm jumped and spung around going on auto pilot to knock out who ever sneaked up on him ,his eyes widen and he managed to stop himself just in time.."S..S..Sir!"He quickly saluted and stood at attention.

Ciocan rasied his paw"No need for that Captain Velm.Now let's go my office, shall we? I like to know your side of story as I have heard bits and pices of what the Private said they  heard or maybe thought they  did."

Velm sighs and nods as he goes to  follow the badger to his office, the walk there is quiet,then again most are still in taining drills or maybe eatting dinner.Velm was not intrested in dinner at all.He still was a bit confused and some shaken up over Donica just, just leaveing.

Ciocan has a runner get him and Velm a plate each,and also to bring up one of the apple pies, and some drinks."Now Velm...what happen?"

Velm took a deep breath to calm himself,it worked mostly but still he was still a bit tense."Corpal Donica sur...she...she .."He frowns and tried to form the words"She left sur, she just..left, left me..left the patrol and I don't know why.She said she was done with the patrol and ..I told her she couldnt just walk off and lave, it was a form of abandonment and she just  yelled at me...and yes I yelled back,I was..upset.She then just walked off,and...and worse she..she had..had and her..son with her. She just suddenly said she was leaveing and for me to go with her, I told her..I couldnt..couldnt leave..and so ..."He fights some tears "She's gone..sur.Somewhere headed downshore...should I go after her?Bring her back? Not go after her?"

Ciocan frowned as he listened to what was said and sighs deeply.This was a serious maatter tio leave to desert the patrol like that."No stay here Velm. Your my chief healer...I need you, the patrol needs you."He shaked his head"As for Corpal Donica....this matter will be dealed with"He stands up"Captain, inform any leaders with the rank Sargeant and up,there is to be a meeting in the meeting room."

Velm stands"Yes sur...ummm when sur?"

Ciocan looks up as food arrives,he then speaks"In an hour,gives time  for them to have dinner first,you go deliver the message of the meeting.No need to tell them what it's about they can find out when they arrive..and then come back here to eat  dinner with me"He wants to make sure Velm eats."Then when it's time me and you can walk in together."

Velm nods and goes to tell those who need to be at the meeting Hall to go, and when to go and then heads back to the Badger Lord's office to eat dinner and he does eat so thats good.

The meeting is had in the meeting room and all called in is informed what happen and a discussion of what to do about it is had. Also for the officers to remind all hares of how serious it is when anyone does an action such as desserting.

#21 Re: RP Chat » SO...we should get some roleplay ideas/plans ect started for 2023! » 2022-12-30 03:53:57 PM

Oh neat ummm..wait I have a really COOL BIG IDEA for sometime in 2023..

no need to be  right away 

A Solar Esclipe happens! I mean come on not like anyone would know what the heck it was right? This would of been cool in a future book and maybe would of even  been written if BJ didn't die:(. Anyways we could have it  happen on the muck.Not sure when it could happen

Hmmms maybe Elmef could write some badger lord thing thats on the mountain walls that only Badger Lords the  suns light will fade and stars appear in midday...idk

Other ideas:

Fixing up  of Halyard and having it once more be a place where former LP live and maybe some seaside otter clan as well. Yes vermin are still there but not nearly as many. And yeah the boat docks could be a little rough still. But it be neat to once more  have hares in the tavern!

A hotroot eatting contest happens all of a sudden in the abbey  between like 2-3 beasts and no ya don't have to be an otter!

We still need to find that 67th base. Any one wanna help with that?Know where it is?

#22 Re: RP Chat » Decisions Needed to Make » 2022-12-14 03:46:28 PM

your be missed but it's understood.

Its ok to have thier son tag along with Donica.

Velm will be sad and upset for a few days and then be fine.He will know  he has to move on and not dwell on sad things too long as he is the Master/chief healer of the whole LP! Sooooooooo   yeah he will recover.

As for the Badger Mother....maybe a NPC as the abbey does need it's badger mother. The badger mother isnt just there for the dibbuns, she is like a mother to everyone, and gives advice and rank wise she is 3nd on the list that goes Abbot-Champ- then Badger mother.In fact the badger mother helps with defense when neededfor sure when the champ is elsewhere for what ever reason.

#23 Logs » Firewood anyone? » 2022-12-13 11:48:07 AM

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Kage-Healer,poisoner, assassin for hire

John- squirrel friend of the abbey

Krihsa-Badger Mother of Redwall

Atticus- group leader of some asoertment of  wandering beasts


In the first morning following days of truly horrendous weather, clamour only somewhat muffled by the snow blanketing everything can be heard coming down the road from the direction of the river- a group of twenty or so beasts appear north of the abbey, with one or two giving longing glances at the warmth and welcome to be found there, but dutifully stick to their fellows. Many hold hatchets and saws and though the distance and snow makes what is being spoken impossible to make out from Redwall, the beast disperse into the woods in smaller groups.   

Among them John was regretting his choice to join the lumberjacks, but since the creature Atticus was leading them all he had little choice. The ferret had been rather mundane since the squirrel made it his business to keep an eye on him, and now that more than a season later John had become rather lax. Still, though, he stuck by Atticus when the ferret headed east into the woods. "I don't feel like jumping today," was the dry explanation as the ferret stopped to watch the other half of the group make their slow miserable way over the ditch.   

Kage had been in the woods, he had found an old cabin and, well, took it as his own.He even fixed a window and now walked along a path and stayed alert for trouble.   

Krisha sighs, she has yet to see any grou of beasts yet, with her is a couple otters."We will head back soon,I just want to check on a couple families that live nearby and see if they want to come to the abbey or not."She gets a nod as they travel along,not too far from the abbey.   

The trio of beasts moving east, made up of John, the ferret, and an unnamed mole the squirrel had yet to actually learn the name of, were steering ever more towards the cabin Kage was in. John remembered there several abandoned buildings in the area and wondered aloud, "Are we aiming to strip the old places?"
Atticus paused and turned. "If we come across any," he answered curtly after a moment. Their voices are some of the only sounds in the quiet of the forest.
Kage yawns and looks around.The wind outside is a bit gusty right now.He hmms "I wonder why anyone would leave this cabin,its quiet nice." It also was a fair distance from a small area of old huts, just like 3 others likely abanddoned when some trouiubles of slavers were in the area a few seasons ago, but the one Kage is in, the reason seems unclear right now.His ear twitches as he hears an odd creaking sound and riases an eyebrow."What de..."He ventures out of the cabin to look around and shrugs.He happens to look to his left and frowns at an old maple tree that is very close to the cabin,it was once struck by lighting,also someone tried to tunnel under the tree and then left it alone..was the tree..moving?
Krisha menwhile stops at an area where a den is, speaking to a couple moles,her moleish speech still needs work but she is alot better than she was before.She smiles as the two moles agree to go to the abbey,she nods to the two otters "Lets go before it gets worse out here."   

John's good ear twitches as he stops still, his tail freezing. Atticus and the mole continue forward for a bit before either notice the squirrel having fallen behind. "What is it, MacGarran?" Atticus asks, his eyes narrowed. Both the ferret and mole are within fifty yards or so of the old maple tree.   

"Can't rightly say," John replies, forcing himself to relax. "Probably nothing."   

Kage frowns as, yep that tree is moving,creaking again as he gulps a bit. All seems like nohing to fret over, till another gust helps the old, seriously damaged roots and not to mention some rotting inside the tree. It falls slowly at first and then seems to speed up as the wildcat quickly gets out of it's way! The cabin he found is, not so lucky as the tree falls onto the cabin and destorys it!It be very good for anyone to get out opf the way! Luckly it doesn't fall toward john and the others in his group.
Krisha hears the odd noise and tilts her head. She was fairly close to where the tree decided to crash land,she gasps and pushesone of the otters out of the way.One of the branches barely misses her,but it does cause her to tumblr backwards with a soft groan of pain.She scoots backwards and goes to stand,only to yelp in pain as in her falling she twisted her angle, but it could of been a lot worse.   

John winces as he catches sight of the tree crushing the old cabin, though Atticus and the mole, with their backs to the disaster, whirl around as the noise hits them. It's not that loud, of course, but its enough to notice. Without a word the squirrel hurries forward through the snow. "Looks like we'll have something easy, then," Atticus murmurs to the mole as they follow after.   

As John comes upon the scene he surveys the damage, still not speaking. He comes closer to the ruins of the cabin and places his paw on the fallen trunk.   

"It's a wonder this weren't blown over before," he remarks to no one, as both the ferret and mole are still far away.   
He then spots Krisha, blinks twice, and rushes over. "Wh- You alright?" He's bewildered and sheepish, having not seen her or the otters until now.   

Kage appears close to the tree, speaking"It fell on the cabin I was just in.." He starts to grumble and then sees who John is speaking to and just mtands there for the time being.He again looks at the ruined cabin,so much for a place to stay this winter.He will have to figure something out.   

Krisha sighs and sits down on ."My ankle hurts but I am fine.Could of been worse..lot worse." She soon notices the others nearby and then the ruined cabin and frowns as she hopes no one was seriously hurt.
"Well, that's all good." John says, before turning his head to answer Kage as he kneels by the badger. His tail swishes once as he sees the wildcat. Sucking in a breath he least up, ready to lunge at the vermin with the long dagger now drawn from from his belt. "Were'd you crawl from?" He spits a question Kage had just answered, but the squirrel hadn't really noticed!   

Then Atticus finally reaches the clearing, stopping the mole with an outstretched arm to observe.
Kage backs up slightly and raises both paws "I have no weapons drawn squirrel, so do calm yourself down before you have a heeart attck or something." He studies the badger and clears his throat"I can look at your footpaw, if you allow me to.I do know healing after all"   

Krisha slightly glares at the wildcat, it's clear she is still unsure of trusting him."I am fine,just stumbled backwards cause of the tree falling." The two otters and two moles with her seem unsure of weather to go or stay,the badger sighs"You can head on to the abbey,I will be along shortly." One otter does take the two moles from the den Krisha stped at to go to the abbey,but onbe otter stays behind to help if needed and its clear they dont want to leave the badger mother alone right now,just in case something else happens.   

"You have your claws," John hisses, though the dagger is lowered. When the beast with Krisha are ordered back it looks like the squirrel wants to protest though he says little, placing the dagger back on his belt and stepping back. "Krisha, can you stand?"   

Breathing a sigh of relief, Atticus steps into the open. "MacGarran!" He calls, "Who are your friends, hmm?" He only spares Kage a brief glance as if they are strangers. "Is that the famed badger mother of Redwall?"
Kage lets out his claws and then they go back into his paw pads,"Hmmm yes, it seems I do."He brifly looks at Atticus and back to the others,quite for now as he glacies at the badger mother again,he will stay where he is unless she is fine with him checking on her footpaw.
Krisha goes to stand, a couple steps or more of a limp she tenss up a little "I can walk..abbey isn't too far."She looks over at the ferret and gives a nod to him."Hello sir."It's always good to be polite.A glace at the ruined cabin and down tree"Something probally should be done with the tree and cabin,not sure what though.'   

"Will you be fine, Krisha?" John says first before saying, "...Aye," slowly. There's a reluctance in his voice as John answers the ferret's question and Atticus doesn't miss it. "Though I don't know about the wildcat."   

"Well then," the ferret responds, "He seems friendly enough." Atticus raises the saw in his paws with a good natured smile to the badger. "We'll take care of it. Beasts need wood, after all. Right, MacGarran?" He adds pointedly at John, who hadn't taken his eyes off the wildcat.
Kage just stares right back at John,he chuckles oddlyand still stares at John, then he yawns and strtches "Well if all is good then, prehaps I should head off..tis cold out here and de black Gull has some fine fire ale, good stuff."He smirks a bit and starts to head the direction of the bar thats up north on the road.
Krisha watches the cat go and shakes her head.She nods to John"I think so, just gonn take it slow. the tree barely missed hitting me.."She frowns, it barely missed her and she could of been seriously hurt and very lucky she wasn't.She clears her throat"I suppose wood could be useful for building or firewood for winter." Her footpaw still hurts a bit but it is a little less hurting, swollen though now but it's not too far from the abbey where they are .   

Atticus nods. "The Black Gull is the only good tavern remaining nowadays since Redthorn changed paws." He adds slyly. "Perhaps we can be better aquatinted after our work here is done. As the good badger said, there's firewood to gather. Farewell, friend!"

After giving a short, curt nod to Krisha with the words, "Alrighty then. I'll trust the otter to see you back in case you have any trouble." The squirrel more openly wears his disdain for the wildcat, glaring at the retreating figure.   

Krisha nods,a soft smile"You are welcome to come to the abbey if you want John."The otter stays close to Krisha to help her get to the abbey,and it seems after a few slow paces the other otter had sent some help after all to make sure they got to the abbey safe and sound.   

"I might very well show up soon," John replies with a slight bow, relaxing again, "Though good day for now, Krisha."   

The ferret watches the badger and otter leave. "So you are a friend of the abbey," Atticus remarks.   

"Aye, and?" John says, not much liking the look in the ferret's eye. "Same as most woodlanders in the area."   

"Hmm." Atticus rolls his shoulders before patting the fallen trunk. "Well, one day I must visit the place. A friend of mine lives there now, and I would like to see how he's doing. But before that there's work to be done."

#24 RP Chat » Any Planed Plots before end of year? » 2022-12-04 01:01:12 PM

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I know Terrence menchioned maybe something with the one group of  beasts in Ferravale area.

I have a small  little plot palned that may happen before year's end...involving a old tree falling in the  woods, like an old maple tree .

#25 Logs » Feast Time!Autumn of the Roof!!! » 2022-11-26 07:32:32 PM

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*Its Long as has some pre feast stuff*

In the middle of the mostly empty hall the many tables sat waiting for the feast sat. A squirrel, Spruce, was adjusting one of the spoons - he'd spent more than half an hour making sure everything was perfectly set, having roped in the help of the few hapless novices running around and the mouse visitor-turned-resident, Urtas. The latter looks at his friend with a sigh. "You went over this table already.

"Yes, but /someone/ bumped it."   

Jaison glaces over and chuckles slightly"I am sure no one is worried if a spoon is slightly out of place,lest I don't think anyways"   

Krisha is making sure the dibbuns behave and finish cleaning up before the feast,so far they have behaved and it's likely cause its close to time of the snow badger or least here in a few weeks.A soft sigh as a young vole is told to go clean his paw,again.
With both paws gesturing to Jaison, Urtas half seriously pleads with the squirrel. "Listen to the good healer, Spruce, com'on!"   

"It matters to /me/." The squirrel mutters, stepping back from the table. "And besides, I'm done now. I think....." He eyes the rest of the tables.   

Jaison nods"I see, not to worry all should be fine and in order for the feast today.It will be very nice"
Krisha glaces over at the beasts in the room but for now stays where she is keeping the dibbuns out of trouble and out of beasts way till it's time to sit down.   

"Yes, no thanks to this lot..." Spruce says, pointing over his shoulder at Urtas - but he has a grin on his face that grows even wider as the mouse scoffs behind him. "Oi, I /told/ you details aren't my thing."
"Yeah, yeah," Spruce waves him off, though his bright expression falters when he spots the dibbuns. Ever since Dochas left they've been more behaved, /shockingly/, and he'd been blamed for a lot less, but... "I kinda miss when the dibbuns went wild. It was fun to watch the fireworks go off."
Jaison frowns"I like them behaved, no beast should run around and scream for no reason and besides."He clears his throat "Its the winter season soon enough, snow badger and all that. of course they behave for that and likely back to crazy afterwards but whom knows. I never was...ill behaved as a dibbun"   

Lacota is naturally busy in the kitchen right now. His assistants run hither and thither to make things ready.   

Krisha tells the dibbuns to go off with Sister Anna and walks over to the others"Hello,I do hope all is well"
Gorvenalus has been in the library most of the day, but Oz does wander inside and look around. He has spent a lot of time in the orchards learning about the bees and how to care for them.
"Hullo, badger mother!" Spruce waves- the slight tension he had held disappears with the dibbuns gone. "I think everything is set out here, though I'm a tad unwilling to ask the friar how goes his work. I don't want my head bitten off."   

The mouse, Urtas, glances at Jaison with a questioning brow. "Snow Badger, what's that, Master Healer?"   

Jaison smiles"I am doing well.The infirm is nice and organized and should be finbe threw winter"He looks at the mouse"You don't know the snow badger? He ...well story goes he brings winter or well his snow hares do and he brings gifts to good beasts all over or most places and i am unsure of not so good beasts, and sometimes he will let a beast see him but thats rare.I am unsure he is real or not myself but snow is nice, and if he is real he brought WAY too much snow that one year."   

This whole time, novices keep bringing food out to place on the assembled tables.   

Krisha nods,a small frown at Jaison as she thinks on the winter he speaks of,but she doesn't dweel on it too long."Its not for a while yet, that snow comes and sometimes snow comes a few days before that"She has yet to figure out how to do things this year.   

Oz sits at one of the far tables, staying out of the way for now and close to the library steps.

"I never saw snow till last spring, when I came to Mossflower." Urtas replies, "It was all melting then though. I also did not know you inlanders had a legend about it, either."   

Spruce spares a glance at Oz sitting off to the side. He turns around to face the other beasts, though many is addressing Jaison and Urtas. "Say, anyone wish to, uh, /test/ the cordial and ales in the cellar before the feast? I'm not sure the hedgehog managed it yet, and, well, someone's got to make sure they won't make us all sick - and top quality, of course.... You want in, Mother Krisha?"   

Jaison frowns"I am sure it's fine, besides there will be enough at the feast for those able to drink it. And drinking to much is not a good thing,not at all". Nearby is a chuckle,it seems a certain wildcat is visiting,he heard of the feast so he wandered over to the abbey.Hey free food and good food at that.It was one thing he loved about this place,the good food.   

Krisha crosses her arms"No..."She hears the laugh and then sees the wildcat.A deep breath as she calms herself,she still is unsure of the cat and when he is around she avoids him.   

Oz tilts his head and decides to see what is going on"Is..something wrong? What is funny?"

Lacota would likely tan their hides if he caught them in the cellar sampling the drinks. At any rate, the squirrel suddnly makes an appearance from the kitchen, pushing a trolley toward the head table, a large cake sat upon its top.   

"Come on, Jaison, Krisha, even a /taste?/" Spruce spreads his arms out. "Don't you ever want to live a little, eh?" He can see Urtas face palming in the background, and he tries to salvage the plan. "It'll be for the good of the abbey, and the feast! It's a noble cau-" he stops, hearing the laughter as well - and spying the friar. Urtas though shifts uncomfortably at the Wildcat's appearance.   

Jaison says, "I don't drink."He says calmly"Just in case I need to tend to something,besides most drinks taste bad to me. tea or water is fine,maybe a small little bit of cider now and then"   

Kage snorts as he listens but he doesn't wander over to the group. He decides to stay by the doorway though as he watches others come and go from the room,others being busy with things that need done in time for teh feast.
Krisha shakes her head"No driking any ale right now, we can wait for the feast as it's for the feast"   

The younger squirrel in the room shrugs, "Well, it's not just ale down there - I'm more interested in the /non/-alcohol containing sweet stuff, to be frank." Spruce grins, though he's put off by Urtas' and the badger mother's reaction to the wildcat. "Friar Lacota! What say you? Wanna taste test the feast's drinks when you're done?" He calls over, not at all expecting the older squirrel to agree.   

The same door Kage stood near opens again - this time revealing too bundled up hares in their dress uniform. "Heyo, Redwall!" calls Greenhill, taking off the long over coat of the Patrol, "Corporal Eshter Sheen and Private Lawrence Harolds, representing the 67th for this wonderful feast- oh. We're early, it seems."   

Jaison just shakes his head, a small shrug"There is a rather nice strawberry fizz with some slight...peach I think in it, not sure tis new."He waves to the hares"Hello!"

Lacota snorts, as he gets a novice to help him lift the cake up onto the head table. "You know as well as I do that Matilda will have a fit if you do."
Krisha sits downn in a chair,she seems a little tried now and it's still a liittle while before the feast starts.   

"There's hope for you yet," Spruce says with a sly grin at the healer. He waves a paw at the friar. "Yeah, yeah, I'm aware. But the risk's half the fun!" He winks.   

The hares for their part nod in greeting. "Badger Mother Krisha, right?" Sheen says, walking right past Kage to stand by the rest of the beasts in the hall. The hare Harolds, though, narrows his eyes at the wildcat as he passes. Urtas meanwhile has made himself busy by helping out with the novices brining out food.
Krisha nods to face the hares"Yes I am Krisha,was you needing something?"   

Jaison smiles a bit" is good to wait,after rush am I correct?"   

Esther blinks. "Uh, just saying hello - we're here for the feast, of course." She adds a smile for good measure, before turning to Jaison and Spruce. "Hello! I don't think we've met - I'm Esther Sheen, of the 67th Patrol. We came last feast though I don't really recall either of you, I think."   

"I'm Spruce," the squirrel murmurs in response.
Krisha nods"Of course, its good to still have some Long Patrol hares nearby the abbey.It makes the area safer and helps to keep the peace."   

Gorvenalus chooses now to wander down the steps from the library.He is carring a couple books down that he will place in his room for now.   

Lacota harrumps. "You mean to eat us out of house and home, I think," he scoffs.   

"Well," Sheen begins, turning to Lacota, "If you weren't such a good cook there would be no danger of that," she says as sweetly as she can, "But the world would be worse for it, I'd say!" With a laugh she looks back at the badger, bowing her head. "That's our hopes for Mossflower - and the Abbey - too."   

Jaison nods"Peace is always nice to have,tis a good thing" Meanwhile the wildcat yawns as if he is bored and looks towards the doorway that leads to the kichens while everyone else appears busy at the mormeent.   

Lacota harrumps again, but he nods. "Aye, it's good to finally be appreciated, it is. I dare say beasts here have started to take me for granted."   

Krisha smiles"Yes, peace is good.The woods have been very quiet,for the most part. Nothing really been happening."A small frown"Even when they found.....well no one knows what happen really,no signs of a fight or so I heard"   

Oz sighs And looks hopefull"Could I take a walk in the woods, I am old enough to explore on my own and I know to be carefull and to avoid areas that look creepy or out of place."
"Trust me, my good friar," Sheen says still with that smile, "Us hares would never ever take your skills for granted." At the reference to Elbio, though, the smile falters. "The loss of the lieutenant hit us all pretty hard in the Patrol. We still haven't found the culprit, either, which is why there aren't more hares here - the commander's doesn't wish to show her face her until she can bring to justice whoever is responsible."   

The other hare hasn't moved that far into the room, keeping an eye on the wildcat - when he yawns, Harolds flinches slightly.   

"You know Oz, maybe I could show you around some time." Spruce says to the young badger. "I've only left the Abbey a few times since I got here, but I like to think I know my way around."   

Jaison sits,a look to the wildcat"Tried? its still early afternoon"
Kage just smirks as he gets up"I am fine,no worries"   

Krisha shakes her head"You are not going out alone Oz...I"She starts to lecture him when a novice rushes over and whispers something"A dibbun did what!?"And...she rushes off, no lectures today it seems.
Gorvenalus frowns "But....."And he blinks as she rushes off"WHat...just happen?" Its hard to say but a dibbun is likely in trouble,well the dibbun mischief had to happen at some point.
"Alright." Spruce whispers low enough for no one else but Oz, "Now I'll definitely help break you out - though I'm scared to death by your mother."   

Sheen, for her part, coughs once. "Well then. Er..." She catches Harolds' eye, who turns to the wildcat after a moment. "Say, friend, what's your name?" The attempt to break the ice is painful for anyone who hears.
Kage grins"I am Kage, pleased to meet you..."He starts to head to the cellar it seems.But Jaison stops him"I say you should..stop, we all should stay where we are.."The wildcat chuckles"You lot are no fun at all,you know that right?"
Oz blinks"Break...out?" He looks at the wildcat and frowns,and back to Spruce"But where would we ..go? And I should likely stay as mother would just worry or like ground me till I am like super, super old and all grey and stuff"
The squirrel waves his paw, "Easier t beg forgiveness than ask permission, they say, and I for one don't intend to leave Redwall permanently. As for where, well," he glances at the wildcat even as he whispers to the badger, "The river moss, maybe a few of the taverns around, or the ol' ruined church. We could be back in a day or two."   

Harolds' eyebrows raise when the healer stops Kage. "Is there a problem?" He asks the healer, hoping to stop any conflict arising.   
"Oi, Harolds!" Sheen calls, "I'm sure they can figure it out. I'm gonna find a seat."   

Oz blinks "I only know of the..Black Gull taven and I don't think its very friendly to many beasts and it's kind of creepy"
Jaison had left the room for a short while, but now comes back .He frowns as the wildcat Kage just seems, well he isbn't sure just slightly annoying and the whole no one is fun statement"What is that supposed to mean sir?"   

"You wouldn't fit in, no..." Spruce mutters. "But we can probably talk about this later." Truth be told the squirrel was no wholly distracted by the wildcat, the healer, and hares. Harolds coughs. "Erm, excuse me," he says, distancing himself from the pair.   

Oz nods"Yeah, besides I likely , not sure on wandering off anyways"   

Jaison sighs and just decides to not worry on the wildcat.Kage though raises an eyebrow at the hares and slips out a cantee of some sort and takes a sip from it before placeing it back into his pocket"I simply stared you woodlanders seem to not have any since of adventure, doesnt that get rather boring?"   

Lacota is *still* busy setting up, as the Abbot seems to be busy with some important business that's kept him later than expected.   
"I'd say it does!" Spruce calls from across the hall, deciding to be rather friendly to the wildcat everyone else seems to have some sort of aversion to. Greenhill laughs. "Adventure is a tricky thing - and /long/. And sometime boring is better."   

Oz frowns "Adventures can be..back and get you into trouble even if your not looking for trouble."   

Kage shrugs "One good thibg bout this place is de food, tis the best"

"That we can all agree on!" Greenhill grins, "Speaking of, now I better find a seat..." The hare turns away, moving across the hall. Spruce looks around. "Where'd Urtas get to?" He murmurs, shaking his head. "Anyway, I'm gonna go down to the cellar to see if I can't taste test what's being brought out for the feast," he says with a wave to Oz. "See you in a bit!"   

Returning from his foray to the cellars after some time, Spruce seems a bit sheepish as he enters the Great Hall. "Locked..." He mutters to a bewildered Urtas who had emerged from the kitchens a little while ago.   

"For the best, I'd say," the young mouse replies with an arched brow and half smirk. "You won't gain anyone's ire now."   
The squirrel huffs.   

Chestnut has been watching the Redwallers most of the day from her perch, the sparra never relly were ones much for the feasts, well she did jion in one once,last winter or maybe the authumn before that,for now she simply watches the going ons.   

Krisha walks into the great hall, a soft sigh and a shake of her head.Sister Anna beside her"Well could of been worse, least paint washes out...just not as soon as one may want"A very surper grumpy and..bright blue? Brother Rick sits at the far end of the room muttering to himself.   

Jaison has gotten some last morment work in before he ventures into the room, he looks around to see whom is here and who is not.   

Oz tilts his head and frowns "Why is Brother rick's fur all blue?" One of the older dibbuns shrug and another speaks "Cause he triped the string and the bucket came down on his head...lotta paint so he is blue, I think it was supposed to be someone else though."   

"Well, there's still things to do," Urtas says to his friend, already moving for the kitchens. "And I for one like making myself useful."   

Spruce mutters something under his breath that no one catches - but the pair of woodlanders both spot the blue brother at nearly the same time. Spruce's sudden fit of laughter at Rick's misfortune is tempered somewhat by Urtas', "Oh, oh no..."
Chestnut finds this so funny she falls off her perch and rights herself just in time to flutter to the floor and chuckle,"Abbey worm all blue, ha ha ha ha."   

Krisha just takes a deep breath, the feast is soon and hopefully things calm down soon.The dibbuns involved are for sure getting a lecture before bedtime.   

Jaison stays where he is "Well...that happen I suppose."   

Oz just watches Brother Rick do his best to remain calm and less grumpy. The young badger speaks "That wasnt very nice for who ever it was ment to fall on."   

Unlike the squirrel, Urtas doesn't seem to find the blue abbey brother that amusing - doubly so when he notices the sparrow laughing as well. In fact he seems on edge just by being near the bird...   

"Brother Rick!" Spruce calls, "Maybe a bath is in order, huh? Unless you're going for a festival look, eh?"   

Chestnut strightens up and smooths out her feathers."Alla abbey worms have feast, maybe I jion in too?"
Brother Rick just rolls his eyes "It won't come off that easy,I tried."A short glare gets those still thinking it's funny to suddenly stighten up in thier seats,a mutter from the old squirrel "Youngins these days..."   

Krisha looks at the dibbuns, who look a little worried now and hope this matter is forgotten soon.   

Oz just stays quiet, the room ius just sort of quiet for a morment as well.Oz notices the sparra and waves.
"It won't?" An impish grin spreads across the younger squirrel's face. "Brother Rick," Spruce cries, pressing his paws to his heart in mock shock, "Are you implying you haven't even /tried/ to wash it out? Goodness, I'm glad I don't have to sit near you! Can't imagine the paint smells nice."
Chestnut stays a little out of the way , a couple other of the sparrows come down now to see what is happening and likely to wonder where Chestnut went off to.   

Brother Rick hmmphs loudly , muttering something bout manners as he did indeed attempt to get it off, he storms off to the entry and out towards the gatehouse,well suppose someone has to watch the gate,he likely will wander back in later on.   

Krisha sighs as the old squirrel storms off, a look at the couple dibbuns who clearly set up the paint trap.They frown,yep they likely in trouble later on.   

Jaison frowns, he looks around and towards the steps "I wonder where the abbot is." Of course some slight chaos would happen before the abbot showed up.   

Oz just watches him head off, the badger will make sure a piece of the Brother's fave desert is saved for him.   

"Maybe he'll take that bath, now..." Spruce says, feeling a bit guilty about driving the older squirrel off. "But," he remarks to Urtas who hold a grimace on his face at the whole affair, though in truth was more distracted and unsettled by the appearance of more birds, "The stuff to wash that out - lard and whatnot - is /not/ what I'd call a pleasant smell. I've had to wash paint out of my fur at least thrice because of the dibbuns."   

Chestnut is jioned by a couple more sparrows.Oh boy now there is 5 sparrows in the room! Will more show up?Who knows.
Jaison notices the "Oh the Sparra are...not in the rafters,how intresting." He does keep his distance from the birds though.
Gorvenalus comes from the library now and finds a seat.
"All five of them..." Spruce mutters, plopping himself down in a chair. Urtas is standing by nervously watching the birds. "Don't worry," the squirrel whispers to his friend, "The Sparrows - or 'Sparra' - aren't really a threat. They managed to nearly wipe themselves out a few seasons before I got here, and they haven't been much to worry about since."   

Chestnut luckly is too far away to hear Spruce, indeed the sparrow are few, 5 here in the great hall and 3-4 others, includeing her son, still in the rafters   

Krisha clears her throat"Let's all settle down now, the feast should be starting any morment now"   

Jaison glaces at the sparrow and smiles a little "Feel free stay and jion us.All is welociome to a feast"   

The sparrows chatter to themselves and , for now, head off for a short while
Benar finally arrives, he's a bit late, he's been talking to the Sparra Queen, the work on the roof is complete, the scaffolding is mostly down and the two where just saying their thank yous. The sparra nest is now secure for the winter and the abbey won't fill up with water next time it rains so win-win.
Benar pauses inside the entranceway and pushes back his hood, looking over the groaning tables laden with food, the bright candlelight, the fire-roaring in the hearth and starts to make his way around the edge of the room toward his chair and table.
"Good day everyone," Benar says, "I am glad to see you all, we have some extra guests," coming through the doors behind him are the sparra. They flap in following their Queen and start to make their way toward the tables, chirping and saying hello to all the abbey worms as they begin to land.   

"Now everyone seats please and my sparra friends," he eyes two nearby birds, "No eating until I open the feast."   
Chestnut seems to pout at this but nods "Abbotworm was very nice yes for inviting us, is very good abbey worm and feel most welcome at feast." Well looks like all the sparrow are here now. Well almost all it seems the prince is likely staying guard at the nests.   

Krisha smiels as Benar gets to the feast,the dibbuns quiet down from where they were taling quietly and some other beasts quiet down as well.   

Jaison gives a nods and gives his attention to the abbot now as the feast is about to start now.   

There's another group that comes in late behind the sparrows and the abbot - woodlanders from Mossflower. Farmers, frontierbeasts, former citizens of Farrevale, and, noticeably, John MacGarran. Having just been able to catch Benar's words he turns to those around him and relays it before entering hall and escaping the chill autumn air. There's a bit of a clamour as everyone finds their seats, and suddenly Spruce and Urtas - who the young squirrel had to drag down into the seat next to him - were surrounded by abbey beasts and their friends from Mossflower.   

Oz waits for things to start, as does Gorvenaslus as the recorder gets out his log book to write a few things down.   

Sparras flutter down to land on benches and chatter to abbeyworms nearby.
Benar stops near Chestnut and smiles, "Oh hello there, I am glad you could make it, do enjoy the feast."   

The squirrel then spots others arriving, the seats growing full, beasts are going to be impatient to start so he hurries to his chair, waving at John in passing and then rings the bell by his place. It's clear silver chime rings in the air and he smiles at everyone waiting for quiet... or at least it to be quieter.   
Lacota is FINALLY able to start the feast. He's been shooing beasts away from the table for awhile.   

John waves back with a cheery grin. "Heyo, Father Abbot! Managed to find a few more guests for today." He says, just as the bells chime. He takes a seat near to the head of the table but not quite among the abbey elders   

Urtas slaps Spruce's paw away from sneaking an early biscuit.   

Chestnut nods and jions her sparra quietly and waits
Krisha quietly waits, stern look helps a dibbun get quiet quickly
Jaison smiles, "Oh more beats, this is nice"   

Oz is curious whom all the arriveing beasts are but he decides to ask later on.   
"Welcome everyone," Benar says, "To the Autumn of the Roof," he smiles, "A simple name maybe but for a very important reason. Everyone in this room has helped with the restoration of the Abbey roof and the Sparra lofts."   

He gestures, "From beasts who climbed up to the roof to do the work, to those who helped build the scaffolding, to the sparra who flew us supplies from across the land and to Abbey folks and guests who helped keep the work force fed."   

He smiles, "Without all of you we'd have rain leaking through the roof and damaging the structure from now until spring. So it is with a great heart I can announce the work on the roof is complete," he lifts up a tankard of October Ale, "And the feast prepared by Friar Lacota and his team is begun!"   
Chestnut smiles as she stays near her fellow sparra.This is nice to miggle with the abbey worrms from time to time, likely her and her sparra will stay in the lofts come winter and be seen again in the spring.   

Krisha raises her own mug and nods,a smile"Yes to a great feast and to the roof being fully repaired."   

"Autumn of the /Roof/!" Spruce taps his forehead. "Of course, I probably should have guessed that." He says, attempting to write the name down on napkin - but Urtas grabs his wrist. "Bad idea."   

"Here, here!" John had already managed to find a mug of ale. "To the Abbey Roof!"   

Jaison smiles"Yes, a fitting name indeed for the season"   

Oz smiles "I like the name.."Gorvenalus chuckles as he writes down some things in the abbey logs book and sits the book aside to lift his own mug,a nod and smile"Yes indeed"   

Lacota nods, and claps politely. "Yes, it has been concering for some time. In honor of the occasion..." He rings a small bell, and two novices wheel out a cart with a cake in in the shape of the Abbey. All around, and on the roof, are tiny figures of marzipan, including one of Abbot Benar in front of the main doors, directing it all.   
"Oh gosh that is wonderful," Benar peers at the cake and smiles, "Simply amazing Lacota... I can see why you wouldn't let me into the bakery now! This is exquiste!"   

Benar sets down his tankard and smiles, "Welcome everyone, now please... dig into the delicious food. Just no stealing figures off the cake until the Friar says we can eat them."   
Chestnut smiles as some novices decide to get the plates for the sparra warriors,she nods her thanks and smiles as some berry muffins are set before the sparra as well."Abbey worm food is always goodgood!"
Krisha and Sister Anna help the dibbuns get a drink and a plate of food befoe getting herself some food and a drink.She sits down and miles as the dibbuns behave themselves now and enjoy the feast.   

Jaison hmmms "One should check on brother Rick and bring him a plate of food and some Ale.Maybe see if he is less grumpy than he was ealier"   

Whistling at the sight of the cake, John glances at the friar. "Think you outdid yourself, eh?" He grins, before tucking in.   
Likewise Urtas and Spruce start collecting food on their plate. "Hey, Oz!" The young squirrel calls, "You think they managed to make a mini you?"   

Down the table the two hares of the 67th have been sitting politely, but that the go ahead has been given they do as hares do.
Oz frowns "He got a lot of blue paint all over him, he is gonna be moody for days propally"He is then curious, hmmm a mini him....maybe but right now food first.   

Gorvenalus goes to get some food and tea todrink before going back to his seat.

Benar asks, "I am sure Brother Rick can join us if he asks nicely," BEnar says as he helps himself to some salad, "How is everyone else doing? I trust you have all been enjoying your days?"

After a moment's pause, Spruce rises with a sigh. "I can bring him food, if need be." He announces to the table, "I feel a bit bad for needling him earlier - didn't realize it would bother him so."   

John mutters to whoever is nearby, "What happened? I know Rick being grumpy isn't new, but what's this 'bout blue paint?"   

Krisha smiles "I have been fine and the dibbuns have behaved, well most of the time anyways but I think they shall behave now as it is almost time for the snow badger after all to show up here in a few weeks"   

Lacota raises a paw. "It me and my helpers over a week, but we managed to make an edible figure of nearly every Abbey member. Please, look for yourself, if you can."   

Jaison replies"A couple dibbuns had a bucket with the paint and he triped the string and got the paint on him..."he frowns"A couple dibbuns set up a string with a bucket of blue paint, but for someone other than Brother Rick but Brother Rick is de one that...well set it off"   

Oz smiles, finding himself will be fun but he likely woulnt eat the figure.He would save it, save it till it got all mushy and gross and...well likely far from looking like it did before.

Gorvenalus smiles"Indeed a very nice surprise with the cake, very nicely done"
"If a creature eats a miniature of themselves, is that a form of cannibalism?" John laughs though sobers somewhat by the look one of the older abbey members he remembers from his youth gives him a scowl. So he turns to the healer with a knowing smile. "Ah, the old bucket trick. Evil idea to replace the water with paint, though. I wonder how we never that to do that when we were dibbuns."
"Maybe we could make brother Rick's figure blue, eh? And then-omphf!" Spruce is cut off as Urtas elbows him in the ribs. "Right, right, I'll fix up a plate for him, don't worry."
Benar says, "Ah... well blue is a good colour, I was blue once," he smiled, "But I was a child when that happened."
Krisha just enjoys the feast, the dibbuns are being good for now so maybe she wont lecture them later,she did already give a quick lecture before they came to the feast.
Jaison shrugs,a sip of his drink now"Dibbuns can indeed be very intresting"   

Lacota glances at Benar curiously. "Blue? You got into paint? I always assumed you were a very well behaved boy in your younger seasons."   

Oz didnt do much when he was younger, he is still young but more in his teen seasons now.He is novice age in fact but has yet to really become one, but he has taken great intrest in learning about the bees and singing a lot.   

Benar smiles at Lacota, "I grew up in the north, I was captured, I was a slave, I was rescued, I was kidnapped again, I was adopted by my Mother and Father. I had a very adventursome youth."   

Spruce gathers a plate of good food and heads outside towards the gatehouse. He hopes Rick isn't too upset....
"I always thought you were from Southsward, truth be told, Father Abbot." John interjects, surprise on his face. "Don't know why, though."   

Krisha listens as beasts speak quietly to one another.   

Jaison says, "I grew up fully at the abbey, my patrents lived in the woods but after a very hard winter they came to the abbey."
Gorvenalus just smiles as he listens,"It seems the north would be a hard place for one to live in would it not?"   

Benar helps himself to some more food, "Well I lived in Southsward for twelve seasons, I was a Quartermaster in their army before I came back to Redwall and became a Novice."   
"Ahh, I'd heard that," John says, taking a sip of ale. "Suppose I'd just assumed... Where in the northlands were you born? If you don't mind me asking, of course."   

Lacota nods at the other squirrel. "Our lives were not so terribly different, I see. Fascinating. We must discuss this more over tea."   

Krisha listens quietly as she has heard this storey some before this. She keeps an eye on the dibbuns and makes sure they behave for the rest of the feast and they do, and the rest of the night is peaceful as well. Maybe the dibbuns will behave for a while, least till after the snow badger most likely at least   

Jaison hmmms and a bit late to the feast is the wildcat Kage. He had wandered off for a bit but returns in time to enjoy some good abbey food.   

Oz blinks "Ummm...Abbot Benar was like a...he fought before?" This is serious new to the badger."When was that?"   

Benar says, "No," he smiled at Oz, "I did not fight, I was a Quartermaster I was in charge of making sure everyone had supplies and food and was taken care of." He looked over at the others, watching people enjoying the feast and smiles. "So Jaison how have you been?"
Jaison smiles"I have been fine Abbot. And all is well in the infirmary too,and the herb garden did very well indeed this season,I also found a couple harder to find herbs we needed in the woods."   

Oz wows, "Sounds neat. I wanna help with bees....and sing, fighting is bad, even if it does save lives sometimes."He frowns"It also takes lifes and...and that can be bad too"   

Lacota makes sure that everyone is getting their fill, as he flits about the room.
Benar smiles at Oz and nods, "You are good with the bees, they tell me you have been very helpful in getting them ready for winter." He helps himself to some trifle, "And I am glad to hear it Jaison, the herb garden always worries me towards thisend of winter."   

Jaison smiles"Well not to worry then, the herbs for cooking even did very well too. course some can be used for healing among those as well."He smiles"Honey is usefull even in healing."   

Oz listens, a smile"Yeah..and the bees have wax too in the hive, thats helpful to the abbey also.But we do keep some honey and stuff in the hive so the bees have food for the winter time."
Lacota nods. "I expect we'll have a good harvest of honey this season."   

Benar asks, "We have had a good harvest all arond so far," Benar said as he finished his trifle, "So Lacota is it time to cut the cake?"

At this point, Spruce comes back as quietly as he can, though it's still pretty obvious as the large door creaks on its hinges. Slightly red faced he darts back to his seat.   

Jaison smiles "Oh...cake time?" Or he hopes so anyways
Oz smiles"Cake...yeah"He chuckles a little as a couple shhh him.When he is able to get the cake he will enjoy it and will find his little figure of himself to save, save somewhere and forget about it after...oh a few weeks,find it and it's basically a glob of what use to be pretty cool looking in a side pocket of one of his tunics.   

Lacota belatedly nods. "Yes! Gather around, everybeast, find your facsimile! It's time to cut the cake." He hands the knife to Benar. "Father Abbot, would you do the honors?"   

John leans back in his seat. "Not sure the sugar'll do me any good, but..." He quiets down as the knife is handed off.   

Benar smiles and picks up the knife, "Very well, for the Autumn of the Roof, let us all have cake," he starts to cut the cake, handing out a slice anda small marzipan figurine to each person.
When eventually Spruce is handed his portion, he picks up the figure of himself. "Say, friar, what's this exactly made of?"   

Jaison nods,"Cake is always good.Course after some healthy food first"   

Lacota looks over at spruce. "It's called 'Marzipan'. A recipe I learned from a pirate a long time ago. There's a great deal of sugar in it."   
Lacota says, "It also contains honey and almonds."   

Benar says, "I do love Marzipan but oi try not to eat it too often," he nibbles on his, "But I do love it, it is so much nicer then eating almonds"

"Ahh." Spruce stares at the mini him for a long moment. Setting the figure off to the side he digs in the cake.   

John nods. "For sure, though for me maybe the cake might be a tad too much," he says, half way through his slice. "Not gonna stop me, of course."   

Lacota smiles, and selects the figure of himself. "It was quite a tall task to try and model every abbey beast, but I think it was worth it."   
Benar says, "They look amazing Lacota, you did a brilliant job, I love how you dyed them all different colours."
Lacota nods, pleased. "Your praise means a lot to me, Benar."
Benar says, "I am glad Lacota and it is always good to enjoy one of youer feasts, now I should go do my rounds and talk to everyone"
Lacota nods, and stays behind to help clean up.

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