The Shadow Cartel

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The Shadow Cartel is in a nut shell a wide spread thieves guild. They provide a safe refuge and resources for those who exist outside the law. In theory the thieves guild can exist nearly anywhere, some places being harder to infiltrate than others though simply due to location, culture, or lack of things to steal.

In exchange for a sizable portion of their earnings Thieves Guild members are given a host of resources. They provide tools of the trade not found elsewhere, fences to sell your loot too, lucrative job contracts, places to change your identity, and places to hide when the heat is on.

Despite rumors to the contrary, much of which was spread There is no one central leader of the guild, rather each leader of a guild hall are members of a council that meet every so often to discuss the over all state of the business.

Rules and Policies

Icly each guild leader is responsible for setting up and enforcing their own laws, rules and policies. The over all In Character rules for the guild are as follows. Breaking these rules is usually subject to a case by case bias but can range from being fined, to suspending guild benefits for a period of time, to waking up one morning with a team of hired assassins out to get you.

  1. Do not steal from or harm the guild or its members.
  2. The guild does not take jobs to assassinate people, they are however not above hiring out to them when the need arises or putting others in contact with them. Members taking assassin jobs on the side is up to the guild leaders, as long as they get a cut of the profits.
  3. Don't get caught. Those who get themselves into jail should be able to get themselves out. Those that expose the Guild to risk are not looked on favorably.

OOCly rules are the same as those of the muck. You are however free to run any story you see fit with out my permission as long as it's PG. If you somehow manage to get your guild hall burned down or get everyone arrested please let me know simply so I know.

Unless one of my alts is going to get killed or captured you don't need my permission to run a story. That goes for using npcs in other stories as well. If you want to run a plot as heroes chasing down npc thieves guild members, go for it.

Who can join? And How?

In short EVERYONE. If you have an alt who wants to turn to a life of crime, ally themselves with a shadowy thieves guild, or want to make up a thiefy alt by all means send a page to my alt Dylan or Maffeo. Please keep in mind that as of this post I have 19 active alts. I won't be able to check my mail on each and everyone of them in a timely manor so please send pages about this to only Dylan or Maffeo.

Also you don't actually have to be a thief to join. A guild like this needs forgers, contacts, fences, doctors, corrupt lawyers, etc etc. You also don't actually have to be a guild member to actually join it. For example if your alt wants to help the guild in some way, say give them a place to meet, that works too.

You don't have to be evil either. Light side alts are welcome just as much as Chaotic Evil.

Making a Shadow Cartel

If you wish to make your own Shadow Cartel organization else where on the muck, you have my permission to do so. Just keep me informed. If you want to make a rival guild in these areas you are more than welcome to do so too.

Current Guild Halls and Members

Shadow Cartel hang outs are still in the making.


Aclidia operates more on collecting black mail material than actually physical items. They have uneasy connections in the government that shields them from the majority of harm.

  • Maffeo- Wildcat Guild Leader and Tailor
  • Sibyl- red lizard Thief and Operative


The Mossflower branch works out of the majority of the woods. Redwall, Ferrevale and other small settlements would fall into their territory but they have no dealings with the beasts in charge there. Not nearly as lucrative as other places this branch gets most of its earnings by smuggling supplies through the woods around the many Warlords, Redwall and LP patrols. Not to mention selling and transporting goods to a fore mentioned warlords, bandits, and other who live out side the law. The other half of their earnings comes from simple thievery.

The player who owns the Black Gull Tavern said it was ok to have the Guild have meetings in the upper rooms so until we get an actual base of operations in mossflower this will be where they meet.

  • Dylan- Guild leader lizard and ex bandit (once a few icly plot lines are tied up)
  • Fargo-An obese grey furred weasel and fence.

(Members are still open. A few players expressed interest in joining up but until they are set in stone i will leave this area blank)