The Long Patrol

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The Long Patrol! Who are these uniformed warriors? Why, they are the fighting hares of the Fire Mountain, Salamandastron, whose sworn fealty is to their Badger Lord. Whether with a shout of "Eulalia!" or "Blood 'n' vinegar!", it is these hares' duty to protect the Western Shores and their allies (Redwall highest among them) from their vermin foe.

So, if you are either a hare in search of honor and adventure, or a vermin in search of some evil mischief, this is the place to look! These pages and our forum will be meant to serve as resource and conduit for the group. Please, take advantage of the many benefits afforded by this website!

It is currently the 35th season of the Badger Lord Ciocan's reign, a Winter.

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Joining the Patrol!

LP Rules and Policies - Outdated

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Basic Battle Formation

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Fortified Camp Overview


Rank Structure

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Record Keeping

Recent History of the Patrol - Incomplete

Hares of the Mountain

Spoofs of the Mountain

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