Sometimes Club: Empire of the Rising Sea

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The Island, in brief

  • The climate of the island is subtropical, with a prevailing southeasterly wind (in other words, storms will typically blow in from the southeast).
  • The island is roughly 2 miles (3.2 km) in diameter, thus roughly 6 square miles (10 sq km) in area.
  • There is a large forest on the north side of the island, perhaps 2 square miles. Its mysteries are only partially explored.
  • There was a diamond mine at the base of the still-active volcano, but it has become unproductive lately. It once supplied the empire (and the emperor) with its wealth.
  • The Knothill is an exclusive resort on a bluff on the southwest coast of the island. It caters to the elite and, historically, to visiting notables from other islands. It has a fairly sizable staff and a private dock.
  • Polecats represent a prosperous mercantile minority on the island. Given their influence and affluence, they are widely mistrusted among the rat populace.
  • Directions: portal, [P]ortal to the [W]estern [L]ands, [U]pshore, [Sh]allows, [N]orth, [N]orth, [D]eep [W]ater, [W]est, [N]orth, [W]est, [W]est, [I]sle of the [U]nforgiven

Plot Summary

The empire is in decline. The diamond mine, a major source of wealth, is no longer productive. After the disappearance of his mentor and predecessor, Punch has taken on the mantle of master builder, while Oilrag maintains his position as chief advisor to the king. During a banquet, Gage returns to the island, the only known survivor from the fleet. He brings word of the destruction of the empire's ships.

King Darkfur's mental health deteriorates along with his power. He believes that many of those around him are impostors and orders the capture of queen Dangeon and prince Notch--among others--alive or dead. The hunted royals manage to escape to the Knothill. Captain Viddick, loyal to the king gives chase; Saxifrage Knothill and Gage aid the fugitives (Dangeon, Notch, and Punch) in their flight--but the king's forces soon catch up. Punch and Rona are imprisoned, while Saxifrage and Peridiscus' influential father manages to spring them through undisclosed means. Gage, Dangeon, and Notch, meanwhile, are cast adrift.

Elsewhere on the island, Wallace (a GUOSIM shrew destined for the arenas) Rona, Emma, and several other slaves and captives break out of prison. They camp on the beach, where they meet up with Gage, Notch, and Dangeon.

Cast of Characters

Each character name is followed by a list of logs in which he or she appears, in the chronological order in which the events took place.

If you have your own short description of your character, please let me know.


A slaver recently returned from the mainland with ten woodlander slaves. Though the king ordered her captured, she remains loyal to the crown.

Slaves and DoppelgängersKing, CountermandedManic MonarchJailbreakThe Tagalong Alliance


Dangeon, a hare, is King Darkfur's queen. Accused of being an impostor, she is now on the run with Notch and Gage.

Afternoon of an EmpireThe Queen's StrollNews from the FleetA Different Sort of MonarchViddick Walks into a Bar...AdriftThe Tagalong AllianceGoody Goody Gull-drops


Emma is one of the woodlander slaves brought to the island by Cirith.



King of the increasingly ill-named 'Empire' of the Rising Sea, Darkfur clings to the ceremonies and accoutrements of his position. In the wake of huge economic and military losses, he has become erratic, most recently ordering the capture of several supposed impostors.

Afternoon of an EmpireThe Queen's StrollNews from the FleetSlaves and DoppelgängersManic MonarchJailbreak


Gage, a polecat, is the sole known survivor of the final expeditions of the king's fleet and thus the inheritor of Rurik's title of fleet commander. He has begun to rebuild the navy, more or less from scratch.

News from the FleetA Meeting of the 'CatsA Tyrant in TrainingA Different Sort of MonarchThwarted EscapeAdriftThe Tagalong Alliance


The king's heir and favored child--and well he knows it. The product of the king's earlier marriage, Notch is fond of tormenting the various functionaries with whom his high station frequently surrounds him. He is now on the run from the king's forces, accused of impersonating... himself.

Missed ChanceFun and GamesNews from the FleetA Tyrant in TrainingSlaves and DoppelgängersViddick Walks into a Bar...Thwarted EscapeAdriftThe Tagalong AllianceRocky RetreatGoody Goody Gull-drops


An unctuous polecat, Oilrag is Darkfur's head advisor. He monopolizes the king's time and often serves as a self-appointed gatekeeper. It seems that he harbors certain seditious thoughts.

Pier PressureA Stratagem DisclosedNews from the FleetA Meeting of the 'CatsRoyal RumorsKing, CountermandedA Light DawnsA Dish Served ColdRocky Retreat


Scion of the estimable Knothills, it is Peridiscus' woeful fate that he begins to take over from his father just as his family's fortunes have dwindled somewhat. He is unfailingly polite and occupies himself with various duties around the eponymous Knothill resort, which now doubles as the family's residence.

News from the FleetSpiced RumA Different Sort of MonarchImperial ProjectsThwarted EscapeA Father's RebukeThicker Than Seawater


Punch was fairly thrust into the position of the emperor's master builder after the disappearance of his predecessor. Though the rat long lusted after a position and title in the court, his rapid rise from servitude and obscurity finds him sometimes unsure of foot among his "betters". His current whereabouts are unknown.

Afternoon of an EmpirePier PressureSaxifrage and PunchMissed ChanceThe Queen's StrollFun and GamesA Persistent PestNews from the FleetSpiced RumSpineless SpawnA Different Sort of MonarchImperial ProjectsSlaves and DoppelgängersKing, CountermandedViddick Walks into a Bar...Thwarted EscapeA Light DawnsA Dish Served ColdRocky Retreat


A Tyrant in TrainingA Different Sort of MonarchSlaves and DoppelgängersThwarted EscapeJailbreak


Saxifrage Knothill is, like her brother Peridiscus, much occupied with the business of running the family's reduced but still successful business, in particular the resort. Unlike Peridiscus, she has many suitors.

Saxifrage and PunchMissed ChanceThe Queen's StrollFun and GamesNews from the FleetA Meeting of the 'CatsSpiced RumA Different Sort of MonarchRoyal RumorsViddick Walks into a Bar...Thwarted EscapeThicker Than Seawater


A headstrong adolescent servant in the fortress, now imprisoned in the arena dungeons. The young ferret has a particularly bitter quarrel with Punch.

A Persistent PestSpineless SpawnA Dish Served Cold


The king's Captain of the Guard, and most trusted emissary for the capture of those impersonating the Royal Family and their accomplices. A patient rat, willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain his good reputation.

News from the FleetViddick Walks into a Bar...Thwarted EscapeThe Tagalong AllianceRocky RetreatGoody Goody Gull-drops


A defiant shrew, captured and thrown into the arena dungeons. Little is yet known about why he and his companion came to the island.

Fun and GamesJailbreakThe Tagalong Alliance



Played by: Saxifrage

The butler and concierge of the Knothill, Anselm is one of Peridiscus Knothill, Sr.'s oldest and most trusted friends.

Viddick Walks into a Bar...

Peridiscus, Sr.

Played by: Riverdale

A Father's Rebuke


A rather small mouse who escaped from the dungeons alongside Wallace. His age is not yet specified, but presumably he's fairly young.

Played by: (anyone)

The Tagalong Alliance


A tiny plover who was blown onto the island by an errant wind and took to thinking of himself as a gull. A friend to Dangeon, and generally well-disposed to all.

Played by: Riverdale

Goody Goody Gull-drops


A middle-aged, heavyset ratmaid whose unenviable charge it is to take care of young Notch. She is of uncertain origin, though her accent and mannerisms mark her out as a foreigner among the other rats.

Played by: (anyone)

A Tyrant in Training


Played by: (anyone)

The king's recorder.

Slaves and DoppelgängersManic Monarch