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Hey! This is for anyone who has a char that shows up often around the Fire Mountain, whether they be Long Patrol hare, random beasts who likes to hang out there, Halyard villagers, what have you. If y'all wanna make hares for the Long Patrol or spoof beasts for them to interact with, then please go right ahead. :D

The primary purpose of this group is to give people who aren't necessarily members of the LP the chance to post logs and participate in events at the Mountain. Salamandastron is primarily a place for the LP and its fighting hares, but visitors of other woodlander species are welcome and encouraged. This group is also a good place for those who want to RP in Halyard Village, where vermin and woodlander species are both welcome. Halyard is a great place to RP! There's a full village with everything you would expect, plus a dock/harbor for ships and boats, and if you'd like to live there, page #mail Dagda. The village is currently in need of all general occupations. If you have any other questions, again, page Dagda on the Muck.

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