Redwall Abbey

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Redwall Abbey by Christopher Denise.
Redwall Abbey

Redwall Abbey is a central focus of RP on the MUCK.


A red sandstone abbey in Mossflower, kept by an Order of peaceable woodlanders.


  • To be brothers and sisters of peace and goodwill while living together under the protection of Redwall Abbey.
  • Forsake all unnecessary forms of violence, not only to Mossflower, its trees, grasses, flowers and insects, but to all living creatures.
  • Help and comfort the dispossessed.
  • Harbor orphans and waifs.
  • Offer shelter to all creatures alike.
  • Give clothing, warmth and food to any beast or creature that is deemed in need of such.
  • Educate and learn, particularly in the healing arts, comfort the sick, nurse the injured and help the wounded.
  • Take food from the earth and replenish the land by caring for it; husbanding crops, living in harmony with the seasons always.
  • To honor and protect friends and brethren, only raising paw to do battle when life at Redwall is threatened by treachery and the shadow of war; at these times every Redwall creature should show courage, fortitude and obedience to the Father Abbot. The taking of another life must always be justified and never carried out in a wanton manner.

Sub Locations

  • The Great Hall
  • Cavern Hole
  • The Infirmary
  • Sparra's Loft


Redwall Abbey is located in the Mossflower region, along the Dirt Road.

From portalpra and head north. Look for the gate.

Ongoing Plots

Past Plots

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