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Characters: Aikuen, Ella, Venei, Flicktail

Location: Camp Coranado

Flicktail is dancing like a madfox around the campfire..just prancing and capering about it in a circle, happy with life

Aikuen comes out of the tent with his two daughters. And he smiles at the Fox, "Wellwellwell. Lookie here. Its a mr foxie thing" he chuckles. Both otters run up to the fox and tackle his leg, "Flickyflciky!" the both giggle.

Flicktail hehe's and attemps to scoop each up, one in each arm, as the campfire blazes, "oi ave a surprise....someonin Oi got from e GOUSIM..ave any of ye ever ad...pop corn?

Both otters are big. About the size of a large toddler. They grab the fox around the neck to hold on, and snuggle, "Helloo... Popped corn?" They both look at each other, "Whats corn?" they chuckle. Aikuen knows what corn, and popcorn is. He goes to sit on the side of the fire, "Really Flicky? Wow" he smirks.

Flicktail was asking the dibbuns about popcorn

Flicktail brings out an iron sorta kettle with holes in it on a long stick, and pours in the kernals "now ya thing the 3 of us can keep this near e camp fire..and keep shakin it...and some magic will appen' he winks

Aikuen snorts, "You might want to explain what corn is. Its not exactly a known commodity around here. Grown way WAY out west... On a big country thing..." he laughs. Ella and Venei look at the kettle with puzzlement. But they don't really like fire. So they stay way. Still puzzled though.

Flicktail says, "oh oi will shows em..look we ave a LONg andle so ye don't need ta be near e fire and ye kin sit on either side o me...Corn be a kinda plantwhat grow and makes ese seeds..when ye heat em..somethin magical appens"

The otters sit on either side of the Fox. But still stay away from the fire. They really dont like it, "Like... A seeds that grow?" "What magical be it?" Aik says, "Ill explain later then..." he nods.

Flicktail smiles "put yer paw on e andle..and elp me shake it" brining the pot close to the red embers 'and aye like seeds at grow' showingthem an "ear" of the corn

Venei is a little hesitant. But Ella takes up the first go and grabs the very end of the handle. Just grabbing it.

Flicktail smiles as they touch it there is a sudden POP inside the iron...followed by 2 or 3 more 'at be it SHAKE it

Ella shakes it lightly and then quickly lets go as the popping starts. They scream, "Aaah! What was that!" never hearing a sound like that before. Both otters jump from their spot by the fire and dive into Aik laps. Aik chuckles and comforts them.

Flicktail smiles "it be ok...oi be ere to protect ya..it be e magic...." there are several more pops, the popping ettingfaster "come elp me wi it....ye will loikes it...ya trust ol flicky don't ye?

Both otters pop out from Aiks arms. Watching the kettle. Its not until Aik says, "Its not REALLY magic..." he mumbles, "...Go ahead. It wont hurt you. I promise" he nods and pushes them out. They both slowly get out. Watching the kettle with weary eyes.

Flicktail smiles as soon the kettle top is pushing up with the white fluffy kernals.... flicktail taking it and pouring the warm kernals into a wooden bowl, careful that the dibbuns do notget near the iron..and then offers them..showing them how to eat a paw full

Ella and Venei are very curious at the white things. They blink before following along with what the fox is doing and takes only a few kernels at a time. Eying it. Not really sure. As they don't know that its a type of food. As they don't know what corn is.

Flicktail says, "it be ta eat.....do it taste good?" he sprinkles some sea salt on it"

Ella is the first to nibble on it, "... It tastes funny..." she giggles, "It tastes good... Funny. but goods." With Ella trying some. Venei decides to also, "...Is goods..." she nods.

Flicktail smiles "go ahead, there be plenty, and a beast showed me ow to heat sugar andmake it sweet...ave some Aki?

Aikuen takes a few kernals, "Aye thanks..." he only takes a few though, "Used to be a big trade where im from..." Ella blinks and hrms, "We like cakes. AND FISHES... " she oos.

Flicktail pets the young otters affectionately "well we ave them too.....this be e firsttime Oi ever ad popcorn too..see it grows liek this" he showes then the purple cob of corn

Ella hrms at the pet. So does Venei, "Yay!... What is that thing" she points at the cob. Venei says, "That musta be the corn..." she nods. Though she guesses.

Aikuen chuckles and nods, "Well. I see you later Flicky. Keep the popcorn here. Ill make sure to save some for Fira. She would probly like it." he looks to his kids, "...Come on Kids. While Kenty is away. The otters will play..." the both ooo. Grabbing more corn before heading off after him. As they head into the woods.