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First you should know that this group of RPers is usually very active and secondly despite their species they are all good beasts (or near enough).

Moledeep is owned by the MUCK staff (ie if something broken tell Ajax) but ICly it's owned by the beasts that live there, to a degree.

The IC (In Character) Rules can be found painted on a sign by the entrance of Moledeep.

The OOC (Out Of Character) rules are the same as most any other place.

  1. Be respectful of the other players
  2. Yea Keep swearing to a minimum please.
  3. Don't be afraid to suggest an idea for a RP.
  4. Check your facts first if you can.
  5. Spam is allowed but RP is better.
  6. Please try to be active.

How to Get to Moledeep

If you need directions to Moledeep page or page #mail William on the MUCK.

How to Join

To become a member of this group one must first have RPed with the current group for a while before clicking the join button for this group.

If you want your character to become a resident you must not only RP with the group but join via RP before joining the group on here.

Also on the muck type +skills apply Moledeep to join the member list.

Membership to this group

All membership requests for this group go through Church Rat (aka Will) so you wont be a member instantly after clicking the join link. Church Rat will have to approve your request first.


Character Name, Title if any (username on here) Brief description.


William, Finder of Moledeep (Church Rat) A rat and the self proclaimed owner of Moledeep as of last winter (March 2009) Will is a potter by trade but also helps Aikuen with the vegetable garden.

Aikuen Tazan, Elder (NekoStorm) An otter, farmer and Will's adoptive father. Former military Captain. Bladesmaster.

Fira Tazan nee Govi Aikuen's wife who happens to be deaf. An excellent Linguist.

Kentar Cruz, Captain of the Guard (lordoftheoninonring) This stoat is captian of the guard, the swordsmith and stone carver of Moledeep.

Amethyst (Church Rat) Amy is a blind singer and lute player.

Garnet Cruz, Cook (NekoStorm) Garnet is Kentar's wife, Christopher's mother and Robin's stepmother.

Robin Cruz (lordoftheoninonring) Kentar's son by his first wife.

Kluner Cruz Painter(NekoStorm) Kluna is a small weasel Kentar adopted and was a once a pirate.

Christopher Aikuen Cruz (lordoftheoninonring) Kentar and Garnet's son.

Ella Tazan(NekoStorm) Aikuen and Fira's firstborn daughter. Ella has dark khaki fur and brown eyes like her father.

Venei Tazan(NekoStorm) Aik and Fira's second daughter of twins. Venei also has dark khaki fur and green eyes like her mother.

Guests and Friends

Skuld A young fortune teller who is allied with the family

Riverdale An ancient squirrel, who lives at a nearby Inn.


Redwall Abbey

Camp Willow

Nicodemus, former Abbot of Redwall.

Windhunter, Scout (Windhunter) A wondering squirrel, and an old friend of Aikuens.


Anba_Hor(deceased) Evil black fox with pupiless eyes.