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Characters: Aikuen, Kentar

Location: Moledeep; Entrance

A set of otters is out and about today. By set, it means three. And by Three it means Aikuen, Venei, and Ella. They all hang around the entrance to the tunnel. Ella and Venei running around playing tag. While Aik, who is sitting on top of the mound, is fiddling around with his pack. Cleaning it out. Making sure to keep an eye and ear at the little ones while he works. The little ones seem happy enough. Found a good excuse to not be at the pond.

And then a stoat joins from the hall. Its Kentar. "Hey Aik and friends!" he smiles, coming out to join the older otter, sitting down with him. "What's up, hum?" he asks, tilting his head with a smile, seeming in a pretty good mood.

The little otters are too busy with their little games to notice the stoat. Aik smiles and nods at Kentar, "Hello Stoat!" he digs in his pack, "Just... Just cleaning out me pack. Though i might do it before we go on our little camping trip!" he chuckles.

Kentar hums a little and ohs. "Yeah, that's right. Camping!" he smiles. "I had forgotten about that with the whole swan thing." he chuckles a little. "So. When are we doing this camping thingy?" he asks, tilting his head.

Aikuen chuckles and pulls out a roll of bandage that has soaked up enough water and has turned an odd color. He chuckles, "I know! But at least it didn't attack us!" he grins, "Camping trip! I don't know. Thought it would be soon. That's why I'm cleaning me pack... And. I thought you were the one who was deciding" he smirks and laughs.

"Ah, I see." Kentar strokes his chin lightly. "Hum. Well. Maybe in a couple of days when we find out if the swan wont take over Moledeep while we're gone." he laughs a little bit.

Aikuen nods a bit and pulls out some junk that looks like... Well... Something, "I don't think she will. She doesn't seem to be that type... Also... I don't think she could get through the door. If she tried..." he laughs as well.

Kentar nods a little bit and hrms. "Yeah." he chuckles a little bit then tilts his head. "So. Chris wants to go out and meet her. I keep telling him he shouldn't but I'm getting nervous that he might try it anyways." he hrms.

Aikuen puts down the pack to look at Kentar, "Ummm... Well... I've talked to her... And... well... She says that she likes little ones. But not the adults. Though with the inference of food. She says she will try to be nicer..." sounds like the otter made good headway.

Kentar hrms a little and shakes his head slowly. "I'm...well. I dunno." he hrms. "Maybe I'll let Chris do it but hide in the bushes with a bunch of throwing knives, just in case." he hrms.

Aikuen says, "Well what you could do is just be there as well. Not hide. That's what i plan to do with my kids. As they want to see it as well... Not as much as Chris it seems. But they still want too... And be there. Hopefully the swan will be too much into the kids, to care to much about us..." he chuckles, "Also. this is funny. She likes that i am a warrior. And Like it even better when i step up to her... I did not see that coming!"

Kentar hums a little and chuckles a bit and nods slowly. "Yeah. Maybe." he chuckles a little nods. "That is funny actually." the stoat chuckles. "Anyways. I was thinking Aik. When the swan is gone and stuff, we should have just a full day out at that pond." he smiles. "Be good, you know. We probably do it anyways, but still.

Aikuen really starts to dig into his pack. His head and arms disappear actually! He says muffled from inside the bag, "Oh? Well... Why not! Thats sound like a plan. OOO! Lets make it like a picnic thing. That would be good" He pulls his head out, "I know! Lets make it like... the spring festival down at the abbey! Games as well and the like

Kentar hums and nods with a chuckle. "Yeah." he smiles. "Oh, that sounds good too!" He nods. "In fact, that sounds brilliant!" he grins a little. "I'm sure everyone will like the idea."

Aikuen laughs, dusting some of the junk off him, "I bet they will! We liked the one at the abbey. But this way. It will be more intimate. Just us. Just friends, you know. SO! You tell Garnet. Tell her to make some sorta feast idea. And also see id she needs any help. Of if she needs anymore food as well!" he grins a big ole grin.

Kentar nods and laughs a little. "Lets take this one day at a time, Aik." he nods. "We have a camping trip to go on first. Then we'll do the thing at the pond." he chuckles a little bit and yawns.

Aikuen ohs, and his ears go back slightly, "Oh yeah. Right...." he hrms, "Well. Its still something to look forward too. Is... Sorry. Just got all excited. It happens..." he smirks, "But aye. Camping first. Party later." he nods

Kentar chuckles and nods. "Yeah." he then hums a little bit. "I'm going to go check on Christopher." he nods as he stands up. "I'll see you later, Aik?" he asks with a smile.

Aikuen nods and chuckles, "Oh. Well. Ill see you around then. Ill be right here. On the mound. Till the little ones tire out." Which might take awhile, "OH! And can you get me... like a towel and a bar of soap?... Something is quite ripe with my pack..." he stick out his tongue and laughs, till the stoat disappears.