Otters and Boarders

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Characters: Fira, Aikuen, Crookednose

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

The cold's setting in, the pond's looking icy. Fira's decided it's time to hole up in the warm. Her book is with her, she's gotten a bit further in it but right now it's been left on the table as she's got the twins and they've woken up. Ella she's currently carrying about but Venei's on the floor and seems so happy wobbly crawling about that Fira's just following her round the room, amused.

The oldest off all otters comes in from the outside. Quickly closing the small door behind him, "Holy cod... its cold..." he shivers a bit, as he leans against it. Cold and this otter, do not mix. He rubs a his head fur back as he generally walks down the tunnel toward the mainhall. He is wearing his warm thick brown habit. And he will be probably be wearing it for the rest of the seasons, till it gets warm again. He shakes a bit as he enters the hall and he chuckles, "Well... Well... If it isn't my favorite girls..." waiting for Fira to see him first, before going up. He has learned.

Fira doesn't take long to spot him as Venei's started crawling off that way. She gives him a smile going to just step round the mini otter on the floor, lean over to give Aik a little kiss "Hey, wow you're freezing. Fire, now...Mind out for the active little thing by your feet though"

Aikuen grins at the kiss, and returns a quick one, "Hey! And its cold out... if you could believe it. Thought my whiskers would have frozen and broke off if i stayed out any longer!" he chuckles and looks down, where Venei has decided that looking under Aik's habit, is very interesting, and she crawls on his footpaw, "Hello my little darling! Up you go, nosy little girl..." as he bends down to pick up the little one to give her a little nuzzle. She hrms loudly as he is still cold. Aik snorts, "Come on... to the fire..." and he is off!

Fira smirks at Venei, at the kiss too. She follows on after Aik "She's the trouble maker today. I think Ella's a bit sleepy, she's behaving too well" she gives Ella a little nuzzle too before going to sit by the fire "Out walking again?"

Aikuen looks down to Venei, "Is that true? Have you been a little terror today?" Venei gurgles and wiggles her rudder, looking up at her father. Aik snorts as he plops down on the ground in front of the hearth, sitting his little girl in front of him, keeping from crawling to far with his paw, "Ella being good? That doesn't make any sense... GASP! She is plotting something!" he makes a really stupid surprised face before laughing, "Oh aye... Walking clears my head..." he nods a bit.

Ella blurbs a bit but she does look dozy. Even giving a very tiny yawn before she snuggles up to Fira. Fira's just looking smiley "I'm sure when she wakes up she'll be a terror again. Enjoy the peace for a moment"

Aikuen smiles at Ella looking over at her, or at least trying too, before redirecting Venei on the ground. Venei does not like being moved from place to place. She does not liked being kept in the 'circle'. She wants to MOVE! But Aik wont let her. At least too much, "HEY! Stay put you little monster! And at least they trade off. Or they would gain up on us!" he rubs the spot next to him, for Fira to join him. Aik wants to be snuggly. Plus Venei is kinda keeping him on the ground for now.

Fira smirks and moves from chair to the floor in front of the fire. Sitting next to Aik "Just wait till they start walking and talking. They're going to learn even better ways to run circles round us"

Aikuen place his head on her shoulder and looks up at her, "You have always been cute and little to me!" he blinks quickly with a very dumb looking smile. Yes, he is being stupid! He cant help it.

Fira laughs quietly and aims a little kiss at his nose "Good answer" of course while she's leaning over to kiss him, Ella's reaching for his fur to pull at it and Venei's crawling away as fast as her little legs will take her.

Aikuen wrinkles his nose, and rubs her chin with it, "TeeHee! I love you Fi-OWIE!" he blinks as he reaches around and feels Ella's tiny little paw, latched onto is fur. And will not let go for anything, "ARGH! I'm being attacked by a little woken terror..." he then looks off toward the other one, "I knew it! They were teaming up! Somebody get her!" he grunts a bit, and tried to persuade Ella to let go. As Venei is successful in her escape plans.

Fira doesn't see the 'owie' since it's somewhere around her chin so there's a moment of confusion when she looks back at Aik and he looks in pain. Then she sees Ella and all's clear. Aik's last words she does catch and glances to Venei before grimacing, going to give Ella to Aik and quickly get after the other twin to scoop her up and bring her back.

Aikuen blinks as he is given the little one, "Alright you young'un... Will you let go of me! PLEASE!" he looks right at her. And Ella just stares right back, "Alright you little nut... time for a little drastic measures... while your mother is away..." he holds her up and holds her away from him. But she refuses to let go, just giggling up a storm, "OW OW OWIE!" he grunts out, as she pulls the fur out from its roots. He stops and grunts, "Maybe i shouldn't of woke yah..." he chuckles and shakes his head.

Fira picks up Venei, giving her a little nose and a grrr "Where do you think you're going?" she turns back to the other two and there's another grimace "She's not learnt to pull out fur has she?"

Ella decides to finally let go of his fur, not without a few furry souvenirs first. Aik rubs the spot where she held on, "Ug... No... she did learn that if you hold on, they get pulled out all the same..." he shakes his head and noses Ella as well, "Silly little girl..." he chuckles. He is okay with it, it seems. He looks over to Venei, "Just wait until they can run faster than us..."

Fira gives Aik an apologetic smile as she sits back down next to him, Venei struggling as she wants to go crawl about again "Just little bundles of trouble sometime. Lets just hope they don't start going to for the whiskers"

Aikuen wriggles his muzzle, "Anything but that!... They haven't grown back since the Chris fiasco! At least they don't bite as much. Unless you make them mad or something." he shrugs. Ella has gone back to digging her face into his arm, her rudder wiggling away excitedly, "Well... at least they are our very own! Cute little otter bundles..." he chuckles.

That could explain while Venei's biting at Fira' paws. Mum's not letting her free again yet though "Almost wish they wouldn't grow up" Fira says as she goes to flop against Aik's side, give Ella's tail a little pinch.

Aikuen looks to her, "Aye..." he espies the biting, and chuckles, putting a free arm around her, "Didn't i say that already? Heh... But... soon they will be walking and talking and doing stuff... It just gets crazier and crazier from their! Just have to enjoy it while we can!" Ella grrs at the pinch, and pops her head out to give what looks like a glare at her mother. Rudder just going nuts now.

Venei gets tired after a while since she's not getting a response so she's back to struggling again. Fira just sticks her tongue out at Ella, no use glaring at her. Fira laughs quietly "It'll be good. Though I'm sure there'll be a lot more thoughtful walks to come"

Aikuen strokes the back of Ella softly, watching her grr quietly and closing her eyes. Arching her back as well. Quite enjoying it. Aik smiles softly before turning back to his wife, "It will be great... And what do you mean? More thoughtful walks?" Aik is slow, either explain it, or give him some time to figure it out himself.

Fira smirks and finally gives Venei a little attention, bouncing her up and down to distract the little pup before she glances back to Aik "Just imagine, your two daughters, all grown up and with half the otters in Mossflower proving interesting. Thankfully a long time away"

Aikuen looks at her eyes. Then back at the fire. He blinks a few times, and seems lost. He looks back at her and says, "Never... really thought about it... that much... That's... right... " he almost shutters, "Holy... Yes... yes... a long time away... yes..." as thoughts of the future fly through his mind, "Long way... away... to be thinking of that..." still seems lost doesn't he!

Fira just smiles softly and goes to wrap her arm around his back "Look at your daughters dear and just worry about loosing your fur for now...and them crawling off when you're not looking of course"

Aikuen smiles at her after a bit and nods, looking back down to Ella. Who has decided that Aik's arm makes a good hidey-hole, as all that can be seen his her little rudder sticking from amongst the folds of his habit "Aye..." he grins softly, and kisses his wife, nosing her afterwards, "That ill do, darling..." best not to dwell on the future too much. Keeps from the present

Fira kisses him back before resting her head on his shoulder...and then going to turf Venei off onto his lap. Let her take out some of her energy by playing with her sister "I think Ella may be getting into some sort of moley habit"

Venei blinks and watches Ella swish her rudder, going to try and grab for it. Keeps her busy well enough. Aik uffs as he now has both little buggers, "Ella the Mole-otter?" he snorts, "Well... mole for Moledeep!" he chuckles, "I thinks she is just interested in what in my sleeves..."

Fira figures as long as he's not being pulled apart by the little things then it's best they play with each other. She smirks at Aik "First mole in a long time. So she's interested with the insides of your sleeves. Maybe she's not sure where your arms are hiding"

Aikuen ponders this for a minute, "That makes since..." he wiggles his sleeves showing a bit more of his arm. Nope, Ella still seems more interested what inside them, other than his arms. Venei has gotten a hold of her tail, and pulls on it lightly. Ella grrs and rolls quickly pulling back on her rudder. She does not like it being pulled on.

Fira laughs quietly "Well it was a nice idea but I guess she just wants to dig into your sleeves. Now all we need to do is make sure they don't start fighting"

They're young pups. The only thing they know is to fight and to have fun. Ella grrs quietly and reaches up swiping lightly at her sister. To get her off her rudder. Venei grrs back and swipes back. But Ella wont take that lying down, and she latches on to Venei's shoulder with her teeth. Venei screeches and when Ella lets go, she bites back. Aik catches it this time, "NO! Bad... No biting your sisters..." he hands Venei to Fira, "Too late... i guess..." he hrms, as he locks Ella in his arms, none to lightly.

Fira joins in with a "No!" and takes Venei, giving her a very stern look "That was very bad. You are not to do that" well they won't understand but she's trying. She puts Venei down on her lap, keep her away from Ella.

Aikuen is still giving a stern talking too, "Ella you are not to do that again... ever... you got that?" he frowns at her and squeezes her tightly, before placing in his lap. Ella just seem to flop in his lap, looking a little sad. Though she didnt get it, she can get the tone well enough. She curls up lightly in a ball. Aik sighs, "I'm sorry... but its best to learn now..." he shakes his head.

Two sad little otters. Fira shakes her head "They need telling off, they just makes you feel guilty for about we go sort out some lunch for them instead?"

Aikuen nods a bit, "And its working..." he picks up Ella in holds him in his amrs once more, "I already feel guitly for telling her off..." he sighs and uses his free arm to help Fira up as well, "Aye... come on... lunch will be good... and maybe they will cool down... and play NICELY!" he eyes Ella and Venei.


Aikuen walks back into the hall with his wife and daughters. The little otters have fallen asleep in her arms. Aik kisses her lightly as she heads off to the sleeping hall, to put them down for their nap. Dropped off during lunch. Aik watches until they are lost to view, then goes over to the fire warming his paws.

Crookednose walks in wearily and sits by the fire.

Aikuen yawns and then blinks at he hears a beast, "Kentar?...Wait..." he moves his paws from within his habit, obviously grabbing for some sort of weapon, "Who are you? And what are you doing here?" he barks out. No beast JUST walks in.

Crookednose says, "A door in the ground is a comforting sight. I am a friendly guest from Redwall."

Aikuen blinks a little bit, "Your from Redwall..." he moves his paws from within his habit, and crosses his arms, "Alright... Do you have any weapons?" Elders job to get the nitty gritty out of the way first, before names.

Crookednose says, "Only a toolkit, if you count those as weapons."

Aikuen nods and looks over the ferret before nodding, "Ah good... Well... Ahem... Welcome to Moledeep. I'm Aikuen... The elder here... and whats your name." he asks as he holds out a big ottery paw.

Crookednose takes paw."Nice to meet you. I need lodging."

Aikuen nods, "Hello... And your name is?" he asks again. He then says, "Aye we have a place for you to stay... All we ask is to follow the rules. And whatever I, or William says goes... You will meet Will later..." he nods.

Crookednose says, "My name is Crookednose Ferret. I am an inventor."

Aikuen ahs and nods, "Hello Crookednose!" he then tilts his head at the next part, "An Inventor? How fascinating..." he motions for the table, and the otter sits down at one of the benches, "What sort of things do you invent?" he asks.

Crookednose says, "Complicated machines for many purposes."

Crookednose sits down on the bench opposite the otter. It utters a loud squeak.

Aikuen nods, "I've seen things like trebuchects... Those are those big catapults used to launch big ole boulders at forts and such... I've been one of the builders once... So I'm guessing your also an engineer?" he asks.

Crookednose exclaims, "Yes! But I don't believe in making weapons."

Crookednose walks out of room.

Aikuen smiles, "Ah good! Or else I would have asked you not to teach anyone here not to teach them weapon making... See yah! Sleeping hall is over there..." he waves a bit, before going back to the table. Forgetting something.