Otters Will Be Otters

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Characters: Aikuen, William

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Aikuen is sitting at the table. A cloth and... what looks like wood stuffs is in front of him. Obviously carving something. And it making him frustrated as anything. He has taken off his habit, and his leaner muscles show out due to the lack of exercise the otter used to get everyday. Stupid cold. He lightly chisels with a small hammer at the wood piece, that is about the size of coin. He seems to be all alone today. But maybe the little otters are just hiding. Who knows.

William comes in from the study stretching his legs after sitting for so long. He'd been reading one of the books Fira'd borrowed from the Abbey with Amy. The blind maid had fallen asleep while he was reading aloud to her. He smiles at the otter as he takes a seat by the fire. "Hello. Mum watching th twins today?" he asks not seeing his sisters right away.

Aikuen looks up with his eyes, having a concerned look on his face, "Wha? Oh... Will... Uh. Aye... At least..." he looks a bit more, "At least I hope so... they have become really mobile... and they move fast... I haven't heard any yelling. So I guess it's all good! For the time being!" he chuckles as he leans back in the chair placing his tired paws over his face.

William has noticed his sisters seemly rapid growth of late and how much trouble just one of them could cause. "Want me t go look fer em?" he asks.

Aikuen rubs his eyes a bit more before looking over toward Will, "If you want to. I'm not too worried. At least right now. Fira would rush in here soon enough... If anything would leave her sight..." he taps his claw against his head, "On second thought... could you go to the our room... just to make sure it's all right... Also Ask Fira is she needs anything...I'm going to clean up." And he gets, and does so.

William give a slight nod and goes off to check on the other three resident otters.

Moledeep: Left Guest Room (better know as the otters' room)

In the otters quarters. Well. It would seem fine to a bunch of otters. As this is normal family time. Others... not so much. Fira and the little ones, are all on the bed. And she... is well. Wrestling them. But they giggle and laugh at this as she snarls and tickles them roughly plopping them down on the pillows and what not. Ella has climbed MT. Fira, and she clings on for dear life, "I gots... Mums!" She says slowly. Venei giggle as she scoots from her mother to look at Ella, "Ellers is on tops of... Mums! She got-tests yous!" she laughs. Fira just smirks at them, as she goes for Ella now.

William peeks in and smirks at the three. "Tests? I think Ella the pikefish will pass. How you do miz Venei?" the rats asks steeping in to the room. He waves at Fira, "Pa asks me t check on you three. He was worried about his girls. Thought they were being too quiet. I think he was afraid they might try to escape." He watches the mother and her little ones a while longer, "I don't think that's too likely. Not right now anyway," he laughs at his sisters antics.

Ella ergs and giggles, "No'es! Me no wanna!" she makes grabby motions for her fur before being pulled away and plopped on the bed. Venei looks over to Will and holds up a paw, "Illies!" Fira tilts her head and looks toward Wills, blinks at his arrival, "Hey Will!... Just... having girl time... And you can tell that big silly. Were just fine... but could use a nice pot of tea..." Venei bounces up and down, "And Cookies..." Ella just tilts her head. Some words still allude her. Fira smirks, "See... Now tell Aik to stop working on that... wood thing... and we'll yell if we need him" "Daddies!" is said in unison by the little ones.

Fira shakes her head and starts to tickle Ella. Who giggles up a storm. Venei just watches Will for now. But she soon gets yanked by her rudder from Fira, "No'es Fairs!" and she jump into the fray. The otters are just fine. A little rowdy. But other then that, just fine.

William grins and nods, "Alroight. I'll tell him. Have fun." The rat leaves the females to themselves and makes his way back to the hall to report his findings to his father.

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Aikuen has packed up all his things and ties the bundle in a knot, hanging it on his belt, so he can get at it later if need be. He waits until Wills return, "Ah... And how our my Rudderkins, and Wife doing?" he chuckles, "Figures... and not letting me join in either..." he smiles, "A pot of tea?... And cookies... " he taps his nose a few times, "Just swell then... Give me a time to pop in on them..." he makes for the kitchen, "See yah later. Oh son of mine! For now, your Mum and sisters require sustenance!" he laughs as he disappears.