On The First (Full) Day of Spring - part three

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Characters: Amethyst, Kentar

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Amethyst wanders through the sleeping hall in her old blue dress looking as if she'd bee sleeping for half the day. Which she has been. She doesn't seem to notice Aik as he passes her in the hall. "Anybeast in here?" she asks upon entering the infirmary.

Kentar had started sorting out some of the things in the infirmary that Ella messed up in her rampage. He blinks and turns towards Amy as she comes in. "Yeah, I am." Kentar replies. "Aik and I were just talking about you." he chuckles a little.

Amethyst plops down on a cot near the stoat. "Really. Why am I not surprised. Should I even bother asking 'what about'?"

Kentar chuckles a little bit. "I was just telling Aik how happy I am for Will and you." he smiles. "I was also wondering a few things. Good things, so don't worry." he chuckles.

"Mmmmf. ..... what exactly were you wondering," Amy asks leaning back on the cot. Somebeast didn't wake up in the best of moods today it seems.

Kentar grins a little as he sits down on the cot in front of Amy. "Just what you and Will will be like when you two are parents." he laughs a little. "Speaking of parents. I have a favor I want to ask." he says.

Amethyst closes her eyes and asks, "What kind of favor?"

Kentar hrms. "I just need you to watch Christopher for a few hours tomorrow. Robin, Garnet, and I are going to go scout out for a camping spot for all of us to go on a camping trip. If everyone wants to I mean." he chuckles

Amethyst says, "Yeah. I can watch Chris. He's not much trouble. Not as much as when he was little. Sure I'll watch him for you tomorrow."

Kentar smiles and claps his paws together. "Thanks Amy! I owe you." he then grins. "Consider him training then for seasons to come." The stoat laughs. "Anyways. How are you today?"

Amethyst says, "I've been better. Been worse too. Your brother wandered off somewhere before I woke up. Probably outside or something. Headache's gone so could be worse."

Kentar ahs and nods with a little smile. "Ah, I see. Probably just taking a breather after the wedding." he chuckles a little bit before hrming. "Headache? Ah, you've been over worked." He nods. "Or worrying to much. Or both."

"Or to visit the cellar," Amethyst smirks.

Kentar chuckles a little. "Indeed." he hrms a little bit. "Anyways. I'm going to go tell Christopher that he'll be spending the day with you tomorrow." he grins. "Try not to beat him too much." The stoat laughs as he heads out. "Thanks again...Mrs. Tazan." he laughs.

Amethyst says, "I'll try to control myself. He should be fine. He's not as much of a pawful as the twins are."