Not Quite Twins

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Characters: Amethyst, Wilco Robin, Syla and Thane

Location: Moledeep

Mole Hall

Amethyst sits by the fire with baby Wilco. A chair has been moved right next to Amy's. On it sits a bowl of mush and a small pile of spoons.

One perfect evening. Just add stoats. And here come THREE! Robin, Syla, and little baby Thane! And they make a straight line right for Amy. "Oh Amy! Congratulations!" Robin smiles bright and next to Syla, their smiles are almost blinding.

Wilco is sitting in her mother's arms, looking around slowly. The stoats arrival makes her jump and look toward them, blinking just a little as she stares, watching Thane stare back at her.

Amethyst keeps one paw partly on her daugher's face to keep trace of where it is. The other paw holds a mush filled spoon. "Thank yew," the rat says hearing the small stoat herd as it enters the hall. "Ow's yer liddle un?" she asks naturally oblivious to Thane's staring.

Rob and Sy both settle in a chair near Amy, the two smiling at Wilco while Robin sets Thane in his lap. "Oh, he's doing good. Keeping us awake now, haha." Syla chuckles. "She's beautiful Amy...I can't believe it." Robin smiles. "I really never took you or Will to be the type to really want a kid..."

Wilco keeps her eyes on Thane before staring at the spoon. She frowns a little and shakes her head. "Nah!" which probably means, no. She's far to distracted by watching her stoat counterpart, who is really only a few days older than she is.

"Then you don't know your uncle very well," Amy says as she tries to perswayed Wilco to eat the mush off the spoon she's holding despite her protests.

The stoats laugh. "Jeez...I don't suppose I do, do I." Robin frowns a little then smirks. "I'll have to sit him down then and talk to him. I'm sure he'd love that."

Wilco turns her head away but then finally gives in, opening her mouth and accepting the mush after a few moments, keeping her eyes fixed on Thane.

Amethyst grins, "Pick a time when ee's at th kiln. Ee won't be able t escape." Amy fills the spoon up again with more mush and waits a bit before moving the spoon back toward her daughter’s mouth.

The stoats laugh and nods. "Yeah. I'll do that. That would really annoy him I think." he chuckles quietly and shakes his head a little. Thane hums a little and lets out a sort of babyish squeak before his father just pats his back lightly. He giggles and then looks back at Wilco, sticking his tongue out at her.

Wilco blinks at the tongue thing and giggles herself before accepting more of the mushy stuff that her mother wont stop making her eat. She frowns a little and finally turns away from anymore attempts.

After the second failed attempt to get Wilco to eat more Amy lets the spoon drop back into the bowl of mush.

Robin shakes his head. "Heh. Feeding time. Really annoying, isn't it?" the stoat smiles and laughs a little. Syla has drifted off to sleep and Thane is still being bounced lightly on his father's knee. "Heheh. Thane likes it though. Its just another excuse to make a mess.

Amethyst shrugs and wipes at Wilco's messy face with a rag. "Eh I half raised Flicktail's twins when ee was laid up. This bit's easier wit jus th one."

Robin nods slowly. "Yeah. I can imagine. But you had a girl, Amy...Sy and I are jealous." he nods. "Not that we're not happy with Thane of course, but you family has a pretty bad record when it comes to having girls. But we aim to break that." he chuckles a little.

"Good luck wit thet. Hope yew don't get twins out it. Thet's all we need 'nouther pair o twin girls," Amy chuckles.

"Hahaha! Christopher would kill us, I think." Robin chuckles then shakes his head. "I hope we get whatever we get." the stoat nods slowly. "But we're gonna wait for a bit till Thane's a little older before he gets a brother or sister." he smirks.

Amethyst says, "Wait til ee's better able t 'pricate growin up wit a sibling."

Robin nods. "Thats what we were thinking. But since you and Will have a kid now that's only about a week younger than him...well, I think that would be pretty cool." he nods.

"Well don't wait too long. Cousin isn't a replacement fer a sister," the rat mother says petting Wilco's head.

The stoat nods. "Yeah...I suppose." Robin hums a little. "Eh. Still will see how he takes to others with Wilco anyways." he chuckles.

Amethyst says, "Supose. They aren't doin' much now. Are they? If they'd only do this at night."

Rob huhs and ohs, shaking his head. "Nah. Well. Thane and Wilco are having a staring contest...and Thane seems to be winning." he laughs a little as Wilco blinks slowly and ends up falling asleep in Amethyst's arms.

Amethyst smirks and strokes her daugher's ears, "Well what do yew think of yer cousin?" she softly asks the newborn.

"Heeheee!" Thane replies with a bit of a grin, both paws together. His ears flatten and his eyes close as Robin ruffles his head. "Haha...I think that means he likes her." he smirks. Thane really is a spitting image of Robin with only a few small differences.

"Well looks like she's got somethin' in er favor," Amy comments. "Yew gonna elp take care o yer cousin ere, Thane?" Amy asks the stoatbabe.

Thane gurgles just a little and almost falls off, but rocks back instead, landing back in his dad's lap, looking up at him and giggling uncontrollably. "I think that means yes too!"

Amethyst says, "Sounds like. It'll be nice once these two can sleep through th night. .... Course by then they'll probably be walkin' or at least moving around somehow."

"Haha. Probably. But years of our life right here, Amy." Rob tickles his son who starts to giggle wildly. "I can't believe I'm really a dad..." he sighs a little, sounding quite content with life.

Amethyst says, "Yew knew it was gonna 'appen sooner or later."

Robin nods slowly. "Yeah. Well. I just didn't expect it to really feel like it does." he nods. "Special."

Amethyst says, "If there's any truth t some th things I heard suprised it didn't happen sooner."

Robin arches an eyebrow. "Truth to what?" he asks.

Amethyst says, "Jus ow yew an Syla was bein' sweet on each other whole time yew was on th ship is all."

Robin looks to Sy and hums a little. "Actually...there is truth to it." he nods. "Lots of it actually." he laughs a little then coughs. "But that's a story for when the kids aren't listening." he nods.

Amethyst says, "Eh not like they could repeat any of it yet, but I supose I kin wait."

Robin nods and laughs a little. "True. But kids learn fast." he hums. "I'll put it to you this way. We love each other. So." he nods then Thane yawns. "Ooh! Look whose a sleepy stoat!" he picks his son up and stands. "I'm gonna go put Thane to bed. If Sy wakes up, push her in my direction." he chuckles a little.

Amethyst nods and says,"I will." She rocks Wilco a bit, "Think this one's ready for a lay down too."