New Guardian for Moledeep?

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Characters: Aikuen, Moyle, William

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Dibbuns Garden

Its lunch time again. And the otters are outside. Fira just had to see the swan. She is less terrified than the otter husband. But that still isn't gonna stop her from being cautious. Aik holds onto her paw for dear life as they walk up. In his other paw the otter holds a bag of something. They get within good running distance of the pond. And they stop, watching.

Moyle is having a leisurely feed, dipping her head and grabbing at subsurface vegetation and tiny spores; yum. She raises her head, with something green and slimy and plant-y, dangling from her beak, and watches the nearby otters warily. Then slowly starts to paddle her way toward the shore closest to them.

Aikuen eyes goes freaky wide, as she gets near. But the grip of Fira's paw keeps him from just running away. So he is just there. Speechless. And watching the swan. After a minute, Fira gives Aik a boot in the butt with her rudder. Aik gulps and nods. He lets her paw go to step forward slowly and cautiously. His free paw in the air, showing that he has no weapons on him. His other on the bag. He gets about halfway between the swan and his wife before stopping and placing the bag on the ground and opening the top. Insides is entire bagful of leafy greens from the kitchen. Perhaps a peace offering?

William slowly enters the garden where the pond is. He's heard about the swan but has yet to see it for himself. He's armed as usual but that's more from habit then any ill intentions he may or may not have against the bird.

Moyle hisses at the otters. But it's not the venomous sound that she's used so often before. Just a quick warning almost. She's not charging toward them, just drifting in menacingly enough without trying. The large bird turns her eyes on the deposited bag and then suspiciously on the otters. At the edge of the pond, she comes to a stop and stares from the otters, toward the rat that's appeared. She doesn't look happy, but then she's not looked happy since she got here anyway.

Aikuen slowly backs away, "I... We thought you might be hungry... and these..." he gulps, "Are a bit of green... from our kitchen... as... i noticed that you don't eat fish..." he gulps again, "I... We. Though you might like it then what grows in our pond..." he gets back to Fira and there is the paw is grabbed again. He does not see Will. There too busy looking at the swan. To notice behind them.

William stays where he is. He's not acting aggressively and is more than far enough away from the swan to get to safety should she attack for any reason.

As long as the rat is doing what he is, then Moyle seems to have no problem with him. And the otters are closer. She lets out a soft grunt noise as Aikuen talks, then gracefully arcs her long neck, to inspect what they've put before her. Her eyes go from bag to otters, like some ancient goddess judging an offering.

Aikuen gulps considerably as the swan arcs her neck forward. Is it hot in here? The male otter squeezes the living out of his wife's paw. Fira boots him again. Aik nods, "... Its not much. Just some... well... greenery that we eat..." So it has to be good, "... Ummm... OH! This is Fira... She... She is my wife..." Fira bows politely. Obviously not as scared or nervous as Aik is.

Moyle looks up and tilts her head at Fira. New otter inspected and found ottery, the swan goes back to the greens. She takes a few experimentally in her beak, eating and swallowing them carefully now. She looks just a little like a food or wine critic; sampling for flavour, nuance and the like

Aikuen seems a bit better. Still not in shreds, is always a good sign. He goes to sit down, and his wife follows, "I... Hope its good. Its not much. But its what we have... So..." Fira takes over for Aik, "...We were just wondering if you had... a name. Or shall we just call you... Miz Swan..." she smiles a bit. Admiring her beauty. While Aik watches out for those wings and beak.

William smirks at the otter's behavior toward the large white bird. Their respect for the swan is understandable but that doesn't make it any less funny to the rat. So he just stands there watching the other three. What a nice diversion later he may go do something useful but for now he's going to watch his parents and the swan.

Moyle swallows and seems to approve. She lefts out an almost happy sounding grunt, which has a slight honk to it. And then glares at the otters. She approved of the food, but she doesn't remember speaking in front of the otters and isn't sure that they know she can. So she opts for silence. Easier to be menacing when people think you can't speak.

Aikuen eyes the bird from a distance. Wishing that he could go somewhere else but here. But Fira wont let him. And keeps his rudder firmly planted in the ground. When the bird doesn't speak back. He tilts his head a bit. He knows that swans can talk. He knows this. Its the one that don't that he has a problem with. The mindless ones. But not to jump to conclusions, Aik turns to his wife, "Maybe... She can't hear... She might be like you... and Deaf..." he shrugs a bit. The corner of Fira mouth goes down for a split second before shrugging as well, "She might be... Keep on trying..." Aik nods, "... Miz Swan... How is your wound... Sorry about what happened the other day... We're just... not used to swans..."

Moyle watches the otters warily, but seems to puff up a bit at the apology; as though she thinks that's extremely deserved. After that, she cranes her neck to nudge her beak near the bandage and show them. It's a very minor wound, mostly a deep scratch and the bandage seems only a little bit bloodied. So, clearly she understands what they're saying.

Aikuen nods and tries to crane his own neck to see the wound, "Ah okay... If... If it gets any worse. Just let any of us know. And... We can help you... We're all pretty good healers... Well. Most of us. And... I guess you cant talk...huh?" And not mindless. That's a good thing for Aik, "... Well... Welcome to... our pond..." he nods a bit.

Moyle hisses. Right after the 'can't talk' bit. Just because she doesn't want them to know she can talk, apparently, she's taken offense to the suggestion that she can't. Silly swan, offended by the very thing she intended them to think. The hiss lasts right until the welcome, which only makes her hiss louder.

Aikuen gulps a bit. But the scared that was once there is beginning to spill over into anger. But he is controlling it for now, "Heyheyhey! Sorry. Its just that you don't talk. SO I'm going to assume that you cant... And YES you are in MY pond. I made it..." he frowns. Fira pulls on his arm, trying to make him shutup. Aik sighs, "Sorry... Ummm... I have bad memories of swans..."

Moyle hisses more loudly. Apparently she thinks otters should have bad memories of swans. She ruffles her feathers, then calms. And actually looks quizzical as she hears that he -made- the pond. She's forgotten their names already though. And improvises. "Ssshhhaking otter make Moyle'sss pond?"

William calls over, "Yes the shaking otter and I made the pond. Otters like ponds."

Aikuen smiles a bit as she begins to actually talk. Now were getting somewhere. The shaky otter gets a bit of a chuckle. Yes he was a bit shaky. He nods to the question, "Yes... Last summer there was no pond here... So... I took a shovel and dug one out... took forever it did..." he blinks as he hears Wills voice. Glancing behind him quickly. How long has he been there?

"Ratboy isss hearing well." Well, she's not exactly a quiet bird, despite being something called a 'mute' swan. Moyle looks between them and seems to have a slight glimmer of a tiny bit of tolerance toward them. If they built the pond, they can't be all bad. She hisses slightly though at Aikuen "Ssshhakey Otter dig no more, ssso isss not forever!" Great, literal swan.

Aikuen chuckles a bit, "Okay you got me... It took me most of summer and fall. Though it felt like forever." he smiles. Fira smirks as she goes to lean into Aik. Now that things seem to have settled down for now. Aik smiles, but doesn't really know what to say. Everything he says seems to upset the swan.

'Ratboy'? Will is fully grown, of age and married for goodness sakes. The rat is offended but will try not to show it as the swan is much bigger than him. "That's fine he's not very good at digging anyway. He has not use a shovel," Will says lightly poking fun at Aik despite not having moved any ... well much closer to the swan. He did move a little closer. This is fun to watch and you can't watch if you're too far back.

The swan probably has no grasp of rodent ages. In fact, he might even be lucky that Moyle was able to tell he was a boy. She's not said a word concerning the genders of Aik or Fira, but hopefully she'll have grasped which is which. She dips her head to eat at the greens again while they talk to her. Much calmer seeming swan... For the moment.

Aikuen sends a glare at the rat. Yes. He used a shovel. Still moved more dirt than the rat didnt he? He shakes his head before going back to watch the swan for a few more minutes, "Do... You need anything else? Miz swan?" he asks, generally.

He only moved more dirt because he's larger and stronger then Will or so the rat is saying should anybeast ask. Will's smile disappears when his father glares at him though. He was only having a little fun. At the old otter's expense true but it was a harmless remark. The rat idlely wonders when they'll be making their planned trip West maybe the swan can guard Moledeep for them or take it over in their absence. Hmmm this swan could be a bigger problem than he thought.

Moyle arcs her neck back up. And isn't hissing. Or looking particularly mean. The offering has appeased the giant bird! And probably inflated her ego terribly. "Moyle." She states. No clue if that's something she wants, but given it doesn't seem to mean anything, it's probably her name. Without answering the question, her beak goes back in the bag. It's either a no or a 'more of this stuff'.

Aikuen hrms a bit, "Moyle...?" he looks to Fira and they have a word muttering contest. Both agreeing, that must be her name "Pleasure to meet you...." he glances to the beak searching in the bag, "We can get you more... If you promise us something...

William moves a little closer to see what kind of deal Aik is going to make with 'Moyle'.

Moyle raises her neck to swallow. And then regards the otters. She waits to hear this thing she needs to promise in exchange for food. And she's not insulted. The idea of getting food in return for something seems to appeal to her actually. She really does look interested.

This might be extremely surprising to the older beasts. The swan looks puzzled for a moment. "Moyle doesss not mind little beastsss... Have ssseen little ssstoat. Isss you who not let them near to me." She shrugs. Which looks odd on a swan. "Little beastsss are liking to ride. I do not mind them." Very matter of fact, and then she's eating again.

Both otters tilt their head. Almost simultaneously, "Really?..." he hrms for a bit, "... Its just... I have seen what swans can do. Even to little ones... I'm sorry... My first instinct was to protect him..." he sighs, "Thank you... Then perhaps that you will stop hissing at us?" the older beasts, "We're just trying to be friendly. That's all... And then we can the little ones too you?" How about that?

The swan considers them. The food is good. And they did build the pond, even if she's determined that for now it's 'Moyle's pond'. She seems to understand, and even be proud, that the otter's afraid of what a swan is able to do, standing quite puffed at the mention. Though, that dagger seems to be her first wound; a rather young swan, lacking the battle scars of most birds like her. "Moyle cannot stop the hisss of her wordsss, but I shall /try/ not do ssso to ssscare any more..." She might momentarily forget, after all. "I am pleasssed if meeting the little onesss." They're no threat. And she actually seems to like them. She's certainly not hissed much at Chris, just the adults.

Aikuen smiles and nods, "Thank you. As long as you do that..." he looks to Fira and she shrugs. Aik hrms, "Then. Feel free to stay as long as you want... And we will bring the little ones to meet...before dinner. And bring you another bag..." he points at the bag of green. And now. For the otter portion of this little arrangement, "I take this step. Going to trust you... But... If you hurt anyone here..." Fira frowns and wishes he didn't say it, "...Especially the little ones... Ill make sure its the last thing you do... Even if its the last thing i do... You might be much much bigger than me. But i have fought a swan before... and yet, here i stand..." he sighs, "Sorry. Fatherly duty and all that..." he smiles. He is not trying to be mean. He is just stating a fact.

Moyle regards Aikuen calmly. The shaky otter gets a look over, and for those who can recognise the actions of the muscles behind a beak, Moyle can be seen to not only be calmer and not so angry, but performing a 'bird-y' smile. "Thisss iss more an otter who I am trusssting." She states with some respect. "Ssshhaky otter isss better likeable a warrior than ssshakey otter." The swan explains, almost sounding happy. No thankyou for the offer to stay or anything though; of course she'll stay, she's decided it's her pond

William has been quiet for a while. He nods once at the bird then smiles over at the otter. "Looks like we have a new resident. Should I add don't provoke Moyle to the list of rules or is that a given?"

Fira sighs with relief. Even chuckles when the swan seems... well, happy. Aik will let her stay and borrow their pond. But face it. With four otters living here. She is gonna have to share once in awhile. Aik bows his head slightly, "Well. I don't mean to be shaky..." He is getting better, with prolonged exposure with a swan that is NOT attacking him, "But i will try to be less now... My name is Aikuen... A fighter for many many seasons...You can call me Aik if you wish. And i will carry my sword around now... Just as a precaution mind you..." he nods a bit. He smirks at Will, "Obviously" To the last part

"Moyle isss pleasssed to ssstay." The swan nods. And nods again, respectfully at the sword part; she feels very proud to be considered a threat. It takes quite some doing, with a neck like hers. She then looks from beast to beast. She's forgetting names again, but Aik just said his so that's... nearly right when it comes out. "Ike. Furdy. Ratboy." She states what she thinks the names are, as she looks at each of them.

William says, "No. Try again." He points to Aikuen, "Aik," then Fira, "Fear-ah," then himself, "Will," and lastly the swan herself, "Moyle."

William smiles, "Much better." He points again at Aikuen, "Ike. I know it's a hard one to get. It's the accent." The old otter may not be able to speak his old language as well now but he doesn't still have a bit of an accent left.

Aikuen doesn't realize that he has an accent. Though it is pretty obvious from everyone else's. Aik nods as his name is pretty much hit somewhat. He bows a bit at the swan, "That's good enough. Well... We have to get going now... Well make sure to stop by later to show you our kids... And dinner of course..." he nods a bit. Fira smiles and nods before heading back inside. Aik hangs around a bit for Will, putting a paw on his shoulder and whispering away from the swan, "Watch out okay..." he nods a bit more. Patting him. Then heading off, after his love.

William nods a little at the whisper and whispers back out of Moyle's sight, "Don't worry. I used to deal with gulls. I know better than to cross a swan." He turns back to face the swan in question as the otters leave. "So how do you like the pond?" he asks the swan.

"Moyle isss liking thisss pond." The swan affirms, swimming in a circle, then regarding the rat. "You are Will? The otter isss treat you asss family?" She sounds confused. But again, she's not seeming angry or intimidating, at least, not intentionally.

William nods, "Yes I'm Will and yes the otter and I are family. I know that sort of thing isn't normal. Aik is my father and Fira is my mother. The little otters are my sisters. .... I'm adopted is the easy way to put it." He'd normally say the otters were adopted but the swan may not be able to understand it that way.

"You are cuckoo?" Is the easiest way for the swan to grasp it. "But are welcomed cuckoo?" A concept that isn't, apparently, to her, as odd as it might sound. She's preening now, while she listens. Long neck arcing as she fusses around her bandage.

William says, "Uh ... let's go with that." Will knows what a cuckoo is and while that isn't quite what the situation is it's good enough since the idea isn't upsetting her. "Some beasts don't like it. .... but all the ones here are my family or friends. Understand?"

Moyle shrugs, straightens and nods. "Cuckoo isss leaving her eggsss around. Birdsss are not liking trick sssometimesss, but iss ssstill eggchick. Grow to love eggchick, even if from Cuckoo trick. Cuckoo eggchick become family. Not alwaysss big sssibling push out other eggsss. Become big sssibling. Part of family." A long way of saying she gets it.

William nods smiling. "Well I'm not a real cuckoo not a bird. Some beast like cuckoo trick. Some have no eggchick and want eggchick. Any eggchick." he says trying use bird terms so things will be more familar for her. He can speak Sparra a little still but he's not sure if sparrows are liked by swans or not so he'll hold off on going all the way into bird talk.

Moyle dips her head and then lets out a friendly sounding whistle. Her goodbye, before she turns to enjoy a paddle around the pond