Nap Time

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Characters: Aikuen, Kentar, Amethyst

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Foremole's Study

It's just after lunch and the older otter is in the study. Yes. You read that right. The study. He searches through some of the books on the shelf as one of his daughters bobs around his legs, "Daaddy! You said the book would be here!" Venei hmphs and pouts. Aik pokes her with his rudder, "Im lookin Im lookin! sit still, will yah please" "You said the book would be here!" she hmps and goes to sit on a chair. Not happy it seems.

Its been a bit of a nice day, and Kentar has been out and about playing with Christopher. The stoat finally has had enough running around and decided to take him to the study for a bit for some quiet drawing or something while he reads a book. "Why don't you draw or something, Chris?" Kentar asks as they come in. "While I...oh! Hello there." he smiles, waving to the otters. Chris is on his shoulders and waves back, woahing a little as he almost falls, grabbing onto Kentar's ears again.

Aikuen turns around at the sound of stoats, "Well. Hello Kentar... And Christopher!" he waves back. Venei waves a paw at the stoats, "Hewoos Unky Kenty and Chrisy!" she giggles before saying, "Make daddy find the book! He is takin to longs!" she falls on the cushion

Christopher smiles and waves at them while holding onto one of the older stoat's ears. "Heyo Venei!" he smiles before tilting his head. He blinks and chuckles as he feels his other ear get grabbed and his son woah again. "What book are you looking for?" he asks.

Aikuen pulls at his chin, "Its just a story that was here before. I used to read to them before they even had their eyes open. Im trying to find it again, " "Casue i wantta hearz it!" Venei bops up and down. Aik chuckles, "... I just cant seem to find it..."

Kentar hrms a little bit and shakes his head. "You haven't lost it, Aik. It will turn up." he smiles. Chris giggles a little himself as he's poked before poking back and stepping away so she can't poke him nearly as quick.

Aikuen sighs, "I hope so. I liked that book." even more so than the twins, "...Might be in the infirm... No. Not this book..." he hrms loudly. Venei giggles at the poke. Squirming as it tickled before she tries to poke back. And he moves away. She frowns and smirks before going up to go an poke him.

Chris ergs as she tries to poke him again, the stoat backing away with a grin. "Hehe, you can't catch me." he nods, starting to run away, towards one of the chairs. Kentar hums a little and thinks for few moments. "Maybe Fira has it or something? Or maybe its in your room?"

Aikuen hrms loudly, "It might be... And she might... No, wait. She was the one to tell me to find it... Yes... Maybe... In my room." he takes a deep breath and slicks his hair back, "Well... At least my kids arent harping on me..." he takes a glance back and he chuckles at the little ones. Venei chases the little stoat toward the chair as well. Going to pounce and tickle the little stoat as much as possible.

Kentar nods a little then hurms. "Well...yeah, your room." he then laughs a little as he takes a look to the kids. Chris ergs, falling over as she pounces on him, starting giggle and laugh loudly, tears rolling down his eyes as she tickles him. "H-h-hey! S-s-stop t-tha...hahahaha...ha..-at!"

Amethyst enters the study slowly as she'd heard many voices coming from it and without her staff she doesn't have as good an idea of where they are. The blind rat's ear move around making note of where the other beasts are as she lays a brown book down on the table. She doesn't know they've been looking for it but Will asked her to put it on the table in the study and so she has.

Venei giggles as she tickles him, "Take that Chrisy... Heheeheheh! And some of dat!" she grins and continues her tirade. Aikuen laughs and then Amy enters the study... With his book! He blinks a bit before going over to the table and picking up the book, "Hey Amy. Where did you find this book? I've been looking everywhere for this thing!" Too bad Venei found something else to do

Christopher keeps on laughing, trying to stop Venei's paws from moving. Kentar laughs and shakes his head at the little ones. "Oh, to be young." He smirks a little bit, looking to Amy. "Hey Amy." he then spies the book. "Is that it Aik?" Chris's laughs get louder and louder.

Venei smiles and lets him go, "I is the winner! YAY!" she goes to rest on him now. Aikuen says, "Aye! This is it! See... has the picture and everything... " he flips open a few pages, "The lake... Yep. This is it... Goody Goody." he chuckles and then laughs at the little ones, "Seem to have tuckered themsleves out." he grins.

Kentar smiles and nods. "Good." he then looks back to the little ones. Chris finally catches his breath and smiles as Venei lays on top of him. "I'm not a bed!" he nods before yawning, shrugging. Otters are stubborn, so he wont bother trying to shove her off. He's too lazy. Like his father.

Venei smiles, "Yes you are... A very comfrey beddy..." she mmms and closes her eyes. Thinking about taking a little nap. Right here. Aikuen laughs, "...And just when i find the book..." he sighs, "...Its okay. Might read it myself until there ready!"

Aikuen chuckles, "As much as i would like too... I read too slowly...for some" he hands the book to the stoat, "So if you want to read it to me! I wont mind a bit!" he smirks, "And of course... to the others!" he goes to plop in chair. Venei yawns loudly and curls up with her stoat-teddy bear.

"We had it. Just finished with it. Didn't know you were looking for it," Amy says. She chuckles hearing the conversation between Chris and Venei.

Kentar smiles a bit and grins. "Nah, I'm good. Not too interested in reading to others right now anyways." he looks to Chris and shakes his head. "Oh my, what has he gotten himself into." he shakes his head then smiles at Amy. "Ah. Was it good?"

Aikuen shrugs a bit and takes the book and puts it in his lap, "That's okay anyway. I would like to read it myself anyway." he laughs at the little ones, "Well... At least the look comfortable..." he smirks, "Of course it was good! Otters. Fish. A lake! A hero... A damsel! Its a ripping read. I tells yah" he sighs happily.

Amethyst moves around to find a seat near Chris and Venei. "Wouldn't mind hearing it either. I did hear it once or twice but there may have been some liberties taken with the story," she says with a smirk.

Aikuen tilts his head at the ratwife. Not getting what she meant by that. Its a good story all by itself, "Well. I am the only one who would want to read it... Or can. I guess i have no choice..." he cracks open the book and starts, "O-Once Upon a ... tim... time...." he hrms a bit and shakes his head, "There was a hero... nim, named Lot-Lothio..." he hrms as struggles to read aloud.

Chris frowns a little bit, finding it hard to stay so still with a little otter on top of him. "Hmm..." he whispers to himself, wondering if he could get away with shoving her off. Kentar sits down and chuckles at Aik's poor reading aloud skills.

Amethyst doesn't mind Aik's reading. The way he reads she can tell he's actually reading it and not making it up as he goes.

Venei naps quietly, still holding onto the stoat. She is quite comfortable where she is. But like the larger otters. Move at your own risk. Aik pulls at his chin for a little bit, "And... Lothio... Was an otter... But not just...any otter... he was an... advetner... adventurer..." he hrms and smiles, "But... Not just any.... adventurer... he was an... explo...rer. Explorer. Seeky-Seeker of great lands and far... off counties-countries... This... is one of those stories..."

Kentar listens closely and has finally gotten used to Aik's reading. The stoat yawns a little bit before closing his eye and drifting off. Christopher slowly shrugs his shoulders and sighs quietly to himself, closing his eyes, figuring if he's going to be used as a bed, he might as well nap away the time until Venei is somewhere else and not napping.

Aikuen chuckles at Amy. Still not realizing that most around him have drift off to sleep, "... One day... While... walking through the... forest. He... Came upon a sign. Hanging up on a tree... by an... arrow. The sigh read... 'Help wanted...' Not... realizing what the sign... meant... He quickly accepted. Heading... to the town." he rubs his eyes, "He went to the... Sheriffs office. To ... work on the deal. That the sigh... said. To bad... The sheriff was actually his life long enemy. Toland...." he chuckles.

Aikuen reads for a little bit longer until he realizes that most of his audience has gone to sleep. He closes the book, "Well... I think im gonna have to finish this later... When i have more of a... captivated audience..." he goes over and plucks Venei from Chris, "Come on you silly thing." she erms in her sleep. Aik shakes his head, "If you were so tired..." he sighs and gets up. Leaving the book on the chair, "Sorry about this Amy. But Fathering is required. Ill finish the story later..." he nods a bit before leaving the study.