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Hello and welcome to the client page where I'll attempt to make some sense of the many MU clients which you can use to connect to Redwall MUCK. Now you can of course use the web client on the front page but if you're interested in logging or other features you're going to need a software MUD/MUCK/MUSH/MU client as shown below. This is by no means a complete list, and feel free to contact me on MU if one of the links stops working or if you have what you feel is a better suggestion. Or just leave a comment below, thanks.


Considering its 2011 at the time of this writing and I expect that if you're using Windows at all its either 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 I'm going to limit the clients listed here to those versions of Windows for the sake of fewer choices to mull through.


Status: Last updated April 2007

Price: Free

Features: Aliases, Macros, Timers, Highlights, Autologging and more...

MuckClient was one of the most popular clients in its heyday and known for being a simple but functional way of connecting to various MU's like RW. Unfortunately the client hasn't been updated since 2007, and the developer and her website have completely disappeared from the web as far as I know. Fortunately has an archived version of the website and you can still download the last version of the client from the archive link above.


Status: Actively Maintained as of 2011

Price: Free

Features: Aliases, Macros, Timers, Highlights, Triggers, 500, 000 line output buffer, keypad-navigation and more...

This is my own personal choice for a client and I have to say that its simply the best Windows client out there for what you get. My personal favorite things about it include the ability to search through your output with the find feature, triggers, and of course the ease which I can highlight any piece of text. That there are plugins which only add to the client, the ability to write scripts, and help and support from the developer makes it the complete package. That being said there is a bit of a learning curve, but its well worth it especially with all the support you'll get from fellow users.


Status: Last updated 2005

Price: Free

Features: World list

This was my first client after ditching Telnet and no doubt many others have a similar story. Unfortunately the company that made the original software Chaco Communications is now defunct, but Ultra Enterprises distributes an updated version of the original software.

While not actively maintained since 2005, or having any real features like triggers or aliases its still a great client as it was when I first started using it in 1997.


Status: Last updated 2008

Price: $34.95 US, Free 30-day evaluation

Features: Contains automapper (zMapper support), database, syntax editor, debugger, and support for plugins, Simutronic games, inline images, VBScript/JScript, MXP, MCP, Pueblo emulation, and MCCP

Popular MUDclient superseded by CMUD.


Status: Actively Maintained

Price: $29.95 US, Free 30-day evaluation

Features: The latest Public version of CMUD 3, the new MUD Client from the makers of zMUD. Requires Windows 7, Vista, or Windows XP SP2


Status: Last updated 2002

Price: $20.00 US, Free Unlimited Evaluation

Features: Aliases, Timers, Highlights, Triggers and more..

Mac OS X


Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: 'Spawn' support, Shared world settings, Growl support, Versatile Windowing, HTML Logfiles, User defined hotkeys, User defined aliases, Advanced event system, SSL-encrypted connections, MCCP support, Perl scripting, MCP 2.1

Actively developed, this is probably the best Mac OS X client out there.


Status: Unsupported

Price: Free

Features: color ANSI, multi-channel sessions, triggers, blocks


Status: Last Updated 2010

Price: $15 US

Features: Triggers, macros, and more...

Savitar is an actively maintained shareware MUD / MUSH / MOO client for Macintosh computers. Savitar is available for both OS 9 ("Classic") and OS X.



Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: Triggers, Aliases, Macros, Timers, Plugins, and more...

KildClient is a MUD Client written with the GTK+ windowing toolkit. It supports many common features of other clients, such as triggers, gags, aliases, macros, timers, and much more. But its main feature is the built-in Perl interpreter.


Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: Triggers, Aliases and more...


Trebuchet Tk

Status: Stable

Price: Free

Features: Triggers, macros, scripts, events, color settings, flash on activity and more...

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Unix


Status: Stable

Price: Free


Platforms: Unix, Mac OS, Windows, OS/2, BeOS, FIBS


Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: Standalone (No install), Triggers, Aliases, Puppets, Macros, HTML Logging, SSL Server support

Platforms: Windows, Linux


Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: Triggers, Timers, Scripting, HTML Logging and [1]

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Potato MU Client

Status: Actively Maintained

Price: Free

Features: Timers, searchable output buffer, Omit line and more..

Platforms: Windows, Linux

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