What is a muck?

From Redwall MUCK Wiki

MUCK stands for Multi-User-Character-Kingdom. People from around the world connect to Redwall MUCK to RP, or Role Play. The players assume the personality of characters that they create. These characters interact in the world of Redwall, as defined by Brian Jacques in The Redwall Series.

Redwall MUCK is divided into two areas: the IC (In Character) Area and the OOC (Out Of Character) Area. In the IC Area, players RP as their characters in the world of Redwall. Redwall MUCK is set many generations after the Redwall Series ends, so, while many of the same organizations exist, none of the characters from the books are still alive. The technological level of Redwall is roughly equivalent to that of Medieval England. In the OOC Area, players act as themselves in real life. As well as providing a forum for Role Play, the MUCK can serve as a chat room for friends. Building, the creation of new areas for Role Play or OOC chat, is also welcomed. However, the primary focus of Redwall MUCK is the Role Play.

Redwall MUCK is different from a MUD in that there is no combat system. The basis of Redwall MUCK is that players control their own characters. This means that players decide everything from their characters' heights to whether or not their characters get injured in battle. While this does allow characters to be invincible in battle, Role Players learn that weaknesses make a character realistic. Because the goal of Redwall MUCK is simply to have fun, not to gain points or win fights, it is just as productive to Role Play the healing of an injury as to win a fight. In fact, the majority of interaction on Redwall MUCK is peaceful scenes from everyday life. In keeping with the spirit of the Redwall Series, Redwall MUCK is G-rated. Its rules are all simply matters of common-sense. A staff of volunteer players roams the MUCK, encouraging Role Play and, when necessary, enforcing the rules.