Late Winter Suprise

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Charaters: Amethyst, William and Kentar

Location: Moledeep


Amethyst lays on a cot in the infirmary. She had been feeling pains eariler in the afternoon that kept getting worse and worse.

William sat nearby as Aikuen and Fira fussed over Amy. Will was very worried about his wife. These strange pains she was having bothered him.

Kentar is there too, the stoat sitting next to William as he lets the more experienced healers take over things. "Don't worry, Will. I'm sure she's fine." he smiles a little. Aik lightly feels over Amy's belly and hums a little.

William stands up and starts to pace around an empty part of the room. He doesn't know what else to do.

None of the otters can figure it out right away, and its Kentar who gets it. "I think she's in labor..." the stoat blinks and stands up, going over. "Yeah...she is...she's in labor...but..." he looks to Will and then to Amy again. He quickly makes some adjustments to the bed and then looks to Will. "Here..." he points to a cloth and a pitchier of water. "Wipe off her forehead...." he nods. He will ask questions later...

William looks a little confused but does as instructed, taking a seat near Amy's head and dabing at her head with a wet cloth. He considers petting her head to comfort her but is unsure if it would be wise given her condition.

Amethyst pushes again, something shifts somewhere and she pushes again. "W-when ... is ... this .... gon- .... be .... over," she growls.

The stoat looks down and then looks back towards Will. "Why didn't you tell us she was pregnant?" he asks, tilting his head a little before looking to Amy. "Take a deep breath...and let it out..." he demonstrates before taking a deep breath of his own. "Soon....push!"

"I didn't know," Will says, "She didn't tell me she was."

"I didn't know either," Amy is quick to say before taking the stoat's advice and concentrating on what's most important.

"How can you not know? You're married aren't you? Push again...not long now..." Kentar repeats again, reaching down to get a cloth ready for the new born to land on carefully. "Push!" he says a little louder this time.

William opens his mouth to give a retort but stops himself and keeps quiet.

Amethyst pushes and soon there is a cloth full of bawling rat babe in the infirmary.

Kentar seems to fiddle a bit as he wraps up the currently unseen infant before he slowly stands, keeping the crying bundle in his arms. "Congratulations!" he smiles softly. "Its a girl..." the stoat slowly moves over next to the new parents and offers out the babe carefully to Amy. The babe starts to slowly stop crying when she feels the warmth of Kentar's arms and soon her mother's.

William peeks over Amy to look at his new daughter.

Amethyst craddles her babe, holding her close. "What does she look like?" she asks petting the newborn.

William shakes his head at the stoat in anoyance. "She has light brown fur," he says to Amy, "lighter down her belly looks like. Very small. Clenal'll like her. Hope he doesn't swarm her."

The old stoat can't help but chuckle a little, smiling. "And she looks just like her parents..." Kentar smiles. The little rat's cries slowly stop as she snuggles slightly into her mother's arms.

"Yes she does," Will agrees. "So what are we gonna call er?" he asks his wife giving her a kiss on the head.

Amethyst hmms, "Wilco?" she suggests, "Good as any other name, better than some."

The stoat doesn't say anything as how he'd picture it to be more a boys name than a girls but he smiles never the less. "Good name." Kentar nods.

William shrugs, "If that's what you want t call er. I'd think it'd get confusing but you're her mother."

"Yes I am. Would yew go an check on Clenal?" Amy asks.

Kentar smiles a little as William leaves. "Oh, Robin and Syla are gonna be so jealous of you, Amy." he smiles a little. "Here...get some must be tired."