Just Before Winter (Part Three)

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Characters: Robin, Aikuen, Tillim(spoof) Amethyst

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Robin is laying in a cot near the otters, coughing and sneezing up a storm. He's all stuffed up and looking sick. He's got a cold! Thanks to having ran out in the snow for so long, sweating, and carrying a mouse on his back while not being properly dressed for snow travel. But its not a bad cold. Just a bit of a cold. Lucky not to have gotten hypothermia from it all

Aikuen is sitting on the bed away from the other stoat, his elbows resting on his knees. As he rests his head on his paws. Blocking out the light with his palms. Fira is still holding Ella. Hasn't let her go for a few days now. And neither otters have had any sleep three days counting. The little one is awake and coughs, little otter coughs. Still sick it seems. At least she is awake now. Tillim is hovering over Robin, tut-tutting, "Now see... if you had just let me get my supplies. We both could have walked... and you wouldn't be sick... Where does it hurt now? Come now Robin..."

Robin bats a paw at Tillim to keep him way so he wont get sick either. "Then we'd not have gotten back so quick." he replies before coughing and turning his head away. "I'm fine. Just a...a...ACHOO!" he sniffles before bundling himself up again. "Cold." Even though he so badly wants to say that it hurts everywhere. He's never run with a beast on his back so quickly before. Except with Bale. But he only did that twice, and in the summer

Tillim has been dealing with colds so much at the abbey. He is pretty much immune this season, so he persists, "True that Mr. Robin..." his head goes back at the sneeze, "But still. You are sick. And need care for. Or else you might spread it to the rest of us..." Garnet has moved Venei pretty far from the stoat. Just in case.

Robin frowns and sniffles again. "Fine. But if you get sneezed on, tis your own fault." he fakes a cough at Tillim and leans back into his cot. "Aik. You owe me for this. Having to deal with this silly mouse" he nods.

Tillim takes out a handkerchief at the cough, and wipes his face, "Deal with me? No sir. I think it is i. That has to deal with you... A place like this and no healer... it was only a matter of time..." he goes over to the table in which he has turned it into his workstation and begins to make a potion. Aik doesn't reply to Robin, except for a light nod. He doesn't even look in that direction.

Robin looks towards Aik and sighs a little. "Aikuen...she's going to be fine. Tilly or whatever his name is already said that." he smiles before turning his head and sneezing. The stoat leans back into his pillows and yawns a little.

Aikuen is tired, and stressed from it all. And his emotions are all wishy-washy, "I hope so..." he mumbles quietly. He just has a hard time seeing it. Fira glances over and uses her free paw, grabs his, giving it a little rub. Makes him feel a little better.

Tillim goes back over, carrying a flask, "Tilly? I don't call you Robby now do i?" he places the flask near the stoat, "Takes this whenever... Warm you right up it will..." he goes back over to the table.

Robin shakes his head. "No. You don't. Sorry." he replies, frowning a little as he takes the flask, nodding a little. He passes a glance back to the otters and nods. "She will be. You really need rest. Or you'll be no better off then she is." he says before downing the potion in the flask, coughing a little afterward.

Aikuen takes a deep breath and looks over at Robin, "Your right... Your right..." he scratches the top of his head before scooting himself onto the bed a bit more. Still not laying down, but he is getting there. Fira wont rest for nothing. Don't try. Don't even bother. Or else she might hit you.

Tillim nods, "Your young friend is right. Aikuen... Ill be here just in case... You can nap if you wish..." The flask was mostly alcohol, so it should warm the stoat real quick.

Robin snuggles into his blankets and yawns. "Mm...warm..." he nods once or twice. He doesn't usually drink. In fact that was his first alcoholic anything. Wasn't bad actually. "Yeah...Aik. See! I'm right. I'm always right." he grins with a nod.

Amethyst enters the infirmary. She's walking better now but the floors of the tunnel are flat and she knows where most things are. She isn't even using a staff to get around today, though maybe she should. The blind maid clusely make her way to a bed near the otters and sits down, feeling around for things and beasts with her paws as she goes. Her lute hangs down from a strap on her shoulder and swings some as she shoves two small red capes toward the nearest otter. The capes are winkled from being balled up and unballed over and over. The rat maid's paws figet about and she frowns, "How's Ella doing?"

Aikuen reaches over and noses Fira on the cheek, "You can have first nap... Please... I'll make sure she is warm and taken care off... I promise..." he mouths to her. She frowns slightly and resolutely sighs, nosing him back, "Alright... Aik..." she nods a bit before slowly handing over Ella. Stroking her ears a little before curling up on the bed. Still awake. But at least she is resting. Aik takes her and watches her cough quietly. "She isn't any worse..." Tillim interjects on Aik's behalf, "Still coughing... and feverish. At least her lungs sound better..." he nods a bit. Aik looks at the capes, "W-What... Are these?"

Amethyst shrugs, "For the twins. Figured sooner or later their big brother would want to drag them outside. Started on em about the time it first started snowing. They're capes if you couldn't tell."

Aikuen blinks a bit at the capes, and ohs, "Oh. Okay..." he doesn't know, really what to say. Not the perfect time to show them this. He scoots them away from him and he lays back on the headboard, "No Robin. I will stay awake until she is better. I have to make sure she will be fine. I have to make sure she will be alright. Completely. Until then..." he shakes his head, "I have too..."

Robin sighs. "Aik." he shouts that a little. "You need rest. She'll get better even if your napping. Tillim and Kentar can keep an eye on her. They're good, responsible beasts. And one is a healer. Do more harm to yourself by staying up longer, and worrying. Sleep." he yawns a little, rolling onto his side. "In fact. Sleep sounds good right now."

Amethyst sighs. "He's right. You should get some sleep, Aik. You wont be able to keep up with Ella when she's better if you don't." she says trying to sound cheerful.

Aikuen looks over to Amy, and back over to Robin, then once again back to Amy, "I... Know... But... I cant... I just... I just cant... I love her. And I cant... no... I won't... No..." he blinks a bit as his eyes begin to swell, "She needs me... I know it... I can feel it... I wont let her go... She is my daughter... And I wont let anything bad happened to her... I wont..." Fira reaches over and pats him on the leg, "Its okay Aik..." Aikuen blinks again, "But what if..." Garnet has already gotten up, "Im getting Kentar..." she is off to find him.

Amethyst says, "I'm watching her and when Kentar gets here he'll watch her too. You're a wonderful father and everything but that doesn't mean you can go without sleep."

Garnet shortly returns with Kentar, before heading back to watch Chris. Kentar walks over and plops next to Aik, putting an arm around his shoulder. Aik blinks at Amy, "Really? You really think so...im a good father..." that just about puts him over. Needed to hear that. He... very slowly hands over Ella to Kentar, kissing her on the forehead, "I love you Ella... Ill be right here... daddy will never let you go..." but he does. He looks to Kentar, "Please take care of her..." he then looks back to Amy, "Thank you..." he sniffs lightly before going to curl up next to Fira, taking her paw

Amethyst had not real meant what she said but no reason to inform the otter, besides it had the desired effect and that's what really matters. The blind rat stretches out on the cot she'd been sitting on and tries to get some rest herself. She's unlikely to fall asleep anytime soon but she can't do much to help.

Tillim hrms a bit, quietly, but audible all the same, "That was easier than i thought..." he chuckles lightly and stuffs a vial tightly with a cork. Leaving it on the table for now. He walks over to Kentar, "Hello..." Ella still coughs lightly.

Aikuen eventually does drift off to sleep. But its filled with strange dreams. And it makes him sad. For what he sees. Fira gets nearer Aik and places her head on his trying to get to sleep as well. Its odd. They both have the same dream