Full Circle

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Characters: Aikuen, Will

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Garden Burrow

All the otters in Moledeep are all cuddled in the garden burrow. Fira, Aikuen, Venei, and Ella. Though Ella only because she has too. After a few hours of being 'ottery' Ella decides that being cuddly is lame. She has been lame enough for today. And runs off to bother someone else. Aik had been slightly dozing in a chair. An arm wrapped around his wife, who is also dozing on Aik's shoulder. Venei still has her arms wrapped around her neck, just snuggling her fur. Fira is the first to notice Ella's disappearance and she looks to Aik. She smiles softly at him, going to kiss his cheek before heading off after Ella, Venei in tow. Aik, unaware of anything frowns in his sleep. As his teddy otter has left him.

William peeks into the garden burrow to check for otters as he'd seen Fira and Venei leaving it. Always nice to know where your otters are. The rat has something tied up in a large cloth tucked up under his arm. Seeing his father sleeping he pokes at him hard and quickly takes a few steps back

Aikuen grunts heavily at the poke, before his mind catches up. Well. As much as he could in his old age. He startles awake. and he looks around quickly, reaching inside his coat, "Wuzzat! Who..." he rubs at his eye, "Who is..." he hrms rubbing the other eye, and releasing the object in his coat, "Oh... Hey Will. What's going on...?" he looks around, "Where... The others?" he asks. As if Will knows.

William nods toward the door and the hall. "Mum an Ve went off in a hurry. Well Mum was trying t hurry anyway. El's probably up t something. Little Pikefish has t' keep us all from getting bored I guess," the rat chuckles.

Aikuen looks to the door and then rubs at his cheek. Its still wet. He nods a few times, "Ella is probably getting into trouble again." he chuckles, "... She just is, a little nut. And she took my Wife on a wild goose chase." he snorts, "And she didn't even wake me. Hrm. So... Whats up?" he asks. Getting the blood back to his limbs

William shrugs, "Not much." He pulls himself up to sit on a small table near by. "This time last year we were at th abbey. Lot can happen in four seasons. .... or even one. .... Doubt th abbey's changed too much since then or even fall."

Aikuen says, "Ummm.... Eight?" he guesses. He kinda knows what is going on. He is just not quite sure what is going on here.

"And half of that?" Will asks. He's enjoying this.

Aikuen raises an eyebrow, "If I knew there was going to be a test, I wish I had studied more." he smirks and then says, "Half of eight is four. Were back where we started..." he chuckles.

William nods passing the bundle he'd been holding to the otter, "You could say that." The bundle is swordish or daggerish shaped and covered in a faded red cloth that's tied with rope. "And if you /must/ know. ..... I found it," he adds with a grin.

Aikuen scratches at his hair, "I'm... Lost?" he asks as he takes the bundle. He looks at it from side to side. Weighing it in his paws, "What is this for?" he asks. Hey free gift. Not going to turn it down. He slowly opens the package in his lap, tossing the rope to the side so the cloth can unravel it. And the otters mouth drops at what he sees. Inside, is a dagger. But much longer. Almost like a dirk. But its not. One side is sharp while the other is serrated. The hilt is an amalgam of bronze. With the insignia of two swords crossing each other at the cross point. The the hilt tips, point up instead of the normal down. The hilt fit in just one paw and across the blade, tiny writing of some foreign land covers it. Aik holds it up, "How did... I thought you... and here is... I..." he is speechless.

"Told ya. I /found/ it," Will says again still grinning. He lazily rubs a thumbclaw over the hilt of his short sword, "Though seeing as I have a sword now and haven't any use for a dagger as well at the moment .... and as I recall having two little sisters about someplace who might be more suited t fancy ottery things like that. Not t say I'm giving it back but I haven't a use for it, unless you're gonna train me now t use two blades at once, and it seems something like that should stay in th family one way or another." He hops down off the table and walks over to stand beside the old otter. "Sides I'm thinking they being otters might be a little more entitled to it. And if you can't bare to have it be unused til they're older I'm sure Mum could use it as well as anybeast else."

Aikuen is still wide eyed at the blade. Its like a missing object from his life. His dagger since he was pup at school. Aik looks back to Will eventually, "You found it..." sounds like one of those don't ask don't tell situations, "I cant believe i'm seeing this again." he rubs the writing slowly reading it, "For... Aikuen T. Top marks in swordsmanship. Presented..." he reads the date, then says, "Which is about 18 seasons ago..." he chuckles, "Thank you. For finding it..." he grins.

William says, "You're welcome. Least I could do after loosing it." He leans over to try and 'read' the strange writing as Aik recites it, "I was right. It does have your name on it. I thought it did but could be sure. It'd been a while since I'd seen it and th writing on it looks same as just decorations t me."

Aikuen chuckles pointing out a set out of the several loops and blocks of writing, "This part right here is my name. Same as on my blade. Same as on my pack. Now you know what it looks like..." he chuckles. Putting the blade to one side, "You cant beleave how much this means to me..." he bites his lower lip.

William nods a little, "I knew it looked familiar. I've seen it on all your other things but at the time wasn't for sure if it was on this too or not." He sits down on the chair arm opposite the otter and cocks his head at him a bit as he puts the dagger aside. "I can't? Maybe not exactly but I have an idea. I've know you half my life now Aikuen, I understand." There is no disrespect in his voice. He's known the otter a long time by his own count and there is no reason in his mind for them to be less then equals even while being father and son.

Aikuen nods and tires not to sniff, "... A year ago... You asked if i could be your new dad... And i said yes..." he rubs his eye, "... Thats what i meant. This... means so much to me... The dagger is just a dagger. but you...." he smiles, "... Are my son..."

William smiles back. "I am William Tazan son of Aikuen and finder of Moledeep!" The rat moves to stand in front of the chair, "and you sir are a silly old otter but I'm glad I found you anyway. Also you might want to get moving or you'll be last to the table." The sounds drifting in from the hall do suggest supper is already under way.

Aikuen chuckles at Will and stands up as well, "And i am Aikuen Tazan. Father of Will, Ella, and Venei. Husband of Fira. And the elder of Moledeep." he smiles, "Silly-Yes. Old-We'll see. And otter-Thank you, and you better." he looks off toward the hall, "Eh. Right... Go on ahead. Ill be there a minute..." He waits for the rat to leave before going back to the dagger, slowly wrapping the dagger back up, mumbling something. Something he said. About a year ago. Something in foreign tongue. He smiles at the blade before placing the package into the chest and locking it up. He takes a deep breath before heading to the hall. He is the last to the table after all.