Encouragingish (A Ferravale log)

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FV:Chieftain's Home:Main Room

The inside of the home is large, a door leads to the sleeping quarters and another to a kitchen area. This room has a large window looking outside with nice navy blue curtains on it. The floor is wooden and a large fireplace keeps the room warm in those cold months.Above the fireplace is a large painting of the Chieftain and his mate.In the room also is a table and a few chairs to sit in.A large bookcase is by a far wall with many books of all kinds on it.

Exits: [B]ack, [Bed]room, [K]itchen

Foxes: Bandit, male.

Ferrets: Ferdinand, male.

Whiptail snakes (you're just jealous): Basilisk 'Basil', male.

Cats: Blisa, female.

Rats: Clarissa, female.

Today was a good day for Bandit. After his run in with the badgers he was feeling...well it wasn't happy. Content would be a more accurate description of his mood. He had faced his fears and survived.

The fox had obviously been celebrating since his victory in the tavern again. His tabbard was looking a little tight with the belt wrapping under the bulge of his waist. He nods to the guards outside the chieftain's home then knocks on the door.

Today was going to be a good day. He just /knew/ it.

The fox should stop lying to himself. It's not doing him any good. The door is opened by Ferdinand, who looks at him pityingly. "I hope you ate well before you came here...." he mutters as he admits the fox into the house. Basilisk is curled up in front of the fireplace with Blisa resting in his coils, looking like a barbaric little queen. She is decked in her black dress and silver locket and about 6 silver bracelets, 3 on each arm. She is drawing something that looks suspiciously like someone dying. Clarissa is sitting on the far side of the room, oiling her bullwhip. She looks at the fox sadly. "Keep yer chin up, mate," she tells him in an encouragingish voice.

Giving Ferdi a confused glances the very un-swift swift fox steps inside and just...stares. Suddenly he fears the day that Scioto passes. The image of the feline chieftess forming a horde to attack near by settlements is prevalent on his mind. He shakes his head to clear himself of the idea. "Um...Blisa! Good day to you...I hope. You summoned me here?" He says with a forced smile.

Blisa continues to draw as Ferdinand closes the door behind the fox. "Yes, I did. I discovered the other day from Ferdinand and an otter scout that you fought a badger without alerting either myself or my father to the danger. Is this true, or no?" Basil seems to be asleep, but it's hard to tell since he doesn't have eyelids.

The fox turns to the ferret with a rather nasty look. "Well...yeah." He says, crossing his arms and shifting his bulk to one side. "I deal with a lot of threats to both me and the village. I didn't think it warranted telling the chief, even though it was a badger."

Ferdinand spreads his paws wide in a don't-blame-me pose. "I wanted to avoid her biting me," he says lamely. Blisa finally looks up at the fox, and the ferret takes this opportunity to join Clarissa in the corner. "This was more than a threat to our village. Had you failed, Redwall would've been threatened next, and I don't think they would've appreciated my father and I not being more prepared. I know that, had you failed, I would have been most angry. Did you think my father didn't deserve to know? Did you think he was too busy to worry about a threat to this region? What /were/ you thinking, really?? And tell the truth!" Basilisk moves slightly. Is he dreaming, or awake???

The fox fidgets an ear. He will not be intimidated by some pint sized kitten! However large the snake she has made a chair of... "I was thinking that it's my job to protect the city with out running to yer father with my tail tucked between my legs every time something bad happens. And I'm fairly sure you or your pa would have done something fairly stupid and ran off to fight the badger yer self. With all due respect." The fox says in mock bow.

This was...not going to end well...

Blisa poufs up in rage. With deliberate care, she closes her sketchbook, puts aaaalllll her arts stuff in her bag, closes the bag, and tosses it into the closest chair. Ferdinand stands up and says, "Mith Blitha, pleathe think carefully about what you're about to do--" "Oh, I know /exactly/ what I'm about to do." The young cat bares her teeth and hisses angrily. Basilisk raises up and, with a lightning-fast move, goes to wrap his coils around the chubby fox. Blisa keeps her balance with all the agility of her species, and she brings her face close to the fox's. "How DARE you insult my father in that way??!" Note how she is not defending her own honour right now, just that of her father. "Give me ONE reason why I shouldn't let Basil break you like a little twig!!!" Clarissa stands and starts to cautiously move forward. Ferdinand also starts moving. They seem to be sneaking up on someone...

The fox let's out a panicked yelp. "Blisa! Blisa!" He wriggles in the snakes coils. This has got to be a joke. She wouldn't really...she couldn't...could she?

"Ahem." The fox coughs politely off to the side, "Let me rephrase that. I didn't want you, either of you, to heroically leap into danger against a mad badger." The fox chuffs as the snake squeezes a bit too tight, "THAT and you may not have approved of how I was going to...uh...fight him." He offers a wide toothed smile to show...sincerity...most likely.

Blisa bares her teeth in basically the opposite of a friendly smile and goes to grab the fox's ear. "How did you fight him?! I was not informed of this...." Ferdinand holds up a paw. "I know nothing of thith. All I know of wath the challenge." Basilisk hisses hopefully. "Can I eat the fat foxsssss.....he'sssssssso ssssssssssquisshy......." Clarissa has positioned herself behind the young cat and looks ready to grab her, if needs be.

The fox cringes at being 'squishy'. "You know, somehow always knew it would end like this. Minus the snake...or being eaten part..." The fox tries to maintain a friendly smile, "I uh, used the practical method of taking down large brutish figures by, well, poisoning them. Didn't work of course." The fox gulps, "Now Blisa, I know you are upset, but remember, I'm your friend! And a friend of your father! I only acted in the best interest of the village and...and...it's getting a little hard to breath here..."

"Loosen up, Basil." The snake wails a little, but complies with the cat's request. Blisa crosses her arms and straightens up into a standing position. "Why would I be upset about you trying to poison a threat? That's what I would've suggested. Although /I/ would've used something that actually /worked/." Ferdinand and Clarissa relax visibly as the petite cat jumps to the floor, her skirts billowing, and orders her snake to release the 'squishy' fox. He grudgingly complies, then goes and sulks in a corner. "You STILL should've had the decency to alert my father and I to the danger, you.....you irritating little butterball of a fluffy fox!" Yes, the 'butterball' statement was in response to his insulting her honour a few minutes ago.

The fox coughs as he get's to his feet. He gives the snake a glance, then turns to Blisa, "Well, perhaps there is a reason I don't like to stop by here too often." He gestures to the snake as if to explain that reason. He ignores the butterball comment for simple sanity's sake. "I..." he thinks for a moment, "Admit that I should have told you both, but I felt me and the guard could handle the problem. And they did. No casualties which, surprised me too I know." he rubs the back of his head, "Speaking of which...there were signs of a...a second beast at the scene. What or who it was I don't know. Just that it assaulted the archers while we fought off Krull..." He taps his paws nervously as he talks. "See! I'm learning my lesson to share already!" He says with a nervous laugh.

Blisa looks at the fox, fiddling with her locket. "A second beast.....that's not good...." She purses her lips. "If you get any more information, please tell at least my father. I'll.....be content if you just tell my father. I can understand why you wouldn't want to hang out around Basil." "What did I ever do??" whines the snake, who is ignored. Clarissa plays with a knife. "So, ye weren't able to tell what species 'twas by it's tracks, I take it, mess mate?" She asks kindly. Ferdinand looks very displeased by this new piece of information.

The fox shrugs, "The booted kind." The fox looks down at his own boots. Wonderful inventions those were. "Smaller than a fox, larger than a mouse. It skidaddled long before we were done with Krull." Bandit then nods to Blisa. "I promise that the next giant badger that comes asking for my hide I will tell you about."

Blisa suddenly frowns, looking older than she actually is. "Pity....thank you for coming and reporting, Bandit. I trust that you will tell at least my father more from now on. Please excuse me...." she goes back to where she had started and stares into the fire. Ferdinand and Clarissa go to usher the fox out the door. "You did well, mess mate," the rat whispers. "If this guard thing doesn't work out, you should consider bein' a lawyer..." "Mith Blitha ith going to pothibly come up with a plan now. I thugetht treading carefully for a week or tho...." the ferret advises as he opens the door for the Head Guard. Just a friendly suggestion.

The fox let's his shoulders drop. "No worries, if anyone needs me I'll be at the tavern, drowning more of my sorrows down a bottle with some fish and chips." Bandit shakes his head, "At this rate I doubt I will live long enough to die from a poor liver..." He trots off to do just so, shaking at the thought of how close he came to being devoured. It's time to admit it. Blisa has changed. She is no longer the little kitten she was. And what she was becoming...well, that was one more worry to keep him up at night. "I fear for the town when Scioto passes..."

Bandit: "blisa would make a good horde leader XD"

Me: "she would. /she so would/........IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN OHMIGOONESS!!!"

Bandit: "blisa should totally build a horde o.o"

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