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Conspiracy is an OOC social group on Redwall MUCK, active since 1998.


Conspiracy originated in 1998 as a +skills list created by Arevin. Within months, its membership soared to over one hundred characters, making Conspiracy one of the busiest chat channels on the MUCK at that time. A multi-story headquarters was constructed in the OOC Residential Area.

In 1999, Conspiracy became an active genre on Nameless MUCK. This iteration saw the birth of Archer City, a dystopian metropolis, which appeared again in June 2000 when Conspiracy launched its own MUCK. Conspiracy MUCK went offline in late 2002.


Today, Conspiracy remains an active +skills list, though it comprises fewer than twenty characters. Riverdale has taken ownership of a majority of Conspiracy HQ (displayed as Con HQ on find), which can still be found in the OOC area.


To reach Conspiracy HQ, type oocrestraich.