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find is somewhat like a younger sibling to who. When used by itself, find returns a list of online characters, along with some details about each.

This list can be customized using the commands +settitle and +configfind. If used for a specific character, find will return information, whether the character is connected or not. It can also be used to locate objects.

Though its name is similar, find should not be confused with @find.

Basic Usage

By default, find will show for each connected character a name, title, sex, species, time idle, and location.

find or where Lists online characters
find <player> Lists information about a specific character
find <object> Lists information about a specific thing
find #help This help page

Players can fill out the Title field with +settitle.

+settitle <message> Sets Title to <message>
+settitle Unsets Title

Advanced Usage

The look of find is highly configurable, and can adjusted with +configfind. Typically, a +configfind command will enter an editor and the player will be prompted to select from several display choices.

+configfind Configures display
+configfind #width Configures line width
+configfind #column Configures column order
+configfind #exclude Configures what not to show
+configfind #sort Configures the sorting of lines


By going status private, a player can hide her location from find, which will return <Location Private> instead.

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