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The NMC MU has two coding languages that allow the game to be customized and the experience controlled by the staff and players.

The most powerful of the languages is MUF (Multi-User Forth) and is only accessible to the wizards at this time. MUF has security issues, but it's MUF that most of the commands in the game (such as look or jump are written in. To work with MUF, to learn it, etc., go to the Nameless MUCK website ([1]) and download/install your own MU. When your program is done and bundled in a load-script, you can submit it to the NMC project and if it goes there, it will end up here.

MPI is free to use by all players. It's not quite as powerful as MUF, but it's very capable for doing even substantial things. This section is mostly geared toward MPI, since that's what most players will be using.

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