Clothing Macros

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To give yourself clothing, do the following:

1) use lsedit to setup a default description:

lsedit me=desc/default

All descriptions go under the /desc prop, and should be named. MPI parsing (embedded MPI) is support so break lines with {lit: } at the end to avoid run-ons.

2) Specify the first of many sets of clothing (currently only your default set)

+desc default

3) Set the code in your description property that will actually USE the description your wrote using the lsedit program that you set with +desc.

NOTE: this needs YOUR NAME where it says name, and the asterisk (*) MUST BE THERE. So, if your name is Otter, it would be *Otter...

@desc me={clothing:*name,default}

4) Build as many descriptions as you like doing

lsedit me=desc/name_of_outfit

5) to set a new description:

+desc name_of_outfit

Clothing MPI Macro

This macro is what the player puts into the @desc in order to cause thier select clothing to expand. It is traditionally put in #0, but can of course be installed in some other room, but it must be reachable up the parent chain for any player that uses it.

@set #0=_msgmacs/clothing:{if:{nearby:me,{:1}},{lexec:{prop:descprop,{:1}}},{lexec:desc/{:2},{:1}}}

NOTE: the above is long, and needs to be on one line

The usage of this is as follows: {clothing:*name_of_player,default_description}

Clothing selection command

This is the command the user invokes to actually cause a switch of clothing. Its usage might be:

+desc armor

To put on armor, and then to take it off...

+desc default

Note that if the game supports distant viewing (such as Redwall's @icdesc command or a wizard doing look *playername) only the DEFAULT setting will show.

To install the command:

@rec +desc

@action +desc=#0=cmd/plus_desc

@link $cmd/plus_desc=$nothing

lsedit $cmd/plus_desc=ldesc

.del 1 $



       You need to +desc  first.


       Your current description set is {prop:descprop,me}.




      You need to lsedit me=/desc/{&arg} before this will work.


      You store description {store:/desc/{&arg},descprop,me}{lit: }

      for the current description{lit:,} which is:\r{lexec:/desc/{&arg},me}




@succ $cmd/plus_desc={lexec:ldesc}

@set $cmd/plus_desc=w

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