City of Aclidia

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Welcome to the homepage for Aclidia! Built upon a fertile plateau on the far Southern Coasts, Aclidia is a vermin oriented city ruled by the iron wills of the few and guarded by the sharpened steel of the strong! For those with the initiative, Aclidia is a gold mine of opportunity! From the lowliest beggar, to the toughest legionnaire, or one of the powerful Aclidian Lords, nearly every kind of position in Aclidia is open and available. Roleplay opportunities are numerous and varied, and depending on your choice of position, your character could find themselves swept up in the political upheaval, or, if a member of the Aclidian Legion, sent as far away as the Northlands to defend the city's interests.

Below you will find a collection of links that offer information on every facet of Aclidian life. Directions to the city are: [portal, pwl, d x15, th, ac]. Or, simply type [jump #214620] to be taken directly to the center of town. For more information about Aclidia, or to ask about joining, contact Adriana through the Muck. If I'm not online, feel free to leave me a page #mail.

Currently, Aclidia is in need of every kind of character imaginable: from the simple citizen, to the most regal of nobles and the iron willed legionnaire. See the links below to find out more!

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