Camp Willow Positions

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**Leadership Positions**


Skipper is in total control over Camp Willow, their word is law over the camp, though they are usually kind, and understanding to their comrades.

**Military Positions**

(Most beast will be expected to help in battles if the time comes & most military beast will help with other things within the camp.)

Captain of the Guard

Acting as almost a second in command in terms of the fighting force of the camp the Captain's job is to keep the guards organised and teach the new forces with the weapons trainers.


Guards are needed to defend the camp from attackers. They will also fight in any battles that happen within the camp, if needed. While anyone who holds a military position will be a guard and defend the camp, only those who aren't also part of the Infantry or Archers as well will stay behind to defend the camp when a battle has to be fought elsewhere.


These are the fighters of the group, they are most skilled with hand-to-hand combat, but may also be able to use ranged weapons. These beasts will also double as guards when not in battle.

Archers, Slingers, and Javeline Hurlers

These beast are also fighters in the group. They are most skilled with ranged weapons, but may also be able to use hand-to-hand weapons. These beasts will also double as guards when not in battle.

Weapon Trainers

These are beasts that have been noted to be skilled with a particular weapon, or weapons. They will train any member of the camp that wishes to learn in the use of these weapons though their main work will be with the guards.

**Cooking & Food Positions**


These beast do just what their title says, they cook.These beasts cook the daily meals for the camp, and wash the dishes afterwards.


These beasts usually have more than one job, though they fish the river moss for camp's main food of choice, sometimes making trips further afield to the sea. They provide for most of the camps food.


Foragers forage the surrounding woodlands for berry's, mushrooms, herbs, and roots. They supply food for the cooks to cook, as well as herbs for healers.

**Healing & Caretaking Positions**


Healers do just what their title says, they heal. These beast heal the injured beasts, and get them back on their feet.


Not many of these beast will be needed. They will usually be secondary job, to help out the healers with herbs and such.

Dibbun Sitters

These beast will watch over the camps dibbuns, helping them to grow into strong beasts and making sure they don't get into trouble.


Carpenters & Woodmasters

These beast will be in charge of carving an assortment of wooden objects. They will also make spear handle's, bows, and any tools made of wood.


Since we have a Jewellery Workshop here, we might as well have some jewellers. Creating fine things and selling them both to those in the camp and sometimes travelling to sell to others they bring income to the camp as well as shiny stuff.

Tailors & Seamstresses

Even the otters of Camp Willow need clothing, and what better way to get it than Tailors. These beasts will make different articles of clothing, and even quilts and such. They will also make sails if need be.

**Miscellaneous Positions**


These beasts usually have more than one job. They go into Mossflower Woods and cut down wood that is used for building, weaponry, and firewood.


Bartender for the Swaying Reed Tavern. This beast will be in charge of running the bar, and inn.


Those small young little things that run around all over the place. We will need many of them to grow up to be the future of the camp. They will be watched over by the dibbun sitters.

If you have any suggestions on jobs that we do not have listed here, please drop a post in the forums or talk to Gaheris, Hallow or Ayita.