Camp Willow

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Camp Willow is a group of otters hidden near the river in Mossflower and commanded by Skipper of Otters. Based on the group found in the books the camp has been known to come to the aid of the Abbey and the inhabitants of Mossflower in times of trouble.

There are a few entrances to the camp dotted about the woods but the main entrance on the river Moss can be reached by 'Portal-Pem-Er-Erm-Caw'.

If you're looking to join the camp, take a look at the jobs page and talk to Gaheris and let him know what sort of job you'd be interested in. Don't worry if don't have a clue right away, we'll figure it out. Type '+skills apply campwillow' to apply to the skills group. Otters and Sea Otters will be automatically accepted but beasts of other species will need a good reason to be living in the camp. We do not take evil beasts as the group is of a good alignment and full of fighters who dislike vermin.

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