Breaking Camp - Part 2

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Characters: Aikuen, Flicktail

Location: Camp Coranado

Flicktail tries to sneak up on Aikuen holding a wriggling fish

Aikuen is sitting on his favorite log. The camp is being somewhat dismantled. They are going home it seems. Aikuen is oblivious to the fox, as he works on a bunch of rope used for tents. Trying to get them all organized as much as he can. Everyone else is not here, and doing something else at the moment.

Flicktail sneaks close and slips the larve wriggling fish into the otters lap suddenly

Aikuen blinks as there is now a fish in his lap. Which is not an entirely strange thing to him. As his daughters recently learned how to catch fish. Getting 'presents' has been a past time for him this trip. He looks at culprit. Expecting one of the little ones, and instead. Its a fox, "Heh. Hey Flicky... Thanks?" he points at the fish.

Flicktail smiles widely "it's a fie bleeding obvioussh!" he says having a degree in th bleeding obvious".

Aikuen picks up the fish by its tail, "Nah, i thought it was a rock." Sarcasm! "Obviously its a fish." he shakes his head.

Flicktail chuckles "oi got Hotroot too..where be the dibbuns? Oi were gonna take em on e mud slide

Aikuen chuckles, going to place the fish on a hot rock, "Heh. We do too flickster. We are an otter family of four" laughter, "Oh... They are probably with Fi, down by the pool. Getting some last minute swimming before we leave today." he nods, "Want me to get them?" he asks.

Flicktail says, "Nay....oi will go after em in a ever been aroudn Layne and any o er bees? y"

"Well okay. Cause i can get them in a hurry. If need be" The otter goes back to sorting out the many many knots, "Layne... Layne... OH! Didn't she marry that Lucas chap?" he asks, "...She has bees?" he asks, now puzzled.

Flicktail nods 'aye that be er...and yes she has thousands o bees..she be the Bee keeper, gets all e honey fer e abby....

Aikuen ohs and nods, "Ah. Okay. Then the answer is, no. No i havent been around her and her bees." he chuckles, "Swarmy little buggars. They are most annoying. But if she likes it" he shrugs, "Good for her then!"

Flicktail says, "oh them little tings scares me witless....(not hard for Flicky) they STING"

Aikuen smirks, "They are just bees. And yes they sting yeh. But they cant really kill you..." he pulls at the bunch of rope, "Not... REALLY... Anyway. But i guess its what we get for disturbing their home." he chuckles, "If i was a bee. Id make sure to sting everybody."

Flicktail says, "oh ye otters ave such thick fur ou dougbts a bee could get to ye"

Aikuen stops working and pulls at his chin, "Hrm... I never really thought of that. I guess your right. I mean. I've never been stung. But of course. I don't hang around bee houses." he chuckles, "Get someone else to get the honey! Ill stick to farming!"

Flicktail says, "thehoney begood..oi loikes enough on me fuHoney, the dibbuns put"

Flicktail says, "enough onme fur"

Aikuen snorts, "I know. I was round when you did that at the abbey. I think ill keep my fur clean." he chuckles.

Flicktail nods 'it do keep te fur shiny though

Aikuen tosses a bunch of rope to the side, "Ill take your word for it. Fish does the same thing. And for otters. That's all we need! Good ole fish oil. Good for what ails yea!"

Flicktail chuckles and pitches in coopes and folding canvas "yea but otters ave webbed pawsiling

Aikuen smiles at the help. When mentioned of the webbed paws. He actually stops and holds up his paw, showing the webbed parts between his claws. Which is a big fopa in the civilized otter world, "Aye we do. Though i lost a bit of my web parts in the war." he shrugs, and spreads his toes, "Still got them all their though" more chuckling.

Flicktail says, "ye daned otters swimms faster ene fishies"

Aikuen snorts, "Well. He have too. Or else back then. We didn't eat. Always fishers. Never scavengers. Still got the need for speed though. And im still unbeatable!"

Flicktail says, "when oi lived at Camp Willa, oi used ta get rides on e ruudders o me brother otters"

Aikuen chuckles, "And i would do the same... If i was a bit younger. I think ill be sticking to little ones from now on. I'm not as spry as some at the camp. OH. And i might be joining the camp soon. Maybe."

Flicktail says, "oh that would be Willa be a wunnerful place..but wot about Moledeep? ye don't even ave anydeep moles yet"

Aikuen shakes his head, "Hrm. I dont plan on leaving Moledeep. I just plan to work at the Camp. So some things for Hallow. A trainer." he nods, "The camp is not far away from Moledeep."

Flicktail says, "aye maybe one day we can be Mole willa....or camp deep..."

Aikuen snorts, "Heh. Thats just weird, Flicky. But its up to Hallow. And what i can wrestle out of her. Im going to be asking alot from her. But it would benefit her in the end."

Flicktail says, "o course otters elp otters"

Aikuen hrms, "Well. Ill be asking alot out of her. More than most would ever ask from her. Even if they lived there. But i'm doing it for my family. So that might work out for the better."

Flicktail asks, "well wot zactly ye be askin?"

Aikuen stops working, "Well. Let me think. A place for my family. A home for them all. A extension of the patrol for Moledeep. And of course being paid as well... I want to be a fully fledged Camp willow otter for me and my family. Get all the benefits from that. But if there is a war or battle thing. I have a choice not to go. Unlike the ones living there." he pulls at his chin, "Thats all i can think of right now. But still. Thats alot to ask."

Flicktail says, "well oi ope we aveno wars....them be messy buisnesses"

Aikuen nods, "Well. One can always be hopeful. But there is always a change. And i want a choice. Just in case. I was in a war for 5 seasons. Lost of alot of things. Im done with that forever." he nods.

Flicktail says, "maybe oi kin elp ya find em...."

Flicktail says, "if we goes back ta where ya lost em"

Aikuen frowns slightly, but cant help but to turn that into a small smile at the foxes ignorance, "No. Its okay Flicky. They can't be found again... And i have moved on"

Flicktail says, "aye to Mole deep' he says smiling, he really IS a Good fox"

Aikuen chuckles, "Yes. To Moledeep. My home. And my home until i die. Where i watch my kids grow up. My family. My loved ones... Where i plan to spend the end of my days."

Flicktail heads off with the canvas to pack it.