Breakfast At Moledeep

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Characters: Aikuen, William, Fira, Robin

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Well. Its another... day. Thats how Aik describes it. Day. Yep... Its just after breakfast time. And everyone is getting ready for their daily activities. Planing, etc. The otter twins are bundling up for a nice walk around. Again. Maybe stop at camp willow once more. You know. If they just so happen to walk over there. Oh well! Silly girls. Tagger is in here as well. Crawling around in the large poofed cloak. His long rudder dragging behind him. And his green eyes scanning the area. Shall he attack the wall? The twins? AIK?! He does not know. So he speaks, "Daaaa... Dooo... Dirt" as he crawls around. Aik is sitting at the table. Cold has made his joints stiff recently. So he sits and ponders over a nice cup of hot (with hotroot) tea. Watching his kids do their thing. And wondering what everyone else is up too.

The next to arrive in the room, are the newest couple on the block! Robin and Syla slowly make their way into the hall, Robin leading her towards the fire. "Hey Aik." they both greet with a bit of a smile. If there was any doubt Sy was actually pregnant before, its gone now. She's just as big as she should be and Robin seems just as 'protective' as ever. "There. Nice and comfortable." he smiles once she's sitting in one of the bigger chairs.

Fira keeps spending half the time translating things, which has lead to researching others and several trips to the abbey library in the process. Whatever it is it's either something she'd consider 'fascinating' or it's proving very tricky. She was still up late working on it last night which would explain the yawn and tired look as she makes a start for the day, hunting for breakfast. She just spots the twins going out as she wanders in "Don't go too far!" she calls after them before Tagger's swiftly swept off the floor before someone trips over him. Couple of his toys are swept to the side with her rudder and she stops by to give Aik a kiss "Morning dear" and a small otter dibbun on the way to the kitchen, waving to the stoats and tiding as she goes.

William comes in from the kitchens with a biscuit in his mouth and holding a few more. The others will get no 'good morning's from the rat, as he's too busy eating.

Aikuen blinks away a sleepy as he sips a little from his mug. Then there is some sort of stoat parade! Oh wait, its Rob and Sy, "Hello young'uns" He chuckles. Seems oddly familiar? Nah. He snorts to himself as then his attention his brought back when his only ear picks up more sounds! He blinks back toward the door, just in time to hear Fira call after the twins. The twins look a little let down slightly but then evil ideas pop up. Camp willow is not far from here anyway. They giggle. Aik smiles at his wife. Watching her pick up Tagg who arghs, "Nooooooooooooooo!" but like his mum all the same. Snuggling into her warmth. Aik kisses her back and smiles, "Morning love. Watch Tagg. He is being adventurous today." he grins watching her head off toward the kitchen. Then here is a rat. He nods at him, "Lo, son" he chuckles.

Both stoats look up and smile a bit. "Hey Will. Fira." Rob nods before heading towards the kitchen. "Anyone up for some tea?" he asks. Syla nods but gets cut off before she can say anything. "I already know about you." he smirks.

William bobs his head at the old otter as he chews on the biscuit in his mouth. The ducks around the larger beast to get though the doorway and out into the hall. Tag gets a wave as more otters pass by. Will takes a seat by the fire ignoring the offer for tea.

Noooooooooooo's will never work on Fira, they lack the right effect without the hearing them. She aims a little poke at Tagg's nose "He'll behave, wont you?" of course he will, she's going to bribe him with food. She side steps the rat "Morning Will" and she slips into the kitchen.

Aikuen shakes his head at the stoats, "Nah, i already got some. Ottery style. Duped some hotroot in it. " he chuckles. Tagg hums a little at his mum, "No!" he blurts out quickly. He will. But he likes to be difficult. Sides. Maybe he can find something to get his fangs into some food. He likes food. He gives a little whack to his mum with his rudder then smiles big at her. The older otter waves at his daughters as they half bounce out of the hole and off into the cold. letting in some before they quickly close it behind him. He chuckles and shivers before pondering over his tea again. Mmmm. Spicy.

Robin shrugs a bit and then chuckles a little as he vanishes into the kitchen with Fira. Syla sits there with her paws sitting on her fairly large belly, humming a quiet, high pitched, and very pretty tune.

Fira has the kettle reheating again, a cup out and ready for tea making as she gathers a plate and offers Tagg an oatcake, still holding onto him and carrying him around. A glance when she sees someone come in and a tired smile if offered to the stoat "Morning Robin"

William munches on his pile of biscuits distractedly planning to strike out for the kiln once his stomach's full.

Rob nods at Fira when he returns with some tea for Syla. "Morning." he smiles a bit before handing the cup to the stoat in the chair. "Careful, its hot." he nods before sitting next to her. "How is everyone this morning?"

The biscuits in front of the rat slowly disappear into his mouth as he seemingly stares off into space.

Robin looks towards William and tilts his head. "Hey Will. Thinking about your lovely wife?" he smirks a little bit before Syla claps him across the ear. "Ow..." "Be nice love." she smirks.

Fira continues to potter in the kitchen but just from practice she soon has a cup of tea, a plate of food and somehow still carries both and Tagg back out of the kitchen and back towards Aik to join him for the morning. She glances briefly at the staots since Robin's getting hit but a smirk says she assumes he probably deserved it.

The rat glances over at the stoat out of the corner of his eye for a few moments before going back to what he was doing. Clearly it is far more important than answering the stoat, not that he would anyway.

Syla chuckles a little then sips her tea, looking around the room quietly, still humming that tune. "How are you feeling today?" Rob asks before she just shrugs. " else would I feel?"

Fira finally settles into a chair with a small relaxed sigh and lets Tagg wriggle free to roam the room again, as soon as he's climbed off her lap. She sips at her tea and tries to concentrate her still sleepy eyes on some conversation. The stoats seem the one to aim for "I forget how long you've got to go still dear?" she calls across to Syla.

Syla hums a little bit and turns her head towards Fira, thinking for a few moments. "Just a few more weeks." which isn't all that long. She can't help but to smile though at that. Robin hums a little bit and nods. "Yeah. And we're only half done rearranging our room too." he hms. "Should get your help with that some time, Aik."