Big Cuddily Otter Family

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Characters: Aikuen, Fira. The Otter Twins.

Location: Moledeep: Molehall

"Whatcas doins?" "Im looking for a box." "Whies?" "So i can put something in it! Why else would i need a box?" "Me no know... we is just a ikkles otterers..." Aik chuckles at Venei and Ella. Ella is perched on Aik's rudder root, while the other is sitting on his neck, holding onto his head (and face). The big otter is just putting around the entrance of the storage chamber, but he cant help but give them a lift around. The box can wait.

Fira shuffles in the door from the outside, struggling with a big bucket of water from the well and a nice big heavy cloak on. She taps snow off of her feet before kicking the door closed again. Stay out there cold! She smiles when she spots the others and lets the bucket thunk down onto the ground "Hey girls, having fun climbing your father?"

Ella is the first to spot Fira, "Mommies!" she giggles and points with her free paw, not letting go of her fathers hindquarter fur. Then its Venei's turn, "Mums!" she beats on his head, "Daddies! Its mums! looks!" she giggles and points as well. Aik ergs and looks over to the door, a big ole smile spreading across his face, when he sees her "Apparently they think Mt. Aik is fun to climb!" "You puts me ups heres!" Venei pipes up. Aik snorts and puts a paw on her head, "Well, so much for that scheme!" he chuckles.

Fira smirks at the three of them, leaving the bucket where it is in favour of going over. A small kiss is aimed at Aik while she ruffles Venei's fur "Mt. Aik just wants to be climbed" she leans over to poke round Aik and see Ella "Boo"

Venei's ews at the kiss, and then hrms at the ruffle her ear twitches as she says softly, "Mums... cold paws..." She doesn't care too much. Aik grins at the kiss, aiming a quick one right back at her, "Hey". Ella jumps slightly at the boo and giggles, "Mum... is scaries!" she grrs and jumps off his rudder and running over to Fira and looks up, "Hewoo!" she says and she reaches up with both paws. Aik laughs, "Cold is it?" no duh Sherlock.

Fira smirks down at Ella and picks her up, giving her a nuzzle with a big cold nose "Heya!" she laughs quietly and looks back to Aik in time for the question "We've no shortage of snow still"

Ella giggles at the nuzzle, "Ag no! Mum noses is... is colds..." she hums and tries to get away. Just enough to know that the cold is bad! She likes being picked up. Aik snorts, "Still? -sigh- Thought it all be gone by now... and i could go SWIMMIN!" he laughs and gives Fira warm nose nuzzle.

Fira laughs and lifts Ella all the way up for a cuddle "Mawahah you can't escape the nose!" she noses the little otter again before smirking at Aik's nuzzle "It'll be spring again before long dear, then we can swim as much as we like"

Aikuen winks, "I know... I know! Cant wait! And by then. The little rudderkins well be well be itching to be swimming!" he grins and kisses her once more before going to the bucket and picking it up, "I will take this to..." "Kitchens?" "Right you are little mate!" Ella giggles at the cuddle and nose, "Ahhh! Mums nose! Helps!" she hrms and noses her mum right back, "Mums..."

Fira nods as Aik picks up the bucket "Kitchen" he gets told twice since she missed the first one "Just leave it on the side, need to do the washing" she smiles back down at Ella "How's my little girl?"

Aikuen nods, "Right Right! Come on Miz Vee, lets go to the kitchen... See if we can find some cookies!" he chuckles. Venei raises a paw in the air, "Yay! Cookies!" she giggles before the pair disappear in the kitchen. Ella smiles up at her mom, her brown eyes looking directly into her mothers, "Hewoo... Im colds..." Not much in the speech department, but she is getting better.

Fira glances back to Aik and Venei as they leave and she just catches a 'Yay!'. She smirks and laughs quietly before looking back down to Ella, great big smile on her face until she looks sorry when the mini otter says she's cold "Awww, well come on, you can hide in this big cloak with me and we'll go and hide by the fire to warm up" going to wrap her cloak around the both of them and settle in by the fire as she talks.

Ella tilts her head and whohs as she is wrapped in the cloak. She moves around a bit and says, "Its darks! ...But warms and... furries..." she giggles quietly before settling. When Fira sets by the fire, there is then a bit more squirming before Ella pops her head out the neck, "Hewoo! I canf breath... in dere..." She says again before settling against her mom, humming. Aik comes back in, several cookies in paw. Venei is already chowing down on one, as Aik sneaks up on his wife.

Fira chuckles at Ella and strokes her head lightly "And I couldn't see you either. At least it's warm" she says as she aims a soft kiss at the pup's head. Of course she doesn't know Aik's being sneaky.

Ella smiles and noses her neck, "Mommies... Is warms..." she hums at the kiss, moving her nose up to 'kiss' her mum in return. If Aik play his cards right... maybe... Aik slowly sneaks up on Fira and tells her shush. Venei giggles and covers her mouth. Aik grins and takes one of the cookies moving his arm very slowly around his Wife's neck. Ella oos and takes the cookie. Aik smiles and ducks behind the chair.

It's fortunate for Aik that at that moment Fira leans back in the chair and takes a deep breath, closing her eyes as she takes in the smell of the fire. So when she looks again Ella's gained a cookie. She blinks and looks round, confused but she doesn't see Aik...Well now she's not even sure Ella didn't have it all along.

Aikuen waits a few minutes before looking up over the chair. He quietly chuckles and tries to do it once more. But. Fira is now looking... Going to be much harder this time. Never stopped this otter before! He waits... and waits... then drops another cookie in front of Ella. Now she has two cookies.

Fira frowns, confused and looks back to Ella again..."Aiiik! The cookies are multiplying out here!" she's sure he's got to have something to do with this, she just doesn't know what.

Aikuen chuckles quietly putting a paw over his mouth to keep from bursting. He stands up and places one on tops of Fira' head, "Oh no! Soon they will be everywhere! Venei! Save us!" Venei holds a paw in the air, "Ill helps!" Aik puts her on Fira's neck, and Venei reaches up and starts to nibble on the cookie.

Fira blinks again and looks up when the cookie's on her head meaning it nicely falls off and right into Venei's lap. She spots Aik and narrows her eyes, smirking a little "Knew you were up to something. Grr"

Aikuen winks and goes to sit next to her in the chair, "I'm always up to something... Speaking of which..." he holds a couple of cookies for Fira, "Don't think i forgot to get my very special girl cookies!" he grins.

Fira perks up instantly "Oooo, forgiven" and a quick kiss is thrown his way as she snatches the cookies up to eat them. Sometimes she's just one of the kids.

Aikuen snorts as the cookies are... well. Ripped from his hands. Aik reaches over and pats Ella under her chin, before going up and plucking Venei off of Fira's neck, "Get offa her! Silly!" Venei is to busy munching on her cookie to care, as she is sat on her fathers lap. Aik smiles and pats her on top of the head, "So. Me lovely darling..." Venei stop just enough to stick her tongue at the mushy stuff.

Fira smirks some more as Aik takes Venei "You put her up there silly" she laughs quietly and putting an arm round Ella so she won't fall off in the process she snuggles up to Aik's side. One big cuddily otter family.

Aikuen snerks, "Yah well... She was flying..." he tilts his head as they made no sense. At all. He shrugs, going to wrap his arm around his wife. Nice and cozy. He then kisses the top of her head, "I love you..." Though she cant hear him. He knows that. He doesn't care. He noses Fira to look at him, "So... two seasons tomorrow..." he sighs.

Fira seems content sitting there and eating cookies, all snuggles up with the family. She looks up when he prompts her though "Hmm? Hmm, it seems...longer I guess" she smiles.

Aikuen smiles and kisses her again, "Longer?" he chuckles, "Well yah... I guess so. Just so much has happened since out last anniversary..." he nods a few times, and rubs the top of her leg, "At least its not sandy!"

Fira rests her head against him and stroke's Ella's head softly though she has to keep her eyes on Aik "Nope, it's definitely snowy" she smirks "I need to get you a present. How do you feel about very cold twigs and a snowball?"

Aikuen chuckles, "Twigs and a snowball?... Why that's... That's...." he squeezes her tightly, "The best present ever! I've never even seen a... 'twig' before" he snorts, "No really... what you get me! I got you something!" he says like he knows something.

Fira narrows her eyes, suspicious "Oh really? Should I be spending more time searching the place for presents?"

Aikuen sticks his tongues out at her, "Maybe... possibly... could be... perhaps... Mine is pretty special. Course i think all my gifts are special..." he chuckles and leans in a bit closer, "Its a real doozy. I tell yah that much!" he winks... once again.

Fira slowly grins "You know you don't have to get me things also know I'm going to turn our room over looking for whatever it is"

Aikuen laughs, "I know i don't HAVE to get you things. I want to though. Plus... Well... Its nice part of otter history..." he leans in kisses her, "That's all the hints im gonna give yah... just gonna have to wait!" he smirks, "And its also not in our room..." well... maybe.

Fira pouts at the last bit of news "Drat, it's going to take me a lot longer to turn over the rest of the place. Of course I could just wait but where would be the fun in that?"

Aikuen grins, "Aww... But i wont be able to see your face when i give it to you!" he nudges her to the side, "Its just a day. You can wait a day..." "I knows wheres it ises!" Venei says after polish off her cookie. Aik ergs and puts a paw on her head, "Uhhh.... No... No she doesn't..." he chuckles nervously.

Fira smirks at the pair of them "Well, maybe. We'll see if I run out of things to do yet today. If I do, I promise I'll be talking to you" she aims a little poke at Venei's nose.

Venei hrms at Fira, "About whats?" not going down without a fight, "Oh... the necklace thingy... daddies says not to tells yous..." she nods resolutely. Aik sighs and droops his head, "Well... so much for that..." he smiles a bit.

Fira laughs at Venei and gives the little child a kiss before cuddling Aik and he gets a kiss too "Never tell the kids any secrets, rookie mistake"

Aikuen smiles and nuzzles her back after the kiss, "I learned... I learned... My little rudderkin, the big mouth!" he pats her on the head. Venei hrms at the kiss but she still doesn't get it, "What... i didn't tells mums..." she runs a paw over her mouth.

Fira cuddles back up and pat's Venei "Of course you didn't dear. Good job" she rests her head against Aik's shoulder "I'll wait till tomorrow"

Aikuen smiles and kisses the top of her head, "Ah good... And hopefully your curiousness what overcome you... and i find the place upside down and inside out!" he laughs, resting his head on top of hers. Sighing happily, taking her paw. Venei smiles up at Fira, "I know! i did a good job..." she nods once cuddling up to them as well. Ella ears twitch lightly slowly sliding back down into Fira's cloak.

Fira smirks "I'll try to control myself. Do the washing, solve a few ancient riddles, help Garnet with dinner, that sort of thing" Ella she cuddles up closer before lowering her voice to Aik "They're going to start getting jealous with all the presents passing around"

Aikuen taps his nose, "Well... good thing" and then he starts to mouth, "...I made them something as well... Not for the anniversary... but... why not... it was for their first birthday... its kinda like your gift... but smaller... and made..." he chuckles.

Fira grins at Aik and moves a paw to his cheek, going to pull him over for another kiss "You really do think of everything"

Aikuen smiles deeply at the kiss. And seems lost for a minute. Kinda happens sometime with her around. Just wait for him to catch up, "More like... i was bored..." he snorts, "But yah... i thought it would be nice... I love all my girls... and i want to show how much i love them!" he grins like an idiot.

Fira laughs and wraps her arms round him "Well you're thoughtful when you're bored, clearly we shouldn't distract you too much"

Aikuen blinks and looks at her arms, "Oh your funny! Just a big barrel of laughs and giggles! I'm always thoughtful..." he chuckles, "Its this cool... its... cold... i tells yah! Cant go outside... so... i make do..." he then noses her nose, "But at least its all nice an warm right here..."

Fira smiles and rests her head on his shoulder "It'll pass soon dear. Spring'll come, the snow will be gone and it'll just get warmer and warmer again"

Aikuen chuckles and pokes her side, "OH don't be teasing me with thoughts of a warm future... Just going to make me sad when i go outside and snow falls on my head... mockingly... like it knows i don't like the cold..." he grumbles. Ella has drifted off, and Venei is having a hard time keeping her eyes open as she is curled up against both her parents. Very nice and warm.

Fira smirks "Well you don't have to go out too much at least" she glances back to the twins and smiles softly. Don't they look cute? "I better put these two down for a nap, it looks like they're already dropping off"

Aikuen smirks and kisses her. A little more heavily then normal. Oh well. He pulls away after a bit, "I know. Why do you think YOU were getting the water... and not me!" he laughs AT her, before glancing at their little ones, "Oh aye... " he picks up Venei and she blinks tiredly, "Hrmmm... Daddies?" Aik nuzzle her, "Love you... sleep well" then he trades off Venei for Ella, "Love you... have pleasant dreams..." he then gets up holding out a free paw for Fira to take, "Come on love... Ill help yah..."

Fira mmms at the kiss, of course kissing him back too. She smiles and aims an extra little nuzzle at his cheek before it's time to move the kids "Come on sleepy heads" she says as she takes Aik's paw and gets up, carrying Venei off for her nap.

Aikuen smiles at all her girls as they head off for their room. And while Fira is putting them to sleep. Tucking them in and everything. Aik sneaks over to a small box he has in a dresser and makes sure its covered and everything. He then sneaks up behind and wraps his arms around her, "I love you Fira..." and nuzzles her.