Bad News Travels Fast

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Characters: Aikuen, Amethyst, William, Kentar

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Aikuen sits in the main hall. All by his lonesome today it seems. Fira has the kids for herself today. She got done with chores early, and wanted them. Well, that gives Aik time to nap! He lays in one of the loveseats by the fire. He is all curled up, and his rudder lightly taps the side, as it droops over the arm. He snores lightly, as he has his face buried into his arms

Voices drift in from the entrance where Amy's been seen hanging about through out the last day or so. The voices become louder as the beasts, there seems to be two of them at least, draw nearer to the hall. The voices die off as Amy comes into view. On her way to the kitchens she calls out, "Aik? Will's back and he wants to talk t you. He's got news from th abbey!" She can hear some beast snoring at the table and even if it isn't the otter she's calling for, if she's loud enough maybe they'll go get him for her. The blind maid disappears into the kitchen and she can be heard chatting away with Garnet about something.

William comes into the hall a short time later brushing a layer of snow off himself. He sighs and goes to sit across from the old otter. "I'm back," he says, "Lot of things going on at Redwall. ... We shouldn't let anymore beasts stay here. Th trees don't hide this place like they did before and th snow shows th way here too plainly. I rubbed in out best I could on my way back and it's started snowing again but that might not help ..."

Aikuen snorts loudly, "Wuzzat?" and he lifts his red head from his arms, "What's... What's going on?" he says sleeply, starting to rub his eyes, "Oh!" he brightens up, "Welcome back Will..." he then tilts his head, "Eh? Whats with this. We never had problems before..." he asks, puzzled.

William tries to smile and starts over. "Maybe I should start with the good news instead. I just got back I'm fine. I had a good visit at th abbey. Miz Gwen made it back to the abbey and she an Benar are both doing fine. Layne th beekeeper and Brother Lucas had a baby girl a few days ago and at least half th abbey keeps flocking around Miz Layne and th little one. Doubt Layne or the baby care much for being fussed over. Flicktail and Miz Fae are going t be married in spring as is some mouse that was talking to her friend in th great hall. Must be a popular season t get married in. Likely be a lot of feasting at the abbey when winter's over. Probably would be anyway." The rat pauses letting the news sink in. "Now that that's been said I do have some bad news ... but maybe we should go in th study for that. Don't need /everyone/ t know just yet," Will says tiredly glancing toward the kitchen then back to the otter.

Aikuen answers each in turn, "Glad that your fine. Good for Miz Gwen, and i bet Benar is happy for that! They did? Ah, i remember when i first met Lucas and Layne. Before they were married! That was such a long time ago. And now they have a baby girl! Heh! And they are? Bout' time! Those foxes were made for each other! I hope they will be happy together forever! Spring usually is. Still think the summer is better though!" he laughs and sighs, rubbing his knee caps. "Bad news? Oh boy..." he can guess, "Okay. Aye. Sure. Lead the way... give me a sec..." he gets up and stretches his back, and getting the blood flow back for this.

Moledeep: Foremole's Study

William opens the study door letting the otter in first before entering and closing the door behind him. The rat drops down into one of the mismatched armchairs nearest the door, he's quiet for a while then speaks, "Our old 'friend' isn't in th bell tower anymore. .... and I don't mean they finally killed him. I don't know how and haven't heard much about it but I saw what looked like him out on the dirt road a ways off from one of the windows in th great hall. So I went t look an the bell tower's empty and no beast around could think of a reason for him not t be in there. I could tell some didn't believe me when I told em but can't really blame em for that. Probably thought I was trying t trick em or something. I didn't see Flicktail while I was there and as I'm not a hight positioned orderbeast (thankfully) I don't know what th abbot and them may be planning already."

The rat sighs and chews on his lip a while then continues, "... Th River Moss isn't too hard t find and it being winter it'd be easier for a beast, of any kind, to find this place than it normally would. The trees are bare and the snow leaves prints that are easy t follow. Soon as I left the dirt road on my way back I made sure t wipe out my track and any others I could see that lead here and th snow will help some. .... You, me, Kentar, Garnet and Fira all know what that fox can do when he's alone. Th Redwallers have seen him working with other beasts which is likely how he got out." Will fall quiet to let the otter have his say on the matter.

Aikuen blinks at this news. He stares at Will, while he takes off his habit, revealing his lean, almost sinewy body. He tosses it on one of the nearby chairs. He closes his eyes and removes his sword sheath. Then his dagger sheath. Leaving him naked, except for his pants. He places his paws in front of him, before yelling and cursing, "SON OF A !" and he punches the wall heavily. There is a loud foump, and quiet crunching. The wall holds against the otters punch. He holds the wall with his free paw, leaning against it, as he pulls back his other paw. Loosing the claws, and popping his knuckles back into place, "Why..." and he punches it again, and again, and again. The wall is strong, though deep fist marks are visible. And he slides onto the ground, still leaning against that wall, "You... You did good Will..." he says just below a whisper. Rubbing his face, with his bloody paws.

William sits stiffly in his chair watching the otter. That is still armed as he hasn't given himself a chance to change out of his outdoor wear yet. When the otter seems to have calmed down Will stands up and walks over to him. "Thank you, Pa. I know you want him dead as much as any of us but I'm thinking we should stay out of his way for now. ... Least til we know more. I don't want him out there and able t hurt beasts but I also don't want t go through what Kentar did and I know you don't either. ... Which of us should tell Kentar? ..... and what do we tell th others?" As far as others go the rat is mainly thinking of Robin and more so Amy but Kluna is getting older now and it wouldn't take much for the other dibbuns to catch on that something's amiss.

Aikuen slumps against the wall, like a bum on the street, "I never planed on going after him. Thank you for telling me." he starts to lick his wounds, not wanting to alarm anybeast, "I will tell him. May have to get a jump start on that training. Snow, or no snow..." he sighs, "Tell them... Tell them..." he shakes his head, "I don't know... Just. Tell them to be more careful. But keep their spirits up... And Whatever you feel like..." Aik is mostly concerned with Fira, "And i well tell Fira the truth... May have to make her join the training as well... Its too dangerous otherwise..." he closes his eyes slowly.

Will says, "Don't know if there's a good chance or not if he'd go near his old lair in th meadow since we know where it is. Of course he may count on such a thing not being expected. .... Hard t know anything for sure about him. .... We should all keep a closer eye on Chris and th twins. Even Kluna though he's not much younger than I am really. .... Wonder how hard it'd be t make a weapons shelter in th snow ...."

Aikuen still leans on his side, very unmoving, "I don't think so. It would be too dangerous for him. But he is sly. Best not to dwell on such things. It wont be good for anyone..." he sighs, "Aye. Closer watch. At all times..." No more secret otter naps, "Need more locks on all the doors. And i might even think about putting a bar on the entrance. As well as the lock." he blinks a bit, before taking a small breath, "I have no idea. But we have to start. No matter what... I will help..."

Amethyst comes out of the kitchen suddenly, with a tray in her paws, upon hearing all banging that had been coming from the study. Garnet also peers out into the hall but it's empty save for the ratmaid. Amy set the tea tray she'd been carrying down on the table confused. Narrowing down her options for where the noise had come from she knocks on the door to the study, "Anybeast in there?"

William looks up as he hears Amy outside the door. "Pa an I are in here. ... Did you need something?" he asks half hoping for a distraction.

Aikuen is still slumped against the wall. But upon hearing the knock, he quickly licks the last blood away. Then wipes the mess, on his pants. Going to sit against the wall. Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Also to let the rat deal with her as necessary. And he doesn't know what to do.

Amethyst pushes the door open and sticks her head in as if looking in on them. "Did either of you hear a lot of banging around a few minutes ago? .... There's a tray of food out in th hall if either of you are hungry." She move away from the door, "I'll see if Kluna knows what that noise was. He might have knocked something over in th storage chamber." The maid shrugs a little and goes off to investigate.

Aikuen shakes his head, "Uhh... Aye. Banging. We heard it too. Check on Kluna, yes." he nods. Then sighs when she leaves, "Wheh..." he gets up slowly from the floor, going to reclothe, and rearm himself, "Best keep this under wraps. Until everyone knows. Panic, is very bad..." he sighs, buckling his sword back on.

After having made sure Chris got his nap on time today, Kentar is off and about exploring the place he's explored so many times before. He wanders into the molehall and hrms as he sees the study door ajar a little. He grins and moves up to it, peeking in before throwing the door open quickly and throwing his paws into the air. "BOO!"

William had continued to sit near the door weighing whether he should go talk to Amy or wait a little longer when the stoat bursts in. His sword is out in an instant and lower slowly when he recognizes Kentar. The rat growls a little putting his sword away, "Don't sneak up on a beast like that, Kentar. Get in here an lock th door when you get in." The rat mutters under his breath about sneaky stoats expecting Aik to explain things.

Aikuen puts up his paws, and was about to toss a quick one before he sees its the stoat. The otter takes in a long breath, "Sorry about that..." he puts a paw on Will's shoulder, "Come on. Do as he says and lock the door. Then take a seat. We have something to tell you... And you need to keep it quiet about it. For now."

Kentar laughs bit at Will's reaction then huhs slightly, nodding and closing the door, locking it behind him. He grins slightly and sits down, getting himself comfortable. "What is it? Oh don't tell me. You don't like my cooking..."

Kentar snorts and shakes his head. "Christopher likes it! He even said so!" his bright and happy expression slowly melts away. "What?" he asks. The stoat blinks before bursting into laughter. "Hahah! You nearly had me there for a second guys. Funny joke, really." he smiles.

William scowls, "It's no joke Kentar. I saw him walking along th dirt road not far from th abbey some other beasts free as a bird. Just t be sure it wasn't just any black fox out there I went an checked th bell tower myself and it's empty. I asked around and he wasn't missing on account of being dead. Came back here soon as I confirmed it. Covered my tracks on th way over. Or do you think Aikuen punched those holes in th wall there just for fun?!" the rat points to the wall the otter is still leaning against.

Aikuen nods, "This no laughing matter. If what Will says, is true... It's not good... There is also no point in taking chances. Lives will be on the line, with that murderer on the loose..." he scoots, so the stoat can get a better look at the wall. And then holds up his paw, which the skin and fur has broken away from his knuckles.

Kentar just keeps laughing and laughing. Slowly his paws ball into fists and his laughing slowly transitions into growling. Fists start to bang hard on the chair's arms, footpaws stomping on the ground. "Why didn't they kill him when they had the...arrrgh...chaaaance!" he pretty much shouts. His laughing is gone completely, replaced by even louder curses in his own language that only Robin could probably understand. Finally, after a few quick moments of that, he sits there, every strand of fur up on end, making him look big and poofy, arms folded across his chest, the most evil looking of frowns on his face. He has no desire to risk his family again over that vermin.

William says, "Because they're woodlanders. No I take that back. They're Redwallers."

Aikuen nods, "They left it up to the elders. And they are stuck in their Redwall philosophy. They will never make the same mistake with him again. But they may never catch him again... And we. We are the ones who are going to have to pay...for their ignorance..." he rubs his eyes, "Calm yourself Kentar. I know. We all know. But we need to remain calm. It's better for everyone...

Kentar frowns. "If I ever lay my hands on whatever idiot let him live, I'm going to surely make them regret that mistake. If anything happens to my friends or family." he states bluntly. "I've got to tell Garnet. Or Robin. Or someone. They deserve to know." He nods firmly, still poofy and still very upset.

"Fine," Will says, "but first you need to calm down. You wouldn't want t upset Garnet or get everyone panicking."

Aikuen gets off the wall, and goes over to pace, "Aye. Tell Robin. We need to tell those who can wield a sword well, to be told. Also. I'm getting a jump start on the training... Starting it sooner, than at the beginning of spring... And we will have some new recruits as well. Fira, Kluner... It's needed..." he sighs.

Kentar sighs and nods. "I will." he says before closing his eyes, smoothing out his fur with his paws. "You'll be teaching Christopher too." he says after a little while. "I was teaching him how to escape from problems, but now that the fox is back into our lives, maybe escaping isn't enough."

Amethyst had made her way back into the hall at some point and knocks again on the study door. "What are you two doing in there? You better not be tearing anything up. We don't have a way to replace furniture around here you know!" She's unaware the number of beasts in the study has changed to three, not that it would matter to her in the least.

William was about to say something about Chris fighting but the knock at the door stopped him. "It's nothing. Kentar's in here now and he ... hit a chair. Nothing's broke. .... " He starts to say 'every thing's fine' but can't as it isn't. "I .... I'll need t talk t you later about some stuff. We're kinda busy in here right now." he isn't sure what to say.

Aikuen nods, "He is a young. But we need all we can get, sadly. I will train him as well." That ought to be interesting, "It will be soon..." then his ears go down at Amy's interruption, again. He hmphs and crosses his arms, taking deep breaths, "Aye. Busy..."

Kentar leans back into his chair and keeps his eye closed, arms folded still. "Garnet is going to kill me." he sighs. "But we have no choice, do we?" The stoat asks, shaking his head slowly. "Perhaps Robin and I should find the fox and kill him..." Kentar thinks aloud. "He may have bested me, but Robin is better then I am. He's had more training, and a stricter up bringing then I have."

William sighs, "You aren't the only one that wants the fox dead Kentar. I don't know if Robin could kill the fox, beast t beast but even if he could Anba Hor didn't leave alone nor did he escape without help.

Aikuen nods, "Will is right. If it was just Val then it might work. But we don't know how much is actually working for him. He must have dozens of supporters. All probably just as lethal as he may be... So don't even think about leaving to go find him. We need you here. Plus Garnet will kill you more, than when you tell her that I will be training her son as well..." he stops pacing, "Even I wouldn't go after him. Not without a small militia behind us..." and even then.

Kentar looks up to Aik then to Will and sighs. "I wont. I promise. But if I see him at any time, I will attack. I can't run the risk of him finding us here." he then pauses. "He doesn't know where...we are, does he?"

William says, "I don't think so, but with the snow and the trees bare it'd be easier to find this place then at any other season I'd think. We'll just have t be more careful."

Aikuen puts his paws behind his back, to start to pace once more, "That's what I meant... A week from now. That will give me enough time to set everything up... I was planing to start with the basics. But were going to jump everyone in, at the intermediate level. And see from there. Will help with those who struggle..."

Kentar nods. "Right." A few moments later, the stoat stands and shakes his head quickly. "I need to tell Garnet. I need to." he looks around. "I'll be back in a little bit, I'm going to go tell her." he sighs, heading for the door.

Aikuen nods, "Aye. That sounds like a good idea. I'm going to go tell Fira then..." he puts a paw on Kentar's shoulder before he goes, "Glad you are with us, in these troubled times..."

Kentar smiles a little bit and nods. "And I'm glad your here. If you weren't, I probably wouldn't be either." he smiles a little more before heading out the now unlocked door.

Aikuen smiles and nods, before following the stoat out. Leaving the door open, he goes to find Fira. To tell her the news.

William had been silent through the end of the meeting. He nods at the stoat and otter as they leave. "Looks like it's my turn. ... She needs t know," he says quietly to himself as the other two go off to find their wives, "But I'm asking Pa t explain t her why she can't fight. That alone should save my head a few extra bruises." After having made up his mind to have the otter talk to her as well he goes off to find the blind maid and try to explain what the black fox's return means.

Moledeep: Mole Hall

After telling Fira what was happening with the fox. And that Aik was planing to start training early. She was glad that she was going to be trained as well. Then she got all, 'Firey' and demanded to have some sort of protection. She pointed out the otter ceremonial sword from her holt would be good. As she knows a little swordplay already. Aik nods, and knows where it is. After retrieving the sword from the cellar he ties it to his belt. It needs to be reforged, to made into a real weapon for use. He renters the hall and looks over to the rats, "So. Have you told her?"

William walks off toward the kitchen, "Yes. Now explain to her why she can't be in our 'army'. And don't hit back when she hits you."

Amethyst scowls in Will's direction, staff in paw. She sees no point in acknowledging the otter if he's only going to go over the same thing Will has been.

Aikuen blinks at Will, then at Amy, like this is some sort of joke, "She wants to join?" and then the other rat is gone. Though that last thing is overlooked. He crosses his arms, and looks back to Amy, "Listen. I know you can ruff them up with the best of them. But..." he sighs, "You can't join us..."

Amethyst says, "I've already been over this and you'll need all the help you can get Aik. You know you will."

Aikuen points out, "You do know, you are more of a liability, then an asset to us. You can't see. And hearing a silent fox is out of the question..."

Amethyst asks, "And Christopher wont be a liability? Yes I am blind but you'd chose to send children instead? I'm almost surprised the twins aren't being trained as well."

Aikuen says, "Your a liability as you wont be able to see your opponent. And therefore someone must always keep an eye out for you..." he then frowns as apparently Will told that Chris is going to be trained. That was stupid of him, "Yes. He will be a liability. We are all liable for each other. But you are especially the most. Plus. What are you trained in? Stick fighting can't damage, and for most, can't even hurt...."

William hadn't intended to tell her Chris was going to be trained, but she had dragged in out of him with her questioning about every little thing. Will sits by the kitchen door trying to hear what's going on out in the hall.

Amethyst asks, "What am I to do then? Everyone else will be training. I'm not much of a cook and while I am willing to watch the twins and any of the other children I can only do so much with even that."

Aikuen nods, "Well. I have a few ideas... Want to learn how to become a healer? It's a daunting skill to learn. And not many can take it up, but you can do it. Even for being blind..." he nods, "Plus, how about you learn to use your environment to protect you and others... Just in case..." Those are a few ideas.

Amethyst sighs, "We do need a /real/ healer around here. ... but if you all want to trust me not to poison any of you I could give it a try."

Aikuen eyes her, "Hey. Guess who is going to teach you TO BE a healer..." he points his thumb to himself, "I am trained to be a field medic... Plus I've been stitching beasts up for seasons..." he shakes his head, "If you do poison. I'll kill yah. Simple." he nods.

Amethyst says, "I stand corrected. We still need more than one real healer. More so with our only healers off fighting and in your case getting torn to pieces. I'm sure what I've hear is a very censored version of what happened but given your age you shouldn't still be alive after some of the things you've been through. ..... I hope your daughters share that trait and they never have to need it."

Aikuen snorts, "I cant help it. I'm very good at what i do. I just. Don't know when to call it a day... And I end up next to hellgates. Before I'm pulled back. It's my nature. And I hope so as well. That's the last thing I ever want to see..." he sighs.

Amethyst shrugs, "Some beasts are born warriors, some become warriors and then there's everyone else. You seem to fall into the first group. And apparently I'm in the third. The first two are remembered for seasons upon seasons the third not too often."

Aikuen says, "Aye. I guess that explains me. And hey. There are some of the third group that overshadow the others. They can be great. Without ever making some other beast mad. Now that's something. Like your lute playing and singing, for example..."

Amethyst smirks, "Don't lie. I know I've made you mad before. It's not difficult."

Aikuen snorts, "Heh. That is true... I try not to let it get to me... but sometimes I just wanna..." he makes breaking motions with his paws, "And you're the exception. I'm a pretty easy going guy. You just tend to drift to my wrong side too often..."

Amethyst says, "I'm sure /if/ she wanted to Fira could find many more ways, than I can, to upset you."

Aikuen shrugs, "She might be able to. But she almost never does. And when she does. I don't get angry. I get sad... Or if she really annoys me. I pin her down to something. All in fun of course. She seems to enjoy it. Thinks it's funny!" he chuckles a bit, "But I try not to get on her bad side. And she tries to not get on mine. It's how relationships work... And. It does."

Amethyst's mind seems to be else where as the otter talks. "Hm? Uh yeah. Uh huh. ..." she says taking the silence for the otter wanting a reply as she didn't' hear him leave.

Aikuen snorts, as he can tell she wasn't paying attention, "See. That right there... You like putting yourself on my bad side. Don't you?" he shakes his head and sighs, "Better be a lot more kinder before I start to teach you. Or else you, yourself, might be your first patient..." he grins evilly before heading into the sleeping hall. The less Amy, the better.

William frowns listening to the otter and ratmaid through he door as he peels potatoes. Garnet had noticed him right off when he'd came in and as he'd been sitting by the door not doing anything she'd put him to work.

Amethyst follows after the otter. "I was listening. ... partly. You weren't saying anything very important. I was only wondering what Will was doing. And if somebeast were to rush into the kitchen whether they'd hit him with the door," the maid explains. "I wasn't /trying/ to upset you," she adds still shadowing the otter.

Moledeep: Sleeping Hall

Aikuen opens the doorway and inspects the lock, before heading down the hall, "You asked a question. And I answered it. At least you could do was listen to the whole thing. Weather it be important or not. And if Will did get hit, it would be funny. And his own fault for standing so near the doorway."

Amethyst agrees, "Yes it would be, but he does have a reason to as you did try to kill me once. At least once. I don't think he likes for me to talk to you without some other beast present. One would think he didn't trust you. Silly isn't it?" She half expects him to not listen or act as if he hadn't been just to be spiteful.

Aikuen stops and turns around, "Listen. I have never tried to kill you. Ever. Cause if I tried. You WOULD be dead. No exceptions. The thing with the hole and the ribs. That was purely an accident. As for... the other thing. That was just a mere... hit. To put you in your place..." he hrms, "If I actually punched you. For real. You wouldn't have any eyeballs. Not that it would matter much..."

William had left the kitchen, a mid Garnet's protests, as soon as he couldn't hear either Aikuen or Amy out in the hall. He comes into the sleeping hall as Aikuen speaks. The rat can't see the otter as he's down one of the side halls but he now knows which hall they're down. "Amethyst," he calls down the hall in a warning tone suggesting she should let the otter alone now. "Pa's busy right now," he adds trying to sound as if nothing were wrong. It's not so much that he doesn't trust the otter but he is of the mind that those two shouldn't be left alone for very long, for both their sakes.

Amethyst protests, "I didn't do anything. I was just talking to him. I'm not trying to upset him. I've just been talking to him and he keeps getting upset anyway."

Aikuen sighs, "Look. I'm only upset that you keep thinking I have tried to kill you! Which I never have. So stop saying it!

Amethyst opens her mouth to say something but Will comes up behind her and covers her mouth nearly getting himself bitten in the process. "Don't argue with him any more," he says to her, "please. He agreed to teach you t be a healer don't make him regret it." He wraps his free arm around Amy's middle to help keep her still. He sighs and look to Aikuen for understanding. Will is tired. He had left Redwall and returned home through snow and falling snow in less then a day and hadn't stopped to rest yet and it shows.

Amethyst isn't pleased with her new situation but there's little she can do about it. As she can't turn around too easily she scowls at the otter as if this were somehow his fault and not her own.

Aikuen glares right back at Amy, "Listen Will. I know what I'm about to say is bad. But if I hear her say that I almost killed her... I might make it a truth..." he takes a deep breath and shakes his head, "I'm tired of it. Of a lot of things from her. Don't know how much I can deal with it..." he throws his paws down, "Understand?"

William sighs moving Amy around so she faces back toward the hall. "Yes. I understand," Will says feeling his own temper rising, "... Father." The rat nudges Amy toward the hall and follows her out to make sure she stays out of trouble.

Aikuen says at the 'father', "Look...I'm..." and the rats are gone. The otter rubs his eyes, "I did it again... Didn't I ..." He slides down the wall again for the second time today, and he just rests there, "I'm such... An idiot..." he he places his head in his paws. After awhile he is still there. No one has been going down the hall. So he is left pretty much alone.

William returns some hours later having fallen asleep while trying to talk to Amy. The talk had gone down hill from there but it was inevitable with how hard he'd been pushing himself today. The rat walks into the sleeping hall muttering to himself over his own ill luck.

Aikuen looks up from his paws, when he hears the rat muttering, "Will?" he asks. Almost hopefully. The otter has not moved since he slid down.

William looks up when his name is called and blinks at the otter. "Hi. Are you ok Pa?" he asks not clear on why the otter is laying there like he had in the study. "This day just gets better an better," he mutters to himself, ".... fox shoulda stayed where he was ...."

Aikuen shakes his head, and feels a lifting as 'pa' is heard, "I'm. Alright. Just feel bad for talking that way before..." he then tilts his head, "Better and Better? How so?"

William smiles a little at the otter, "It's not getting better. Getting worse actually. I tried talking t her and ... it didn't work out too well and now she's mad at me. You sure you want t teach her t be a healer? It would be useful t have another healer around maybe more useful t have one that'd be available more then you or Fira would be with your training an all. I know you'd make a good teacher too but you an Amy don't generally get along very well."

Aikuen waves for the rat to come over to sit next to him, "What happened?" he nods a bit, "Aye. She wants to be useful. I know how that is. There is not much. And I still think a healer would be good for her..." he sighs, "I know we don't get along well. I'm trying though. I really am... Was kinda hoping the teaching would help us bond more..." he shrugs, "...Maybe not..."

William does sit down and leans against the wall. "She like t tease. And for some reason she finds you easy t tease. It's kinda her way of being friendly. According to her your problem is you take everything she says too seriously. Those are her words not mine. But either way this wasn't a good day for her t be teasing you and it is hard to tell sometimes when she's being silly and when she's not."

Aikuen looks down, "It's easy to tease me. Because. I'm not smart. Or bright. And I know I'm not smart. So sometimes. When she teases me. I take it seriously. Because. I think it's the truth." he sighs, "It's hard for me to discern between teasing and truth. I can't help it... So when I hear her say something. How can I take it as friendly, if it puts me down..." he then rests his head against the wall, "Everyone else seems to get that about me. But not Amy..." he rubs his face.

William shrugs, "That's just kinda how she is. Ok. you don't like her teasing you, but surely you can think of something about her you do like. Yeah she has her bad points but she has good points too."

Aikuen rubs the back of his head, "She is a good singer and lute player... Ummm..." he is having trouble finding them, "She... Is good with the kids..." That's all he can think of right now, "Oh... She likes you... That's it... I think..."

"See she's not that bad is she?" Will says.

Aikuen says, "I'm sorry. But if she is better. I've never seen it... Every time I try to talk to her. She either teases me, or points out my flaws... Kinda hard to see the good in that..." he sighs, "But you tell me. What good points do you see. That I don't."

"... uh ...." Will isn't sure how to respond as the first few things that come to his mind aren't the sort he'd like to share. "Well let me think. ... She's beautiful, funny, umm ... spontaneous ... silly, beautiful, she doesn't quit when she make her mind up to do something. Like learning to walk again for example. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of the right words to describe the rest. ... I love her? Is that good enough?"

William says, "Oh I forgot. She can dance too."

Aikuen chuckles, "Heh. You said beautiful twice... You see. I don't see those other things. Ever. Our definition of funny is different. I never see her being spontaneous. Nor ever being silly. And the Three I said, hardly qualify her to even be called just a friend." he pats him on the shoulder, "Will, If you truly love her. You would be able to list things that you like about her. Until you are old and grey..." he gets up and walks slowly down the hall, "Fira is athletic. Smart. Quick witted. Caring. Loves to laugh. Can hold herself up. Straight thinker. Tactful. Emotional, when it calls for it. Has good manners. But loves to chow down. Can make me smile. Can make me cry. Helps without question..." he chuckles, "Shall I go on?"

William stands up as well. "She is beautiful. I think so anyway. Funny and silly are kinda the same thing and cover a lot of different stuff. And it's not my fault you missed her impression of a window or that she didn't all out of th blue ask you t dance in th storage chamber. I can think of more things but you're my dad and even if you weren't, horrible thought I know, I don't think you'd understand some of the things I like about her. I can see some of the stuff in Mum that you mentioned though, not all of it but some of it. You say Mum 'loves to laugh'. Good. Amy loves to make me laugh. Of course, we each see them differently then most do."

Aikuen points out, "That was with you. And only with you. Anyone can be spontaneous..." he then eyes him, "But she is only showing it for you. Then what does that tell you she is as a beast. As a whole." he sighs, "I am really glad you found her. I'm glad that you love her. And I hope she loves you back. And even though I don't see it. And even though the way she talks about you is strange. But if you do... I'm happy for you..." he smiles and nods

William shrugs, "She's Amy. What more can I say. ... Thanks Pa." The rat waves a bit at the otter before heading off toward the infirmary. "Good night!" he calls back over his shoulder before disappearing around the corner.

Aikuen waves, "See yah..." he hrms and shakes his head before heading into the Elders dorm. He may never see it.