Back From One Trip Time To Start Another

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Characters: Kentar, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Its been a heck of a night for Kentar. Chris's cold is getting better but that didn't really matter. He's been cleaning up throughout the whole night. And now that its the afternoon, he's glad that Christopher is napping and giving him a chance to nap as well, his head resting on the table of the hall.

The otters have returned home. They have returned home after the Foxe's fasting. And are tired. Well most. Fira is ready to have a nap. The kids just want to sit down. Aik on the other hand is about to bounce off the walls again. He cant really help it. The other otters go respectfully to their own dorms. Leaving Aik to his own devices. He bounces over to the sleepy stoat, "..." and sits down.

Kentar is napping quietly, completely unaware of Aik sitting down. He doesn't look tired at all, just...sleeping. He's like that for a few moments before he tries to roll over...THUD! He rolled over right onto the floor, and a moment later, he's standing up, looking around. "Wow...I need a pillow." he mutters to himself.

Aikuen chuckles at his friend, "Im pretty good as a pillow. But your not aloud to sleep on me!" he grins, "Hey Kentar!" he grins a happy grin. Whats with him today?

Kentar huhs and spins around quickly, blinking. "OH! Your back!" he smiles then hums, tilting his head slightly at the grin. "What are you grinning about?" he asks, sitting back down. "Oh! And how did the wedding go? Did you tell Flicktail I was sorry I couldn't make it?" he asks.

Aikuen nods a lot, "YEP! We are all back now. Sorry we took so long at the abbey. Its was loads of fun for the little ones!" he chuckles and tilts his head, "Is there a reason why i shouldn't be grinning?" grins, "It was good. Lots of dancing and food. And a few embarrassing words. But other then that it was excellent." he nods slowly at the last thing, "Aye i did. He was sorry you couldn't make it. But he was too nervous to care much really."

Kentar chuckles a little and nods. "I'm sure." he hums a little. "Well. I'm glad everything went well for you, and him and such and yeah." he nods with a heh. "But no, you shouldn't be grinning. When you grin, it means your up to something!" he nods.

Aikuen smiles, "It was. Too bad you couldn't make it. I was really nice. Flicky make me his beast beast. Like... 30 seconds before the start of the darn thing!" he then sticks out his tongue, "I just... Happy today. If you really want to know! And how is Chris? Is he alright? Do we need to get something from somewhere?" he asks quickly.

Kentar chuckles a little bit and hums. "Congrats!" he smiles and tilts his head a little bit. "Chris? Oh, Chris is doing okay. Better then last night." he nods. "Getting better. Nothing needed, but thanks."

Aikuen leans against the table, "Ah, good to hear. Glad its nothing serious then. Where is he now?" he looks around, though assumes he is in his room, "And if you think he needs anything. Im ready to go..." he nods.

Kentar hums a little bit and looks to the sleeping hall. "His room." he nods. "Napping." the stoat chuckles quietly before nodding. "Thank you Aik." he nods. "Though you might not want to take back anywhere, cause I'm tempted to send you east to my old home." he grins.

Aikuen nods, now going to rest his head on his paws, "Ah. Good... Very good..." he chuckles at the next part though and it makes him lean back, "...I said anywhere mate. And i stick by it! Though i'm just confused why i need to go there."

Kentar laughs. "I'd come up with some reason. Just to get you to leave." he laughs with a smile, leaning back in his seat. "Tired?" he asks, watching the otter rest his head down. "Should get a nap I think."

Aikuen uhs and sticks out his tongue, "Well. That's very rude of you! And here i was thinking i was on the search of the 'Magical cure of Adeago'" he snorts and laughs and shakes his head, "That was my thinking position. All my blood to my head made it heavy. It needed support" he says like it was a perfect fact.

Kentar laughs a little bit and ahs. "Don't worry, I'd only send you east if I had to." he chuckles quietly, the stoat smiling and then grinning quite an evil grin. "Your head, heavy?" he blinks. "How can it be heavy? Its so empty!" He laughs.

Aikuen nods, "I know you would. But i would do it. For you. And for the sheer 'getting outtatude' of it all!" he frowns slightly before laughing, "That's why my neck can't support it! Its so used to having notin' inside!"

Kentar laughs and chuckles with a smile, nodding slowly. "Aik. Thank you. That means quite a lot." he nods and thinks for a few moments. "So." he says, sitting back into his seat, folding his paws behind his head. "Nice to be back home, isn't it?"

Aikuen winks, "Of course matey. And i expect the same of course from you!" he smiles, "Aye. It is." he stretches, "I have our bed again... Eck!" he makes a weird face, "I like sleeping on rock, By the way!"

Kentar chuckles a little bit and nods. "Don't worry! I would." he nods. "I really would!" he hums a little then tilts his head. "You like sleeping on a rock?" he hums. "You're weird Aik." he chuckles quietly.

Aikuen chuckles, "Good!" he nods, "Ayeaye. Comes with growing up on rocks. there is nothing so comfortable as a bedroll on bedrock... Mmmm" he sighs, "Also we are otters. We like dirt for beds so..." he snorts.

Kentar hums a little bit and then chuckles quietly, shaking his head with a smirk. "Silly beast." he nods. "Bedroll on a bedrock sounds so uncomfortable." he laughs.

Aikuen shrugs a bit, "Its a bit uncomfortable, aye. But you get used to it. And it never gets hot. That's always a plus!" he chuckles, "That's why we... AYE, me and Fira love sleepin in the dirt." he snorts, "Is good. I swears!"

The stoat laughs and smirks. "Your weird. Your whole family is weird!" he chuckles then blinks. "Wait now. That makes me weird too. Oh dear..."

Aikuen chuckles and points, "Haha! You're weird! You said it! Thats what you get!" he smirks, "And as such. Im gonna make you sleep in the dirt. To have to joy. And Joyness of it!"

Kentar chuckles a little bit and hums a little bit, standing and stepping back very slowly. "Oh, I don't think I like the sound of that." he winks with a chuckle before humming. "So Aik." he hums. "When are we going on that boat trip?" he asks.

Aikuen sticks his tongue out, "Do it! For me? PWEESE?! Ill be your friend!" he snorts, "I don't know mate. As soon as i hear back from Hallow i guess. But if push comes to shove. We will leave soon, matey mate!"

Kentar chuckles and nods. "Right!" he smiles and then stands up. "Anyways. I'm going to go check on Christopher." he nods. "I'll be back later!" he smiles, waving as he heads into the sleeping hall.

Aikuen nods as the stoat goes off. Leaving the otter to, once again, his own devices. He blinks a few times and wonders what the crap to do. He gets up off the table and heads over to the study. Dusting a bit of the well dust off. He plops down and stretches, thinking about a nap. Which he does eventually. Which doesn't last very long. As Fira comes in with a small urging smile on her face. Going to kiss and snuggle up to the sleeping otter.