Attack of the Pikefish

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Characters: Robin, Ella, Aikuen, William, Kentar

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Robin is sitting near the fire, reading. He's got a pair of reading specs he's trying out, but really, its only making him dizzy. He's trying to get used to them for the day his eyesight goes. But they're winning right now. A few moments pass before he takes them off and cracks them in half with a slight growl before going back to his book.

Loud little otter giggling and the quick movement of pads against dirt, can be heard from the sleeping hall. After a few moments Ella comes running into the main hall, naked and on all fours, and she runs toward the chairs near the fire hiding behind one. She pokes her head out quickly and spots Robin. And tries to remain silent. But she cant help but giggle loudly.

Robin hms a little as he hears the giggling, looking up to see Ella. He bursts into laughter and shakes his head, setting his bookmark into the book and standing up. He scratches his head. "I could have sworn I heard a little otter around here somewhere." He wanders over close to her, but pretends not to see her at all. He really should return her to her parents rather soon.

Ella stands on her hind legs and balances herself with her rudder, as she peeks around the chair again. Seeing Robin getting closer she giggles loudly and hrms, "No'es..." and she then walks to the other side of the chair, peeking out on the other side.

Robin gasps and hrms a little bit, looking around again. "There it is again! I wonder if she's here!" he dashes behind the chair, creeping up behind the little otter, being as quiet as he can so that he can dry to scoop her up in his arms to return her to Aikuen.

Ella slowly sways from side to side watching to see if she can spot Robin, who seemed to have disappeared suddenly. She tilts her head a little bit then erks has she is picked up, "NO'ES!" she grrs loudly and launches herself from the stoats arms lading on her hind pads before dashing toward the chair the stoat was in. Quite athletic she is. Jumping up and trying to hide using the arms of the chair.

Robin chuckles and ergs as she launches herself from him. "Hey you! Come back here." he chuckles a little, trying to get her again, trying to catch the little terror before Aik or Fira come out angry. Or silly. Probably silly. Oh the horror!

Ella grrs to herself quietly as she 'stalks' or 'hunts' the elusive stoat. Watching him come closer with her ears down to make her as little as possible. Training to become a warrior. But to her, this is just good fun otter play. When the stoat gets near enough, she pounces and grabs onto the stoats fur with all of her paws. Now that she 'got' him. She doesn't know what else to do. But grr, and hope for the best.

Robin hrms a little and falls on the floor after having missed her the second time. Slowly he stands and looks around, scratching his head. "Where did she get to now?" he wonders aloud before letting out a rather loud yelp as something grabs him. His reflexes kick in and he tries to hit at the thing that's grabbing him, but realizes what it is in time, just barely having enough time to stop his arm, and not hit the otter thing. "Hey now! Just about got yourself smacked you did!" he laughs. "Help! Aikuen! Fira! Fira! Aikuen! Its got me!" he laughs.

Aikuen was in the otters room, working on something for his Anniversary. Supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids. While Fira is next to him reading. The little ones were in the crib. So how could they possibly get out? Ella sure did. And when she escaped she took off her smock as fast as she could. Venei saw the whole thing. But sister otters have to stick together. So she remains silent. Aik remains oblivious to the whole thing till he hears Robin. Running into the main hall quickly, with Fira quick on his heels with Venei.

Robin is standing there with Ella clinging onto his fur for dear life, the stoat chuckling a little as he sees the otters rush in. "Help! The little terror got me!" he laughs, reaching to pull the little otter off his fur. "I think this belongs to you." He nods once or twice at them with a smirk.

Aikuen blinks and runs over with a small smile, "Geeze.... Ella... Naughty girl... Come mere..." he rubs the back of her neck and the little otter hmmms, and lets go of the stoats fur. The only way to make her let go. Aik presses her into his arms, "Bad Ella!" He says firmly. Venei pipes up from Fira's arms, "Bad Ellers!" Aik continues, "You are to never do that! Had us worried sick..." he shakes his head and looks to Robin, "Thanks for getting her"

Robin snorts at Venei's response with a head shake, paws behind his back now, shaking his head some more. "I didn't get her. She got me." he laughs. "I'm surprised neither of you knew she was missing."

Aikuen switches off Ella for Venei, so Fira can talk with her. Fira goes to sit down in one of the chairs pointing at Ella and giving her a stern talking too. Aik looks back to Robin, "They were both in the crib. I didn't think that either of them could get out... But i guess Ella did..." he shakes his head, "Going to have to do something about that. I didn't hear anything... until you called..." he sighs.

Robin shrugs a little then pats Aik on the shoulder a couple of times. "Eh, don't worry about it Aik." he nods. "Chances are she won't even have made it out of the hall without either Chris, Dad, Mum, or me here." he chuckles. "Or Will. Or Amy." he nods once. "She'll be fine. Besides, I'm more then happy to watch them if you need someone to." he smirks

Aikuen puts Venei onto on the chairs, and she goes to watch the fire. Like a good little otter. Ella has her ears splayed back, and her eyes down when Fira is talking to her. Cant understand it. Tone is clear enough. Aik then says, "Aye. Thanks. But we cant even watch her. And we were BOTH there. -sigh- We'll just have to close the door more often now. Until Ella is old enough to sleep in her own proper bed..."

Robin nods a little. "Why not ask Dad? He's got four!" he laughs. "Kluna, me, Okay, three." he nods. "But still. Lot to watch over." he grins. Though really, he doesn't need to be looked after anymore.

Aikuen tilts his head at the four. Something he missed? Or is he just forgetting something. He then ohs when the stoat explains, "Aye. But your all pretty much old enough to take care of yourselves. You know how to fight. Kluna used to be a pirate. Chris is the only one who really needs to be watched over. And even then he is getting older... Soon that wont be a problem" at least, its not supposed to be.

Robin laughs and nods a little. "Yeah. I suppose so." he nods, looking around. "Sometimes I miss the days of being young and carefree." he nods before sitting down and making himself comfy, pulling out his book and continuing to read.

Aikuen and Fira are sitting near the fire in one of the armchair. Really close to each other. Just watching the flames. Venei is sitting in a sperate chair, all by herself, also watching the fire as she names random things she has learned, "Apples... Pies.... fisheseses..." mainly food, as she is hungry. Ella is also there. But she is being punished for something she did earlier that day. Her ears are back and she seems off put as she sits in another chair.

William comes in from the kitchen with a bowl of soup in paw. He tilts his head at Ella a moment, "Our pikefish causing trouble again?" he asks taking a seat at the table.

Aikuen shrugs, "We're not quite sure. We heard Robin yelling. And when we got in the room. Ella had latched onto his fur, and wasn't going to let go... Robin said she attacked him..." he shrugs, "Never got the full story. But none the less. We punished her and now she has to stay in that spot until we say so..." he nods once or twice. Venei blinks and says, "Za... Zoo...Zoupz?" her eyes cross at this word.

Wiiliam asks, "But Robin's alright isn't he? She didn't draw blood did she?"

Aikuen shakes his head, "No. Thank goodness. Robin is alright. Seemed to think the whole thing was funny. Really. I think Ella didn't know what to do... once she latched on..." he shakes his head, "But still. They can play. And hone their skills..." Probably shouldn't be as rough as he should be. As they are just kids.

William is quiet as he eat his soup. When he's done he takes the bowl to the kitchen. "Well she's still doing better than I was at her age," the rat says from the kitchen. As he reenters he asks, "How long you gonna have her sit there?"

Aikuen watches Will leave and return, "She will stay there until she drops off to sleep. OR... " he bobs his head, "For a few more hours. Whichever comes first... At least she is not biting anymore..." he nods a bit.

William nods some than asks, "How'd you get her t sit still?"

Aikuen looks back over to Ella who has curled up but still awake. He says, "After we gave her a stern talking too. She was in no mood to do anything else..." he nods a bit.

William looks surprised and half mutters, "Well if it works then ..."

Aikuen nods a bit, "She will still be up to her old tricks in no time...You can count on that... She just doesn't like being yelled yet."

William says, "Ah. Well most beasts don't care t be yelled at. At least that's all you have t do to get her to behave right now."

Aikuen nods, "Aye. Glad it works too... Don't want to even think of the alternative..." Fira takes Aik's paw and squeezes it tightly. Almost warning him. Aik smiles at her before going back to Will, "Anyway. What up with you?" small talk away! Venei is now saying other things, "Fires... logs... pokers... hots... warmeme..." a little chatter box.

William shrugs, "Nothing really. Got hungry, made some soup. Not a lot going on today."

Aikuen says, "Well... Its winter. What else can you expect. Cant wait till spring. Im thinking camping trip?" Fira rolls her eyes. Aik grins and kisses the top of her head.

William asks, "Camping trip? ... Where would we go?"

Aikuen rubs his chin, "I'm not sure. Wherever we want to I guess. Maybe go southwest? Haven't been that way... Or at least. As much as i can recall..." he chuckles.

William chews on his lip a while, "Guess we could go there again. How long were you thinking of staying over there? Farther down shore is some town I think and Salamandastron of course but you can see the mountain from most anywhere along the shore kinda hard t miss it. And there's that town we stopped at last time we were there too. Chris an th twins would like playing on the beach I'm sure. When were you thinking of leaving?"

Aikuen looks to Fira. She shrugs and they both say, "Sometime..." "When its warmer" "Mid spring sounds good..." he looks to Will and tilts his head, "You do know that you are coming. Right?" he chuckles, "Wouldn't be the same without yah... you know?"

William shrugs, "I kinda figured I would be. A little before summer would be a good time to set it so we can get away from the awful weather around here."

Aikuen sticks his tongue out at the rat, "I like the summer here... Its all nice... and HOT!" he grins and gets shoved by Fira, who then retaliates by kissing her. Payback! Aik grins, "Anyway. I have nothing really planed. But there it is. On the table. Something to looked forward too!"

William nods, "Fair enough." He ruffles Venei's head fur as he passes the otters going off into the study. "It's not the only thing to look forward to after winter though," he says closing the door behind him.

Aikuen bobs his head a bit, and rolls his eyes. "I know Will. I know Will. I know Will!" The rats are not going to let anyone forget about the wedding. Not even for a second. Venei hrms at the ruffle and says, "Illies... Warmes... cups..." she continues on. Fira rest her head on Aiks shoulder, and Aik places his on hers. Holding Each others paw. And Ella is just beginning to nap.

Aikuen and Fira are still in the main hall. Even after the rat left. Robin also has left quite awhile ago. Leaving the otters all to themselves. Ella is still in 'time-out' on the chair. Venei is still up naming all the things that she can, "Daddy... mummy... Ellers... Fires... tables..." she is just fascinated to all the things that have names. Aik kisses Fira lightly, "Hey" he chuckles and nuzzles her. Just all in their ottery goodness.

Kentar yawns and wanders into the hall, a hammer and a chisel in paw. He sets it down on the table and was about to sit down until he realize 'Ellers' was in the chair. "Hehe. Hey my silly otter family." he smiles, choosing another chair, near Aik.

Venei points and says, "Kenter!" Closest name yet, "Daddies... Kenters...." she tells him before going back to naming things. Just random things. Aik blinks a looks away from Fira toward the stoat, "Oh heya Kenter... er... I mean... Kentar." he chuckles.

Kentar chuckles and reaches down to pat Venei's head with a bright smile. "Hehe, she can almost get my name right." he then frowns at Aik before grinning. "And you should know better."

Aikuen eyes him and grins, "I should. But I don't. So... THERE!... Kenter..." he laughs, "Her vocablulary" "Vocabulary" Fira corrects him. "Aye... Vocab-u-lary" he says slowly to get it right, "Is growing day by day. But we still don't think she knows what they are. Mostly just copies what we say." he nods once or twice. Venei hmms at the pat, and Ella hmphs from across on the other chair.

Kentar laughs a bit. "Silly beasts." he nods slowly before hearing the hmph, looking over at Ella. "Suppose I'm not allowed to pat her? Robin told me what happened." he smirks a little, turning back towards aik.

Ella has a deep frown on her tiny face. The face that makes Aik wish he was somewhere else it it was Fira. As it looks very much like the 'Fira face of doom' As he puts it. She is sitting on the chair, lightly thumping her rudder against it. Angry. Aik looks toward her, "No... Not yet. Her time-out is almost finished. She is a little terror. Hoping that she will grow out of it soon..." he hrms.

Kentar nods and looks over to her, before setting his eyes back on Aikuen. "Heh. Yeah, I'm sure she is. Chris was that way once." he nods. "Pulling whiskers and all that." he laughs.

Aikuen shrugs a but, "Aye. But Chris was still a babe then. Ella is much older than Chris when he was pulling whiskers. She is almost walking by herself." he shakes his head, "Hoping its just a phase. Though i dont get the naked part..." he laughs. Fira rolls her eyes.

Kentar shrugs. "Kids." he nods once or twice, shrugging. "Anyways. I'm thinking of teaching Chris soon, how to defend himself in a fight." he nods. "Want to talk to Garnet about it though." he hrms. "Only for defence. Knowing me with that village of mine, and you with things..." he can't remember the name of the group that was hunting Aik. "He might need it one day." he nods, thinking.

Aikuen tilts his head, "Really? So soon? I mean, I was planing to teach the twins as well. When they are older. Much older though. When they have learned responsibility..." he then ohs, "Unless you are just talking about like... escaping and stuff... That makes sense" he nods a bit. The less said about the 'red-cloaks' the better.' and

Kentar nods. "Yeah. Just. How to escape from things. Like. Maybe his paws are tied behind his back and he can't get anything to cut rope with. So, I'll teach him how to get out of it or something." he nods. "Not how to fight. Not yet."

Aikuen nods, "Sure. That makes since. I may sit in with that. With the twins so they can watch. And when the get older, then actually teach them... And no fighting not yet." That's a given. Fira frowns slightly and places her head on Aiks. Not much into the conversations at the moment. She just squeezes her paw around Aiks every so often.

Kentar nods. "Yeah. More then welcome. Hey, you might even be able to help." he chuckles with a smile. "You know a lot about escaping and stuff like that." he nods. "If you wanted to help I mean."

Aikuen nods, "Sure. I don't mind giving a few pointers. Though i don't know how much they will help. But yeah." he nods a bit and kisses Fira before getting up, "Alright Ms. Ella Tazan. You are free... for now..." he goes over and picks her up, giving her a kiss on the forehead. She hrms and says, "Daddy..." before making grabbing motions toward Venei. Aik puts her down next to her. He then returns to his wife's side, "When are you placing to start?" he asks the stoat. Venei and Ella begin to play. Which means, a lot of tumbling around, making noise. And grring.

Kentar hms a little bit. "After I get an okay from Garnet I suppose." he nods. "I think that would be best I talk to her about it first. Keep her informed and all that." The stoat nods before reaching over to pat Ella once on the head, grinning. He's fair and will give both pats. "Heheh. Silly otters." he nods.

Aikuen snorts, "Well. Yeah. That's obvious. Gotta keep the wifey all up to date on the goings on... OW!" he chuckles as Fira squeezes his paw, a little harder than normal. Aik grins and kisses her in retaliation. Ella stops playing for a few moments When Kentar pats her. Leaning heavily into it. When the paw is removed once more, she is off 'attacking' her sister. Giggling and grring.

Kentar laughs a bit. "Yeah. Heh, get him Fi!" he nods with a grin. "So Aik. Aside from having to deal with escaping little ones, how has your day been, hm?" he asks.

Aikuen chuckles and shakes his head, "No! Not that!" he kisses her once more. Surprise attack! He laughs as she settles into his side, "Other than that. Not much. Just another winter day" "Almost done with my book" "Aye. And im almost down with her gift for our anniversary" Yes she already knows, "OH! Did i tell you about a camping trip? Just a thought. Sometime. When it gets warmer you know. Might be fun."

Kentar laughs a little and shakes his head slowly. "Silly." he nods slowly and huhs a bit. "Oh?" he asks, tilting his head. "A camping trip? No you didn't. But it sounds great!" he nods. "Be good for someone to get away from here at least."

Aikuen says, "Aye. Somewhere to the southwest I think will be good. Haven't gone that way yet." he then tilts his head, "You can go as well. Its for everyone. Though you don't have too. As long as Will is going. All well be good." he nods once or twice, "But it will be nice from the bleeding cold!" he laughs.

Kentar laughs. "Chris, Kluna and Garnet I'm sure would love a camping trip." he nods before grinning. "I'd get to show everyone just how much of an outdoorsbeast I really am!" he laughs.

Aikuen snorts, "Oh great! The mighty Kentar. The great fire lord of the forest!" is just what he is expecting when he says 'outdoorsbeast' "Glad to have you along then. It will be fun!" The otters are looking forward to it. Mostly cause the love the outside.